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  • candra 165w

    I accuse myself of never feeling love

    I accuse myself of never feeling love
    But because of you, for my heart I morn
    Because of him, my soul was torn
    Because of her, my devil was born

    I accuse myself of never feeling love
    But for my mother, with blood I played
    For my father, all hope I slayed
    For my family, in melancholy I stayed

    I accuse myself of never feeling love
    But because of mountains, I killed my pride
    Because of rain, I lost my mind
    Because of forest, The Death I denied

    I accuse myself of never feeling love

  • candra 165w


    What if I commit a suicide
    Would I then be satisfied?
    Just go to the countryside
    Ask all the gods to step aside

    If I just don't really want to live
    Then accept my need to leave
    If there is no reason to be alive
    No might to try believing the lies

    I don't want to be slaved to existence
    And won't show death any resistance
    Be a friend, give some assistance
    Trust, It's not because of desistance

  • candra 165w

    Do Not Speak of Love

    People talking about love
    Like it has any reason
    Like mind is still alive
    After rationality treason

    Whenever there’s any reason
    Any clear cause to state
    It's just shallow mind risen
    And all the feelings are staged

    Thus do not speak of love
    Like merely words understand the taste
    Cos' love is never slaved
    To expositions narrow nest

  • candra 165w

    Belittled Heart

    You are so irreverent, so cold
    Turned all the gold to black coal
    Why the fuck should I even try
    If your whole soul is so damn dry
    That even your frailest thought
    Could never be nude or bought
    You consider sharing feelings useless
    And my irrational existence pointless
    While you have such a nasty nerve
    Not to even share a thoughtful word
    Since I still cherish my insane self
    I'll climb out from that abysmal depth

    That poisonous vapid mist shall never belittle my heart again.

  • candra 165w

    Script to the End

    So you dare to take me for granted
    Now I’m starting to feel the apathy
    The script to the end is created
    The lust has lost its appetite

    Like a dull but expensive wine
    You are so egoistic and proud
    Yet hollow and so very vain
    Standing out from the basic crowd
    But without any rhyme or reason
    You’re sadly just a wasted faker
    And I’m sorry for what I’ve written
    But screw you, you arrogant fucker

  • candra 165w

    Finally Dies

    I’m going to get killed by those cold
    Bold eyes, sad and brown, with flicker of gold
    Bitterly still admiring your smoking habit
    In alcohol I'm soaking, deceitfully happy
    We were such narcotic thinkers, erotic junkies
    Now I'm in nostalgic addiction of Arctic Monkeys
    That sweet burn of liquor on your lips
    Those threatening hands grabbing my hips
    Wounds in your mind, bruises on my body
    Our damaging lust, always meant to be due
    I Wanna Be Yours, I think I'm a psycho
    Will Knee Socks cure that sick obscene cycle
    Or will my mind be forever trapped
    In music, smoke, liquor, all existence wrapped
    Raped with bitter melancholy, loving your lies
    Until your presence in my mind hopefully finally dies