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  • btslove 1w


    When she hold quill in her hand
    Flow of ink not want to stop
    And she is impeccably lost in flow of ink

    She is smiling Like butterfly flapping
    wings in garden of alluring flowers

    She is the sound of silence
    It feels like You are not listening
    to anything but
    Staedily steadily her Melody started
    flowing in your veins

    She is the pink color of sky
    Everyone can't able to see but who can see will never want to forget.

    She is the star of hope shining brighter in darkness

    Her eyes holding lots of secret magic
    She's spreading love everywhere she go

    If we want to define her in one words
    She is pure kindhearted and beautiful girl
    Who know very well how to gripped someone hand so tightly when they are falling

    She know very well how to enticed everyone with her surreal words

    She know very well how to treat other scars and wipe there tears

    She is my superwoman,there's no pain that her magic can't eradicate

    Tears of blitheness become double and tears of agony become half when we share with her.

    Â pricity in cold winter she is, like sunshine melting snow with her beguling charm

    Ŕ adiant smile burning those faded red roses in front of her beauty

    Ý outhfulness in her words always uplift us

    Â roma of her love in sweet and soft zephyr Bewitching the world

    Thank you so much for being my superwoman��
    7 April 21
    9:05 am

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  • btslove 2w

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY @tamanna3 ��

    Shrewd thinker, beautiful
    Like PANSY flower
    Purple with the shade of
    White Purity.
    Feeling of love we always
    Receive, Warmness of her
    words whenever touched us.
    ~She is warm snowflake.

    The hope and love ignite by
    her words by Surpassing all
    the limits directly strike in
    my heart.
    Her absence feel like day
    without sunrays of hope.
    ~She is roof of hope.

    Falling autumn leaves
    And dewdrops
    Brown forest wood and
    Wilted flower, they all become
    Colorful and dancing blatantly,
    When serenity of her magical
    Poesy started Cultivating.
    ~She is undescribable magic.

    Ť raquilizing thoughts when she converted
    Into words, steal my heart whenever
    She wrote.

    Ã ffable natured Aplomb Mind of her.

    M eek quill when start blowing, the world
    Pause and water stop flowing.

    M inuscule words mesmerize everyone
    when her words starts glowing . She is

    Ý oung and beautiful soul, her inner beauty is ineffable.

    Thank you so much for being my friend
    for being an Army Thank you so much for everything
    I wish you a very happy birthday Tammy��


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  • btslove 3w

    #stranger #skip @writersnetwork
    My first letter ��
    I hope it makes sense
    27 March 21
    3:16 pm

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    Dear Stranger,

         We have one thing common
    STRANGER : you are for me I'm for you.

    In the cold breeze, from my window I saw you multiple times sitting on the street with a heavy heart in an awkward silence.
    I don't know the reason for your sorrow but the way your tears flowing continuously and converted into snowflakes it's really heart wrenching .
    Just like those flickering street light inside you the rays of hope also need maintenance.
    Queer feelings of your mind will change with time.
    You just have to solve the puzzle of your disarray thoughts.
    We want or not we have to play the game of life.

    Sometime warm from South, sometimes chill from West 
    Wind changes their directions continuously
    But, it doesn't means we stop breathing.

    Like Cherry blossom petals dance in winter without any hazard, I want you to be happy in every circumstances.

    My purpose is only to ignite the spark of hope inside you.
    The one who can bloom your wilted flower(life) is only you.


  • btslove 3w

    Aster symbolize love, wisdom, faith and color.
    /We are not born coward since birth, circumstances makes us/
    7:41 pm
    25 March 21

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    Is Aeonian love persumable
    Or incredible ?
    by the colour of true/fake love
    I'm Bewildered and flabbergasted
    at the same time
    Shed of black and red love Left me
    in flummox.
    Love is the biggest lie
    But still, I want to live in dark with
    mysterious smile.

    ~love, a magical fire and my heart wants to play with it.


    If you want to survive,
    You have to accept the
    pain that wrapped in happiness.
    They say acceptance is the
    Biggest key to happiness.
    But, after accepting the brightness
    of truth how I'll be able to see the
    darkness of love.

    ~Either accept the harsh reality or live in your dark fantasy.


    I can do it, I believe in myself
    I can do it, I believe in myself
    I repeated thousand times daily
    with bogus smile.
    ~mesmerizing enough to accept the illusionary truth.

    /Hiding half agony and half blitheness,
    Disaster or miracle happens for reason/


  • btslove 4w

    21 March 21

    A world without books = A world without peace.

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    A world without books-

    If there were no books
    We would lose capability to see more dreams
    We would have apathy towards ourself
    Endurance would snatched from us
    thoughts would be rushing in our mind faster than blood flowing in veins
    Our eyes would be staring,
    the loneliness of moon instead of gathering stars.
    Wilted flowers ,dead leaves and our shading tears,
    Wouldn't be able to meet their destination.

    When you will listen to words in eyes of books
    Flower, cloud, sky are more beautiful than
    how they looks.

  • btslove 4w

    20 March 21
    6:00 pm

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  • btslove 4w

    I don't know what I wrote
    But they are my Inspiration My success.
    17 March 2021

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    Journey to Success

    7 little Stars

    After packing hope,
    passion and dream
    They left their home,
    parents, friends and
    take first step towards
    They know few golden
    secrets of life that can
    understand everyone
    but only few snatched
    opportunity to follow.

    ~love yourself

    After struggling day and
    The seed of success they
    Finally planted
    Protect their dream from
    Rain and thunder
    Irrigated plant with
    Blood, sweat, tears
    and warmness of love.

    ~ struggle/ failure

    They teach me
    How to smile
    when you feel lost
    How to spread happiness
    everywhere you go
    And most important
    part of life
    Now they are definition
    of success in million
    peoples heart
    After walking in the deepness
    Of sea
    They finally find the
    Shoreline of success.

    ~An enormous success

    They proved that
    star shine brighter in
    the darkeness

    ~7 siren of the success.


  • btslove 5w

    11 March 21

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    Shrieking Whisper

    When sound of silence try to engulf her
    Her life is paint in the colors of chaos
    The fragrance of fressia perfume that used to be soothe her heart now their molecules diffused in lungs and try to choked her to death .
    What can relief her mind
    Tell me?
    ~floor covered with tears.

    Writing dairy or listening to music
    Sound of lightly flowing river or
    The violin strings when they collide together?
    ~An answer in itself.

    She know the reason of punishment
    But, What is her fault ? She don't know
    She is mystery, her life is mystery
    When the shower of questions coming in the speed of light
    With her broken heart, finding abdatory, she was left alone
    ~lost in maze of questions.

    In dark night she was staring the blue sky and her eyes shading stars
    She didn't want company, but lonely moon
    When her eyes meets with new green leaves,
    her hope is falling down with dewdrops .
    ~Hope is nothing but everything for her.

    "And again Last whisper of agitation and sorrow shoved her
    in the darkness."


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  • btslove 7w