I struggle, but I will overcome ❤️‼️����

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  • brianna_m_salmon 1w

    Consequence of Me

    A slow creeping realization—
    Like the crawl of the moon to the midnight sky—
    That I shall remain unloved until I die,

    Such a painful thought,
    But what can I do?
    For I dare not wish,
    To find care and love.

    I'm simply one of those unlovable few.
    One of those ugly flowers,
    That exists apart and anyway from all others.

    But I will not complain.
    I won't cry,
    For who am I,
    To ever be so selfish,
    As to desire to be loved?
    As to fathom that one such as me,
    Could know what it means,
    To have someone to rest my soul with?

    It seems like affection is beyond me,
    I must die lonely,
    This remains my fate,
    It is my destiny,
    And I will no longer fight it.

  • brianna_m_salmon 2w

    The Lies She Tells

    And she said to herself,
    'I'm going to be alright',
    And she smiled.

    Then she turned off the lights,
    Sat on the bed,
    And wept.


  • brianna_m_salmon 4w

    I need you to feel that you're more than enough,
    I already know you're deserving of love.

    -James Arthur

  • brianna_m_salmon 5w

    After Tears

    On the contrary my dear, 

    My heart fell like brown, crumpled leaves in autumn—


    It did not break for you;

    It still beats for you,

    Whole-ly. Completely. Absolutely.

    (You are the tune to my favorite songs)

    And for the sake of love my dear, 

    I'll withhold none of my care,

    You have me at your whim,

    And in any possible way.

    (I will forever caress you in every prayer to God)

    I am simply yours, 

    Over and over again. 


  • brianna_m_salmon 5w

    I woke up,
    And I had fallen in love with you,
    Now tell me what the hell I'm supposed to do...


  • brianna_m_salmon 6w

    Seeing Red

    Why is everything painted in the colour of you?

    Why can’t I stop seeing red?

    What level of psychology do I need to attain,

    Before I can understand why I feel this way?

    How many poems do I need to write,

    Before I can get you out of my mind?

    I swear the world is drenched in red,

    Every corner that I turn,

    Every way I look,

    You are all I see,

    I wonder,

    Was there always this much red in the world?

    I honestly hate how I am starting to see you in everything,

    I no longer wish to hold this feeling for you,

    But how do I get rid of it?

    Will I have to carve you from my mind?

    Must I tear myself apart,

    To destroy this lust,

    And thus destroy you?

    What should I do?

    What can I do?

    The red I saw in your beautiful eyes,

    Leaked into mine,

    And soaked into my mind,

    Now you're all I see,

    And all I feel.

    Now all I know now is the colour red.


  • brianna_m_salmon 7w

    To Feel

    Its like reaching for apples,
    Hanging off the edge of a cliff.

    It's always so close,
    Yet always so dangerous.

    And terribly impossible,
    But never ceases to tempt.


  • brianna_m_salmon 8w

    The Things That Hurt Part 2

    That's interesting,
    No one seems to notice that she's crying,
    They seem to only see her smiling,
    How interesting...

    How do people miss so many tears?
    They're right there?
    So how can they be so blind?
    Isn't it very obvious that she's dying on the inside?

    Is it because she smiles?
    Is that why?
    Is that why everyone ignores her desperate cries?—
    Her pain filled cries?

    Why can they see that she's crying?
    Why wont they help?


  • brianna_m_salmon 8w

    You'd fix the whole world,
    But let yourself die.

    I hate that the  most about you.


  • brianna_m_salmon 9w

    Look at you,
    Beautiful flower,
    Wetting your roots,
    With tears from your soul,

    Look how you've grown—
    My beautiful daisy,
    Stretching toward the sun,
    The way you ought to,

    Look at you now,
    My garden flower,
    How much more can beauty be true?
    How much more can beauty be the epitome of you?

    Look at you now my love,
    Look at you!