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  • btslove 2h


    Admiring cold teardrops, with no empathy
    Screaming to melt down the Frozen memories.
    Despise the reflection of Sun rays, swallowing the cold breeze in winter.
    Pyramid of hope moving down in dark void,
    Dry lips pressing calmness very quietly and tightly
    Walking into crowd, plain thoughts become immobile
    Dust on my clothes start fading in teardrops.
    Wings of satisfaction broken down completely
    I don't remember how many decades passed away,
    When I last tasted relief.

    Homeless pain hiding inside me, unbeknownst to me want my protection
    In between Falling white snow and uplifting blue smoke I'm mere motionless stone of sorrow
    Stuck in hourglass, sand becomes my enemies
    Dusk and dawn change so fast just like four pages of poetries But I'm scattered and stuck in hues of darkness
    at the same place.
    I thought our promises would last forever, I was wrong
    I thought our trust would last forever, I was wrong
    I thought love would last forever: I was wrong.

    19 Oct 21
    12:43 pm
    In 2 minutes 1 min I want to write another one I don't want to write

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    I was wrong

  • btslove 1d

    3:00 pm
    18 October 21

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    ᴀɴᴅ ɪ ʙʟᴏᴏᴍ ᴀɢᴀɪɴ

    When Flowers bloom at midnight 
    I saw them hiding eight fireflies.
    Beneath the curve of Crescent
    I saw some burnt poetries
    still smouldering,
    And walking on invisible path
    When flowers bloom.

    The rain is falling on crisp leaves
    I saw them melting in soil one by one
    The sound of hurricane;
    hiding peace,
    I felt them
    when they swirled around me
    and flew away like the broken wings
    of butterflies,
    when the rain was falling.

    Her eyes look like unheard stories,
    I mumble.
    And after scrutinize them another
    twenty nine minutes,
    I espied few lines of untold stories
    In her eyes
    Her eyes looks like
    tangled threads of life,
    and painted another canvas,
    just like her eyes look like.

    ~Nd I hide my poetries below
    the horizon.

  • btslove 2d

    9:25 am
    17 October 21
    #mondo #temp

    What it means to be a poet?

    Swirling around grey ink,
    When a Forlorn person's life become prismatic.

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    What it means to be a poet?

    Swirling around grey ink,
    When a Forlorn person's life become prismatic.

  • btslove 5d

    Petals of poetry

    Poetry is my last hope
    I whisper 
    And broked the last petal of iris unwillingly 
    Tears are rolling down from my cheeks,  just like dewdrops from petals of rose. 
    Something is etching inside the heart, like emotions are trying hard to carve "bloom" repeatedly, after receiving thousands of defeats.
    Perhaps it's fear, fear of losing last petal of iris, last bloom
    ~ I'll survive somewhere in between unrhyming roads of my poetry, in my last hope.

    If my poem doesn't rhyme
    I'll arrange them separately,
    In the corner of windows 
    And With the new dawn they will become Free verses.
    Life is complex bridge, 
    It's straight and transparent but hiding
    the tsunami.
    In between simple metaphors the pressing love
    and pain, only few can feel or only few want to feel.
    The roses wrapped silently in those
    sorrowful pages, and soon those salty pages
    pulverize them.

    There's river flowing Inside me,
    River of a heartbroken story... 
    I felt the pain of the Thorn birds. I felt for
    the first time in melodies, words were crying
    Louder than those birds,
    Just like Broken Crayons in my bag,
    they are screaming,
    they want to melt in hues of grey clouds
    and blue sky.

    Behind a broken heart, a broken mirror reflected
    all harsh reality into broken pieces,
    shattered around just like stars
    When a poet becomes fragile, empty and his pen left futile he collects them one by one and
    paints them inside syllables of concrete poetry.

    ~For faded tears, weeping quill is only hope and poetry home.

    6:40 pm
    13 October 21

  • btslove 1w

    ᴡɪʟᴅꜰʟᴏᴡᴇʀꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ꜱᴏꜰᴛ ᴛʜᴏʀɴꜱ

    There's nothing exist
    in collinear form,
    Either it's love maze or dark abyss
    We are neither wrapped in hues of grey
    nor walking straight
    on lines of Symphony
    We are wind, we are light
    bridging one verse to another,
    our bleeding pen flowing
    continuously at night.
    /I Observed all this concept keenly after reading
    fifty two pages of my first fiction book/ 

    Impossibilities and
    possibilities are dancing
    on the same cusp wildly,
    But differences are just little,
    standing so far from realities 
    /Perhaps what we are watching is an illusion,
    or a reflection of the wrong direction/

    After observing twenty minutes,
    I found something
    written in grey shades
    on last white pages,
    "walk on this road only if you feel secure enough…
    reading just one line and
    my leg get freezed for long time
    rushing river of thousands question
    jump on me,
    After fighting with few of them,
    the tightening of ice slowly slowly
    starts melting.

    ~What will you choose between Wildflowers
    and soft thorns?

    5:37 pm
    12 October 21


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    Wildflowers or Soft thorns

  • btslove 2w

    6 October 21
    3:35 pm
    Seven is love ��

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    O̶n̶e̶r̶o̶u̶s̶ Desire

    Hefty Desire to bring back again those 
    Echoes of Past seven Autumn Salmon hues
    That are still humming inside my  poetry
    Frozen in layer of perdify, sans warmth
    The essence of hope become soft zephyr
    And embrace the illusion of dark clouds
    ~My Desire rhymed with Crystal of oceans.

  • btslove 2w

    9:32 am
    5 October 21

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    Alone on the shore
    Holding memories in eyes,
    (My)frozen soul waiting for you

    I'm counting all s(c/t)ars
    Holding futile dark pages
    I wonder, where you are LOVE?


  • btslove 2w

    (Un)titled story

    Tickling clock, Haunted night and me spending
    time together like always,
    in floating silence.
    Half hanging from the window,
    I took some sip of cool breeze
    while watching moving little snails and falling flakes

    Listening to the sound of melancholy,
    I hang my mysterious paperboard on eaves,
    along with creeping grasses.

    Intricate thoughts hiding beneath the surface
    of unavailing blocks,
    I'm impotent to collect them, or more precisely
    I don't want to collect them.

    Crest of the hill existed everywhere,
    but couldn't be seen by everyone.
    Puzzled in realities,
    finding an answer 
    In middle way I realized
    I can't resist anymore,
    maybe my grip was too light.
    I saw a silent reflection of myself in my own eyes.
    But after knowing all consequence
    I draw my lines beyond those sharp needles,
    "I've to cross them" is all I can say and write
    on a blurry mirror repeatedly.

    ~ flickering dreams melting inside my forlorn body
    Will you leave me too? I whisper.

    ~ just like me,
    I found birch leaf
    in between faded Pages of my old diary, fragile Mysterious and so cold.

    4 October 21
    11:30 am

  • btslove 2w


    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the kind repost wn ��

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    Achromatic Poem

    Azure sky,
    Dancing on the wings of Butterfly.
    A blue flicker from the ocean waves,
    Scattering million Sapphire stars

    Whisper of dripping ink in my blue scar, 
    Hypnotizing me, and screaming the euphony of love.

    Few vessels filled with gloomy storm; wearing invisible mask,
    Shielding the bleu moonlight 
    I submerge blue quill in my tears
    and broke them one by one, 
    From shattered pieces of loathe,
    hope begins to sprout like Wildflowers.

    Cosmic void sitting behind me,
    swallowed one third sand of hourglass
    I seized the left part in my hand
    and filled the void with Ecstasy.

    ~ faded canvas, silent shadow and
    aroma of blue poem;
    I tangled them quietly with the tune of autumn leaves.

    ~btslove (unforgettable love)

    1:15 pm
    2 October 21

  • btslove 3w

    ʏᴏᴜ ᴏɴᴄᴇ ᴛᴏʟᴅ ᴍᴇ

    You once told me penumbra,
    You wanted to unfurl my poetries 
    but I warned you that day,
    If you'll try to touch it;
    you'll get wrapped in cheekbones shaped storms map
    that you want to straighten.

    You once told me "Warm sunlight"..
    I'll lose your Glimpse few times
    Few times you'll lose my Glimpse
    But when I'll close my eyes
    you'll come back from behind,
    ~and now my windows are wide open;
    waiting for you.

    I once asked you soft zephyr
    When you are kissing green leaves,
    and flame of candles
    I wonder what you look like?
    I smiled, and You draw A-N E-N-S-O
    around me.

    You once told me moon
    You're not lonely, you're a piece of puzzle
    who will complete our futile life.
    I'll find you always in
    an (un)ordinary night 
    Beneath the sky and above the clouds.
    ~I preserved some moonlight in my diaries and closed my eyes.

    10:15 am
    28 September 21