How to open my heart???

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  • bubbly_bluebells 16h

    If people don't grow up spiritually
    I don't care when they call me childish and mature themselves.
    When person is an adult,never says there is problem and no solution!
    Empathy connects through emotions of wildflowers,misfits and outcasts.
    Enjoy wanderlust!

    Confidence is having an open heart
    Absence of fear is not task
    Presence of love transforms it into pearl
    Purpose is to raise our concious
    Why to be less in earth?
    Aware awareness ..is beyond age,never matter
    It's the alignment with universe
    Tuning of very own vibrations is life growth
    Isn't it success?

    Enough describing passed metaphors
    Adoring what is already here till now
    What if i live beyond present?
    Ain't it will become easy to catch the clouds?
    Will be eligible to pass all the membranes of body?

    If you are silent then daydream
    although this world make fun of daydreamers
    Manipulates like its an immoral trait
    If you are loud then sing,
    though many don't want to listen you
    If you are active then dance
    taste your cookies,laugh a lot
    Remaining grounded in soul

    You never ask question because when you don't want to find life beyond its viel and scared to brush up your teeth.

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    Journey of hippie


  • bubbly_bluebells 3d

    Budding white,
    smile of compassion
    Sun is bright under dusk
    Whether here is bit cold
    Invigorate to welcome
    A brand new day!

    Japanese catch on to
    the love of having each flash
    As a consequence anime are magical
    A wizard,big blue marble
    Enthralling series and seasons
    hope portrays cherishing each thought
    has such a beautiful extent
    Schools don't pestle yourself
    Humble and kind in every touch

    When i can't forward
    Against the friction of life
    Few composition are testimony
    to whirl head over heels
    Whilst locus is alien,
    grasp from anima undoes
    Then few notes whips
    Command you personally,ascend
    Glare in innermost thoughts
    Roll breaths and upturn

    Here are resources,but you
    Stopped being sensitive to grass
    In contours of suchlike,all that jazz
    Undesirable,arrogant mind
    Forgot to praise basic balcony
    Witting a rusted corner and lilacs

    Generally the retardation occurance
    concouring to control object you shouldn't,
    Ever and often what happens is divine order
    Its shielding you in the form of resistance
    To not come as roadblock
    Else you will become one for yourself and others
    Drowning underwater,hopelessly
    Bridge your preception with sanity
    Motive of this time is to learn lessons
    And become a new version genius

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    Bunny of hope

    I am a shadow,a face
    A distant glance,perplexing
    Not at all in vougish ritual
    Stay like moon blaze

  • bubbly_bluebells 3d

    Silent death

    When world starts falling apart soulless things starts growing in.Once I tried to find base in chaos but was unable to collect strength to rise.There was a huge ball of gas where i was searching peace just like carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen.Soulless words are heavier than spirit.Hence,life suffocate!

    As gas expands and exert pressure .It blowed up like big balloon while life kept on burying under vaccum.Here is need of thrust of oxygen volumes to burst that balloon and make lungs stronger against it.Sometimes being unheard for much time blocks the inner voice door and nothing left than a vacuum.What a terrible force!Slowly pushed me away from myself on the ground.

    As in tensile test two poles are stretched by outer force till they break.I felt like someone is not letting me in,pushing out of the door.Certain surroundings are too mean to have.Remain in your own spotlight,always sing cause a remedy against tightness is own voice.It comes from home when body feels homesick.

    Souless thoughts,things sucks soul out of you and then you become soulless.
    Poison gas attack:-that kill silently,forcingly keeping you silent.It take happiness from face and smile become a dream to a statue of sorrow.
    On the ground////

    When focus centered at mind,i started losing grip of heart.I was mere eighteen,worry overwhelmed like black stormy clouds and harder I tried to find the silver lining more it took me down to helplessness.To look up I needed a miracle of heart;use to hold my legs when i smiled at sunrise but now it feels like heart is gone.Sometimes it felt heavy while other days empty and then like still something is taking out my energy continuously.
    While I am falling down in unending darkness.Every moment became darker.I can't get up from bed and do my chores,power to indulge from heart sucked out.I don't had any ideas how to fight back against this drag of black hole?
    Now,looking up a joke! When I tried to stare at blue sky my eyes automatically closed like they can't bear its light.What else death looks like?!In one year I was sucked out like a zombie prey,totally lost.

    Life is a dream and future is a joke.If we don't live in imaginations then we fall in anxious valley of nightmares where imaginations turns into astray i.e. frozen concious,a kind of Neverland.

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    silence that too scary too keep up
    Inner lives stopped breathing oxygen
    Outer world can't get in due to deoxygenated heaviness
    Stoned walls are the doors that blocked the flow of emotions
    While viens are supplying poison to choke inner diversity
    Speak up your voice can fight this inner battle
    Frequency of own voice will chase away demons of others mind,trapped head to collapse
    Chant,sing,explode when inner voice can't make it like before to echo in head
    Free yourself from becoming mummified soul
    While Suffering alone in the corner,mind drowning underwater
    Truth is that strike which can break mirrors,vases and home stuff
    Even coffin beams with ray of revival

  • bubbly_bluebells 4d

    I come from the stars I come from flowers
    I come from moon I come from trees
    When i gaze them when i shower them

    I come from love I come from you
    I come from passion I come from me
    When birds fly in When we look at
    the sky with their groups each other

    Why want anything from world?Everything is fake here .Why to be part of this world?Only to live fated suffering!
    I am different,extra for world to give more blessings what time can't give so don't fit in compete to with them.Live a life made of your rules alone.
    Living with world only traps you in chaos.No part of the plan but more than plan.A real supepower is choice to be different.Let this world live their fate.I don't want fate.I want magic never belonged to physical world.I need emotions to give shape.Talent can't tranform.It wholeness of mind,body,soul at one point I need to create a new world.

    In an imaginary world everything is possible.I am free without any restrictions .I can be anything
    who am I to limit my twisted world?Just because few diamonds are not in their world but what if i got a diamond castle!I have to keep searching me in different realms cause I am blessed with a unique kingdom in form of blooming vision.What if my existence in difference universe is nothing but my versions of imaginations!Why to live a single life then?Why to be only in one planet of galaxy then?When I got many leads in just one cycle.
    I live here,I can be everywhere!

    If you have a life beyond tech in an imaginary world alone.You are treasure! It means you have cultivated something own yet you don't know.
    When you use outer things you are addicted
    But when you dive in fantasy its you creation of love.

    You need to be curious to learn without any second thought.Wonder,stumble,rise but no judgment or full stop;only a journey.Don't reach but enjoy the process of becoming and dreaming.Whether you are last stand with love.I am last because i deserve it.
    Everything you need,if it is not built over your love and feelings then its an illusion,don't chase that,will never give happiness.

    Believe magic exist in heart!
    Life will keep on unfolding miracles,the case is if you would notice.
    Its not how much or how fast i want in life.Its about how fast i can walk and create in life.I am limitless so why to create a limit of plan.Just flow with passion and process.

    Original move like your own kungfu.Your weakness is your power;your original nature.So love it,embrace it!
    Don't let them fool you by their nature of winning
    cause your things need your ways to cultivate not theirs.You are a different version of truth
    this we need to accept it which is freedom then confidence will fill up in you.This we deny to live and run away from self;caging ourselves lin lies,fear, Unworthiness.Only your true nature can break the curse of thousand years.Running away from self is never pearceful nor a good virtue leads to cultivate sins.Cultivate yourself but don't copy others moves is freedom.

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    Looking at certain pictures
    Soul dips in its essence
    passed gates and gone inside
    living this moment
    Reason I feel belonging
    Sometimes like i had been there
    i land at that place

  • bubbly_bluebells 4d

    When high vibes dissipates from present
    Vibration level diminishes into lower dimensions
    Something goes down,feels hollow,tired in mess
    Raise your imaginations,a doorway to heaven
    Future is in high frequency of awareness


  • bubbly_bluebells 4d

    I lived in mudhouse,
    raised by compassion in the kingdom of motherly love.
    Wetted my feets in tubewells water,
    chased goats,
    listening their meme my heart overflowed

    I lived where mornings were led by sparrows with sunrise
    watched beaks busy with the stalks,
    To build their nest
    and babies cuddled in fluffy bed
    made from fibres inside cavern,
    waiting for guardian

    Wanderered among babool trees
    to find gums on the bark
    whole day pods falling on the road
    White flowers of neem
    floated in air and clipped my hairs
    Their green fruits have a wild calling
    and leaves attracted me to collect them and
    play like kindergarten child

    I learned lots of emotions
    Living with grandparents
    From their tales and jokes
    Always lived under the shade of goodness
    Against reality of this hollow world
    And darkness was mere a fiction in my life
    Like watching serials in television

    Never thought this world is too brutul
    Who open their hearts for it!

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  • bubbly_bluebells 5d

    Never get attached to someone
    Attachment are our own needs but we ask its favour outside.however, it hurts.

    Why to reach at that limit;forced to say from people that go away?
    The process automatically eliminates but our attachment invites them to stay,creates chaos
    If we never go in wrong direction bad can never damage us,can't survive in life but we scare to go against fear,to stand alone and confront ill behaviour in the first warning and ignore
    Ever realised why are you feeling alone but running away from it?
    "Alone is the spotlight" about we are not aware.
    Every moment is a hardest performance.

    I have a bad habit to stop myself for anyone
    A cliche buried as a poison underneath my skin

    My problem is that when i connect with people,it happens from heart
    I start making efforts just to make them happy and end up hurting myself cause i ignore my own existence
    I thought I learnt a lesson and will never ever be overgiver but this is not truth
    It again happens when i connect to another person because I barely talk
    I don't know how many times I have to loose?
    I fear to not be able to find back my home to feel human emotions
    Few just enjoy but don't care about me whether they drain
    I am a loner that's why!
    I even fear from small interactions

    I sense certain aura blocks heart,their presence around is very painful like knifes.A warning from body,of bad circle, here is somewhere blackhole.

    I fall between presenting new and opening my heart.
    When heart is open it blooms from everyone even for hornets
    Just to again get closed from the shock of broke
    How to armour it up so that it can function properly and safely?

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    Certain thoughts,desires that drains you in disguise of vampires,stuck over head.
    Making us falling down
    darker and darker until we stand up for ourselves and let go what's hurting like hook,change our direction in creating something new to get back our power.
    I have to heal to not spill poison in others lives;side effect of madness.

  • bubbly_bluebells 5d

    Do true love exist or it is just a mutual investment in same thing while living at different universes?
    When frequency matches,heart entangles in the name of fate or connection beyond limitations.
    I experienced how thread becomes weaker and third entry involves as blockage barrier.
    Then it is also real love dies!

    So what is true love?
    It can be myth or eternal
    Up to human

    What you want,should burn in heart(in one direction) to keep it alive in life!

    Shadows over the glass lamp
    Love is a mirror of own personality,
    expressed by each cosmic being
    Refracting spectrum of beauty and multiple dimensions
    With different potentials,
    Not a fact to describe In a single statement!
    Tastes like what's surviving in our lake
    Heal your damages,they are total personal responsibility to take courage and let them come over surface,to watch,feel,treat and to release those suppressed emotions
    if its bitter, poisonous and blurring our vision!
    Density of truth awakens all,dives in deep waters but we cling at crude substances and missing the process of fractional distillation.
    Healing is golden!

    We take others words so seriously we shouldn't but why voices of animals are impactless?
    Why only man is superior here?
    Earth is a kingdom of many diversities still humanity is not in trend but humans were made to cultivate humanity.Other skills of Gaia are not waste but precious still they are bullied like racism

    //Obviously if we are not in love we are living for lust and it has no gratitude//

    When you don't seek love
    When you don't live for love in life,
    life dulls to lust;abyss.
    When you don't want to love,
    life loses all wonders

  • bubbly_bluebells 5d

    that facade,whereon I demised
    Considering him was like
    poised to death;
    Sank seven days a week
    Certain dekko are expectations
    To no degree hope
    downhills to fatal sleep
    I chilled to the bone sculpture

    Waiting is like feeding fog
    In which mind get lost
    striking concrete;mutated blurr of darkness
    disconnects from social behaviour
    finding a path to take in light
    Lost epitomize as psyche nexus

    Better intend what you want
    to endure,than dooming into nothing
    Your agility records you alive

    Mentioning no fills strength
    when u think u can't afford it
    You need there most to win over vicious
    It make you stronger!

    Isolating yourself means
    Started living own company
    Ecstasy of universal truth
    Starts flowing through you
    People are left behind
    Identity that they made about you
    Don't matter,if they disapprove you
    Nor ashamed in my true expressions
    Is choosing self-love!

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    hypothesis tempted toneless
    notion lacking in sentiments
    Faint outwear via oblivion

    Some longings without baby steps turns illusion

  • bubbly_bluebells 3w

    Color of sufi mystics
    MILKY stars floating in air
    In daylight watch
    Jellyfish of zephyr
    Fireflies of wind
    Fluffy candies OF INNER heart
    Our dandelian sips

    Roses dies after plucking but dandelian gives new life after death
    People ran away after those fibre charms to blow up their wishes and forget when come back to home
    Like snowflakes of winter,good luck of first snowfall
    Anyone noticed the hippie nature blooms in feathers of wild as they took their first flight
    And they starts flying like chirping birds in the cosmos of summers
    So,if i am dandelian
    I am happy to be alone different,withered and a leftover in a grassland than being a sad memory in a book of dead hearts.

    Dandelian where heart gets alive!
    A new hope,where horizon stretches
    Children hustle to go up to catch those dandelian wishes
    Can't i say dandelians are magic?
    Unlocks hidden potential of heart
    Our baba baba baba teaching
    Don't go down to people
    Connect to heart deeper in light and joy
    Appreciate tiny moments to soar

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    Bubbles(dreaming is passion of soul and bliss of life)
    Keep on dreaming!