Poet, writer, librarian, animal lover, traveler

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  • brmaxwell 1d

    One of the greatest things we can do is to make a difference in someone's life for the good
    When we do, we put light into the world
    We lift it up the world just a little

    Bring your light every day
    Make a difference

  • brmaxwell 3d


    Home is where the heart is
    Home is where one belongs
    It’s where our roots are
    Where one feels comfortable
    Where one is safe
    Is loved and cared about
    Home is everything

  • brmaxwell 5d

    Dancing in the Shadows

    I move into the mist
    The sky is a gray black
    The moon is out shining
    bright through the mist
    I have lost my way
    I struggle to find you
    But I can’t
    I searched everywhere
    I came across a fire
    Burning bright
    Amongst the mist and gray
    Surrounding it are spirits
    Dancing in the shadows of the night
    They have always been there
    Hidden by time
    Figures are highlighted by the fire
    I look around
    Finally I see you
    Shadow dancing with the others
    I take a deep breath and
    Realize I am now free
    I start dancing in the shadows

  • brmaxwell 1w

    Winter Moment

    Imagine walking through the snow into a forest full of pine trees.
    Pine cones litter the ground.
    As you stop amongst the trees, all you can hear is the silence.
    A slight cool breeze rustles through the trees moving the limbs.
    The branches sway back and forth to the rhythm of the breeze.
    Snow left on the branches gently falls down slowly, as small flakes.
    As they hit your coat and face, they sit for a moment before leaving.
    You reach out your hand to try and capture one. It melts.
    An owl sits up high on one of the branches looking down at you and the world all around.
    The sky is clear, and there is a glimmer of the moon lighting the path ahead
    At the end of the path, is a log cabin with a light on in the window.
    You are returning home.

  • brmaxwell 1w


    Warm spring breezes move through the air
    Wind chimes gently playing a quiet tune
    Branches gently swaying
    Birds out singing their song
    Building nests
    Sun shining down on flowers and flowering trees
    A fragrant scent of spring in the air
    Outside cafes serving coffee
    People adorned in bright colors
    The season has changed

  • brmaxwell 1w

    Just Believe

    In the darkest of times
    When all hope seems lost
    When we are afraid
    In pain
    If we can hang on and believe
    Just a little while longer
    The light will shine once again

  • brmaxwell 1w


    After my Freedom Day
    The day I went out to a cafe
    After very long lockdown
    I cannot forget to have gratitude
    For the doctors, front line workers
    Scientists, developers
    I would not be free without them
    The vaccine has helped
    To stem my fears and anxiety
    My worry
    About the virus
    I am grateful and in awe
    Of what was done
    In such a short time
    To be able to create it
    To administer it
    I can go out now
    It’s not over yet

  • brmaxwell 1w

    Freedom Day

    After a long hard year
    Frightening at times
    It’s Freedom day
    Time to go out
    Time to sit in a cafe
    Time to watch the world
    Time to explore
    It’s been a long time
    It feels good but strange
    I made it to the other side
    I am finally free

  • brmaxwell 2w

    Moon and Stars

    As the day begins to slowly fade away like a coat being taken off for the night, what
    comes is the calm stillness. Sit outside and enjoy the moment. Take in the scene when the stars and moon adorn the sky like fine jewelry. Notice the beautiful tapestry of the black velvet sky and marvel at the scene before you. Mother Nature, the artist.

  • brmaxwell 2w

    Dark cloudy gray day
    Coolness to the air
    Dankness permeates
    Birds on the roof eating
    Chirping sounds in the air
    Creates stillness and quiet
    A cat cozied up sleeping
    Looks like rain is possible
    Good day for coffee or tea
    Doing quiet things