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  • bunny_18 16w


    Stories are mere figments of person's perspective.
    Philosophised by scholars and wise men,
    Dumbed down to the size which the human brain can digest.
    Some may lost its meaning over the years,
    Some may shed from extinct language,
    But what's the use with all this wisdom,
    But one's sole purpose is to pass it on,
    Like the perpetual notion of cells dividing,
    Makes us far less superior than other living species.
    We've yet dive into the world of being human or why I'm born to be human.
    It's a tarry shame to see that people like us are being bought with lies more than the truth being sedated into our brains.

  • bunny_18 16w


    I used to think that human beings are complex beings,
    With high austerity, they wage war on each other,
    Till this day, sacreligous and materialistic thoughts are mere instruments to condone themselves.

    What happened to being human,
    I ask myself,
    Where everyone is treated based on the things they wear,
    And no one bother's the depths of despair,
    Being humane was never an option,

    What happened to humanity,
    I ask myself,
    Where colour becomes the medium for treason.
    Adverts that solely justifies a lighter colour
    Trust me baby,
    You're golden

    Perplexed they said,
    Spitting out point's that make no sense
    Companies making money off you,
    Selling you a lie is what they do best,

    Wake up and smell the coffee,
    For you've been living in a facade.

  • bunny_18 16w


    Sticks and stones don't break my bones,
    But the words could hurt on my own,
    They say a pen is mightier than a sword,
    Why don't you write it to me then,
    That you're with someone your own.

  • bunny_18 16w

    A Dream

    Hello, Who's there?
    I see a shadowy figure,
    Still and glare,

    Moving still aimlessly,
    I guess it was the sillhouette,
    Floating par with the breeze,
    It still gave me the squeeze,

    Don't make a sound,
    Don't breathe,
    I'll only make it worse,
    Laid my eyes to sleep,
    Sweat trickling down my neck,
    Hoping to wake up from this obnoxious dream.