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  • broken_halo 3w

    Roses and Razors

    Let the scent of fresh tears fill the room,
    with wisps of cigarette smoke hanging in the air...
    Douse my heart's flaming desires with reality,
    a reality that chokes me, strips off my clothes and leaves me bare for the world to see..
    All my fears take turns to taunt me, play tag with my sanity, now it's gone for good... and I'm it now.
    I take one more pill, down it with my own tears and wait...
    I once was pretty, petty, naive and driven,
    But now..the smoke won't be the only thing hanging in the air tonight.

  • broken_halo 5w

    Neon tears

    I rock back and forth in the dark corner,
    cigarette in hand, a razor in the other.
    I stare at the text on my phone,
    and I quickly look away...
    Tears flow from my eyes, dampening my chest...
    The soft breeze brushes my skin, leaving a cool effect,
    and a cold pin on my heart...
    I look at my phone again, and finally the razor...
    One last pull, one last breath,
    one last tear

  • broken_halo 6w

    Relationship advice

    Take it from me, relationships are hard work. A "real" relationship is hard work. It's easy to say yes to someone when they ask you out, go through the rosey parts, the dates, the prezzies, the heart-to-hearts, the laughs...Then there are the arguments, the fights, the insecurities, the misconceptions. But here is what I've learnt...
    1. No matter how many big fights you go through, watch how you react. In the heat of the moment you might say something you don't mean or do something that will crush your partner, give them sleepless nights and possibly feel less of themselves. Life is 5% what happens, 95% how you react. So go easy on those reactions.
    2. Normalize speaking your mind. Don't hold back your opinions, your thoughts, your perspective over any subject at hand. Create an environment where both of you feel safe to speak your mind.
    3. Normalize reminding your significant other how much you appreciate them and adore them and how much you love them. Saying "I love you" genuinely out of the blue is more than enough, the sweet messages, the silly jokes. Make their day beautiful by reminding them how much you love them.
    4. Normalize talking about mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, suicide, inner peace, spiritual issues, the whole pack. Your partner is your best friend, be open to talk about these issues because they indirectly affect your relationship.
    5. Always, always love and support your partner. Through their flaws and imperfections, your love is always greater than that.

  • broken_halo 6w


    Hold your breath, I count to ten,
    take an hour break, and breathe again ❤️

  • broken_halo 6w

    Family traditions

    Crying is a norm,
    making each other feel other worthless,
    cutting through each other's soul with words.
    We are enemies sitting at the dinner table, suspecting the meal before us,
    could it be poisoned or it is the poison?
    Oh you live by the blood, you die by the blood...
    We are bound by ties that seem to be choking us, the love blanket suffocating us...
    The word family kills us, literally

  • broken_halo 7w

    Fvck wishes and dreams, work hard bish


  • broken_halo 7w

    I choke on my saddest emotions as the river of pain cascades from my eyes, down to the ground, forever to be buried,
    only to blossom as thorns

  • broken_halo 8w

    It's dark again

    As the sun hides behind the mountains,
    my insecurities, my fears and monsters come out to play.
    I hear them calling out my sins by name,
    forcing them to dance to the rhythm of my pain...
    I suffer silently with my teeth sinking into my tongue,
    rocking my body back and forth as waves of anxiety crash into my core within me.
    I bring my hands to my ears with the hope of shutting the noise out, but it seems like the voices in my head are getting louder..
    Somebody please come turn the light on,
    No there is no monster in my closet,
    it's right here next to me

  • broken_halo 8w

    Love is...

    Love is not magic,
    it's not illusion...
    It's tangible dreams and audible feelings,
    It's a fire with warmth and dew,
    Love is glass shards with cotton balls,
    It's pretty pink with a wisp of darkness...
    Love is blind hope that sees the future

  • broken_halo 8w


    I cease to breathe in my head,
    I choke on imagination,
    I drown in thoughts,
    Reality throws me a lifeline,
    with glass shards and barbed wire.