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  • broken_inspiration 28w

    Wispy glint

    Hidden under shadows , waiting to see the light ;
    Chains and shackles , my dreams tied up tight
    Shame , you've been my mate through and through
    Pain , I share a special bond with you ;
    My heart's now a haunted forest ;
    On quest to find some rest ;
    I let go of all those faces I once used to trust
    They say I matter ,
    But without me they do better ;
    So I just isolate , my world's so desolate ,
    Traumatized , some say I'm demonised ;
    My brain's a graveyard , regrets the coffin
    Lie there I a living corpse;
    Wanted to be the good soul
    Now caught up in a hell hole ;
    There's no flashlight here , but I choose
    To just move on ...
    With a wispy glint of hope ....

  • broken_inspiration 191w

    Sweet Sovereignty

    For the sinner's sake the Holy was whipsawed,
    A gift so precious pure, Mercy is the Love of God,
    Despite the knowledge of the magnanimous ordeal, still I was a slave to sin and flawed,
    One day I fell on my knees,
    Guilty, empty, words lost and so was peace,
    Sure-footed was the fact that love for God is a sinner's Infeasible task,
    " O beautiful divine is love for you an accomplishment?" to him l ask

    And he told me,

    "You're the art and I that paint,
    For each breath you breathe I have a count,
    I know you inside out,
    Uncried tears, unspoken words,
    When emptiness is heavier than heavy,
    And when you feel like smashing through the valley,
    Just be held redemption is near,
    You are saved have no fear,
    Unremember not the facts so mere,
    That written have I your life's script clear,
    Faith the fuel I give unto you to run the race well ordained,
    Don't be rude, don't you mess up,
    I'm gentler than you in dealing with your soul;
    LOVE FOR ME is not your accomplishment,
    It's my Grace, an endowment ;

    Yes I'm king, righteous and mighty,
    It's nothing but my sovereignty,
    But it's mighty love, I love, make you love
    My sword and fire is of love ,
    Hard but sweet, lovely sweet.
    So dear child I'm love, all is love. "

    Fixed on him, though I'm empty
    In my frailty
    My soul will ever sing of his sweet sovereignty!!

  • broken_inspiration 201w

    For the brave are born woman

    He misused his strength and
    She rose above weakness
    So don't tell a girl "be brave like a man"
    Be brave like her!

  • broken_inspiration 203w

    The making of 'SHE'

    To touch the sky was her desire,
    But she was put through fiercest fire,
    Few days ago she lost her soul,
    Those phobias just took control ;
    She questioned, cried on God she blamed,
    And he told her, ' diamond is coal once flamed ' ,
    For pain has a purpose framed,
    Now she'z a warrior who'z never tamed!

  • broken_inspiration 203w

    The rise

    Courage lies,
    In visualizing the rise,
    Not when it comes together,
    But when it falls apart,
    They'll tell you a million lies,
    That your work will pay no prize,
    But take those broken wings and you'll learn how to fly breathtakingly high,
    No matter where you are,
    It's not too far,
    Out of the ashes,
    You'll be a burning star,
    Lighting up the darkest hour!