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  • bussie 3d

    In the Silence, His Father was working...and He would not let his 'Holy One suffer curruption'

    Sometimes the only thing to do is trust

    Trust the Father,
    Trust the Son
    Trust the Spirit
    Trust...then surrender.

  • bussie 3d

    If Jesus was praying and fasting
    or reading His word
    or perhaps prophecying and proclaiming
    I can understand....
    (I guess it's that performance based mentality where life is lived by dotted t's and principles)

    But Jesus was silent, the Saviour was dead, no sound, no work, nothing at all. Yet His faith in the Father to whom He surrendered His Spirit before dying echoed even in the grave

  • bussie 3d

    For if Jesus could trust the Spirit to quicken Him back to life,
    I can also trust the Spirit to awaken me from sleep
    To work and mould me to His image
    To live in vibrant hues through this mortal frame
    His Spirit in me
    Christ in me the hope of Glory.

  • bussie 5w

    Over and over and over and over He speaks....
    The Blood speaks....
    Look to the Lamb there is all that you need
    Look to the cross there's freedom
    Look to the stripes there is healing
    You're healed
    You're healed
    You're healed

    My soul sings
    I'm healed, redeemed and forgiven
    I'm healed
    I'm healed.

  • bussie 7w

    I've cried all my prayers
    now I'm short of what to say
    I'm done talking,
    So speak to me please....

    Tune my ears to your frequency
    So I can see from your perspective
    Free my mind from all fetters
    So I can live courageously
    Remind me of my identity
    And whose I am....

    I lay down all victories and I lay down all failures....
    This life is yours, Your glory lits it up...

  • bussie 7w

    Over and over I fall
    It's like a never ending circle of falling apart

    I'm tired
    Bone aching tired.
    Can I be free from all the shackles?
    My world is dark and bleak...
    Who can understand the numbness I feel...
    Who can see me through the veils
    Who can understand the trials I've faced
    Who can love and accept me in my messy

    It's almost like I've given up on hope
    Who can hope for me...

    And somewhere in my messy
    I see a gaze full of empathy and love
    He understands my every emotion and feeling
    He sees me in my entirety,
    He weeps alongside me
    I can be vulnerable to Him, because He gets me,
    I can trust in His heart for me....
    So I close my eyes in sleep in His hands.

    I've reached the end of my road...I surrender it all to the one who despite knowing all about me, smile at me in love.

  • bussie 56w


    I'll come to you on some deary days
    But jö don't enable me in my hurting
    Shed a tear or two with me in my pain
    Yet remind me to fix my eyes on God

    Tell me to look up to Him
    To find everything in Him
    If your words fail to reach me
    Look up to Him on my behalf

    Remind me of the fullness
    That resides in the Godhead
    Remind me of how God sees me
    Remind me of God.

    Let me see Christ in your life
    Winking from your devoted gaze
    So I can fall in love again
    And nestle in His warm embrace

  • bussie 56w

    An invitation
    To become love
    To put off the needing
    And nestle in Love
    To paint in love's colours
    In lavish beautiful stokes.

    It's an invitation to more
    To love as Love loves.

  • bussie 60w

    And just the other day,
    a flower bloomed in my sight
    Basking me with it's fragrance.
    And bringing out the feminity
    I've hidden behind a facade.
    I was delighted,
    It looked and felt like magic
    One specially crafted with a big bow

    It was indeed my Father
    Gifting me with a lovely flower
    And reminding me of Him
    Cause when I saw the flower
    My heart burst out in adoration singing
    "It can only be you, who gifts me with what I don't even know I need, at just when I need it, in just the right number, with just the right subtle fragrance...
    Such perfect gift can only come from you"

  • bussie 60w


    I thought you were just the way,
    But I'm coming to learn that you are the End

    You are my destiny
    You are all my soul longs for