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  • c_inspira 3h

    My mind wonders off..
    More than it should lately.

    I don’t know where i’m gonna go anymore.
    I don’t have a clue who i want to be..

    I’m not sure of anything...

  • c_inspira 2w

    Here i am, in the middle of nowhere.

    Never thought i would end up here, a place called ‘Humpty Doo’, over night.
    After almost ending up on the street!

    I guess that’s one of the perks that comes with being a backpacker, especially during a pandemic..

    But God, am i gratefull!
    Another adventure, and i’m alive, i’m safe and ‘Carpé diem’ has never been more relatable then in this moment!


  • c_inspira 4w

    If it scares you so much, maybe it just means that it’s damn important to you!

  • c_inspira 5w

    Oh i am craving for love..
    But i’m running away from it.


  • c_inspira 6w

    It’s so important how we feel when we hang out with eachother!

    But i’ll tell you what...

    To me, it matters most what we feel when we walk away from each other after we’ve spent time together!

    Because that tells me how powerful our relationship really is!


  • c_inspira 6w

    September 20, 2021
    'World Suicide Prevention Day'

    I have seen it.
    I've gone through it myself.

    But today I want to think and pray for each who has gone through or witnessed it.
    It's easy to tell someone to stay strong or not give up hope.
    But honestly, we just REALLY need to be there!

    All my thoughts and prayers!
    And I am here!
    You are here!
    Just a reminder to take a moment to smile and I hope you feel the love!!!💙

  • c_inspira 6w

    Sometimes... it feels like I have a life jacket on so I don't drown, but I still can't escape the endless water around me.
    Like I'm walking through a crowd yet running around all alone.

    I know you love me....
    But I don't know if you really see me.

    I have all these thoughts and feelings but I can't vent them!
    The thought that no one will understand me stirs up a unique kind of anxiety.

    And so now I am floating endlessly in this water.


  • c_inspira 7w

    Inspired by Walt Whitman

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    Unfortunately, you can’t have sunshine in your life, if you’re not willing to take the shadows with it hunny....
    But just remember, if you face the sun, it will be easier, for the shadow will fall behind you.


  • c_inspira 8w

    28/08 Just another day.

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    Birthday’s are for many a happy, joyfull and festive occasion.
    As it should be!

    For me...?
    It’s just a reminder of all the years that i’ve lost, not allowed to party, not surrounded by loved ones and not able to be happy...
    The fact that i never had any control over it... it makes me feel so broken.
    I can never get those years back.
    I never was a child, nor will i ever be.
    And it just hurts.

    I’m sorry if this upsets you...
    Birthday’s are supposed to feel better than this right?


  • c_inspira 8w

    I’d like to touch your naked soul.
    Understand it.
    See it.
    So i can feel safe enough to show you mine.
    I have never done that before.
    So don’t be scared.
    We can be nude together.