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  • candicehasley96 7w

    She became stronger from everyone who wronged her

  • candicehasley96 7w


    I smashed the mirror with my bare knuckles this morning
    I was trashed from the night before and I was embarrassed
    Embarrassed of my own reflection that was staring back at me
    I've been lost and it seems like there's no right direction
    Everyday is a fight that repeats over and over again
    My body has become immune to the little blue pill
    I guess nowadays I take them for the thrill
    Why does being happy feel like it's a skill?
    Unhappy people are fake yet they're the realest
    Raise your hand if you've been through this
    I praise every last one of you
    Now let's rise together because we've got goals to pursue

  • candicehasley96 13w

    At Peace

    I want to float in space with Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on blast.

    A place where there is no time, a place where my anxiety finally feels at home, a place where my depression doesn't have to hide anymore because it'll be surrounded with darkness.. a place where I'll be able to breathe without actually breathing

  • candicehasley96 14w

    Your memories are forever kept with me
    They're all that are left for me
    I miss you more than life

  • candicehasley96 17w

    The only drug I want to be addicted to is my happiness ✌

  • candicehasley96 18w

    Dakota Trey

    I had to put my dog down
    The tears come rolling as I slowly drown
    It was a hard decision to make
    I hope he see's a new version of life
    My heart aches with pain
    I don't know how much more I can take
    I was thirteen when he was born
    Now I'm 25 and I feel so torn
    I'm broken and I have nothing left to say
    May you rest in peace, Dakota Trey
    I love you

  • candicehasley96 21w


    I've lost myself to the darkness again
    It's like I've been swallowed into a massive black hole
    My soul feels like it has left my body leaving me lifeless
    How am I supposed to survive this?
    I hate myself when I'm sober
    Wake me up when this is all over

  • candicehasley96 22w

    Battle of Demons

    There's times when I feel like I'm not good enough
    Yeah I may be like the moon when it goes through it's phases
    The look on y'alls faces says it all
    Everyone lied when they said they'd catch me if I fall
    Fighting this battle of demons got me on the deep end
    I'll depend on myself from here on out
    No one ever heard me when I would scream and shout
    Life can be hard especially when there's nights I'm praying to God
    When I feel like I'm lost I put my hand over my cross
    I just want to be okay
    Maybe someday I will but it's not today
    My head is like a ticking bomb at any moment I'll ignite
    Everyday I have put up a fight and yet I still get asked to keep calm
    I'm drowning in my own thoughts and it's so exhausting
    Tides of war collide with what's left of my consciousness
    Now I'm left with nothing but the feeling of numbness
    I'm to blame for all of this..

  • candicehasley96 22w

    I'm sorry

    I'm sorry to all I have pushed away
    I wish I wasn't this way
    Everyday is a mystery
    My mind is filled with misery
    Today is just like yesterday
    All I do is pray for a better day
    I'm sorry for being this way
    There's not much else I can say
    But.. will you stay?

  • candicehasley96 22w

    I'm Like

    A bird with no wings
    A puppet on strings
    A child with no dreams