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  • brokengypsysoul 15h

    I feel special

    When he calls you that cute pet name and you die inside.

  • brokengypsysoul 15h

    There is a word made just for me
    This is a personal word that only we share
    Whenever his lips speak that word
    I feel special, loved and aroused I swear

  • brokengypsysoul 4d

    #Dysfunctional #dysfunction Dysfunctionalfamily

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    Dysfunctional family

    No father
    Men in and out
    The unavailable mother
    The emotional abuse
    The physical abuse
    The sexual abuse
    The abandonment
    The introduction to alcohol and drugs too young
    Grew up too soon
    The older sister who took place of mother
    Also grew up too soon and endured more extreme abuse
    The younger spoilt brother who grew up right
    Mother won't accept the childhood violence that happened
    Sister cannot heal her wounds so contuines mothers cycle
    Brother is away in his own world
    Each one is selfish
    Hurtful things have been said and done
    There's no love in this family
    Only dysfunction

  • brokengypsysoul 4d


    The realisation...
    Conclusion that
    I truly am all alone in this world

  • brokengypsysoul 1w

    Chains of trauma

    Every moment of trauma turned into a chain that bounds her
    Accumulated by a life of pain weighing her down
    Misery is all she remembers, it’s all she knows
    Oblivious to the eye, known to the heart
    These chains have become a sort of protection
    Hiding her but also immobilising her
    Sometimes she feels her inner self screaming to be released
    Memories quickly flood in to drown her out
    She constantly searches for the keys in the wrong places
    Wondering if it’s lost for good
    She searches for the key in others, who add a link instead
    The Key lies within herself underneath buried so deep
    A stranger draws a picture for her, turning the links into a flower chain
    Her hair is long and flowing free the colours are bright
    The girl does not recognise this free spirit representation
    But recognises her from dreams, deepest desires kept hidden
    She frames and places the photo on her wall a remembrance of the light
    Many years have passed, the picture still hangs, the chains remain
    She is at peace with her past, yet dreams of another life
    One night she opens her eyes, physically seeing the chains, feeling it’s weight
    She sees the person she wants to be, and she is beautiful and free, unrestricted
    Staring at the picture she recognizes for the first time the women IS her
    The moon tells her how to unbind the chains giving her hope
    Life says no, it’s not that easy.
    So she remains bound.

  • brokengypsysoul 1w

    I'm sorry

    I'm sorry
    I was young and naive
    I was blind but now I see
    I didn't understand then
    the song that you sent me
    I didn't take the time to see you
    To fully see inside your soul
    I'm sorry for everything I put you through
    Your feelings towards me are valid
    I didn't appreciate or respect you
    I was lost and couldn't find a balance
    I had to grow and learn from my trauma
    I now see the meaning behind the lyrics
    I'm sorry I arrived so late for the party
    How could I be so blind to this
    Although delayed I now feel those words
    I hope you know that every time I hear that song
    I think of you
    Please forgive me for all I've done wrong
    I never intended to hurt you at all
    I'm sorry that I couldn't be that for you
    I feel the meaning in those words
    I wish I could have made them come true
    Know that I still think of you

  • brokengypsysoul 2w

    Adjectives that alliterate with love


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    lost love
    lonely love
    little love
    loving love
    lifeless love
    lovely love
    lovable love
    long love
    loud love
    large love

  • brokengypsysoul 2w

    Verbs that alliterate with truth


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    truth takes
    truth tends
    truth translates
    truth turns
    truth travels
    truth talks
    truth tells
    truth teaches
    truth touches
    truth treats

  • brokengypsysoul 3w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Ungrateful

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    Don't be ungrateful for your loved ones

  • brokengypsysoul 4w