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  • breestufflebean_ 21w

    And Then

    Today is a clause to yesterday, given we follow routine.
    Tomorrow is heightened unto today,
    Lest we're living the dream.

    # brees #briz#kaoskay

  • breestufflebean_ 21w

    All I see lately looking around
    Is shameless guilt where sadness is profound and it...becomes life.

    I seen a hussler in his game,
    With dope bought attention..
    A rock used..weighted down so as to uphold,
    a keepsake to his name, I'm told

    On the run from some detention..
    Always and again a
    Dead end
    Although nowhere_ it's somewhere
    Just the same.

    When with himself, his only true friend. Yet it's always the same both never & again.

    Knowing not what it is to be raised properly at home, when In his youth, he took to the Hussle,
    And familiar streets he roamed and a strangers ear he'd bend for a dollar he's hoping will be loaned.

  • breestufflebean_ 22w

    # kaoskay

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    It's amazing to know, that our atmosphere presses itself upon you. Forcing us to breathe. Insisting we believe..

  • breestufflebean_ 22w


    Life seems to have caught me somewhere
    Along these lines.
    And forgotten,were all those who've
    Taught me of survival skills and signs.'s the distance in which we look
    A hussler here, A pauper there,
    One had a dollar, the other..a crook
    A single mother, born old school as is the
    gambler...from one to the other, the other is won w skills Yet each is a handler!
    Of life, an addiction becomes a search for that high and jack nose no funds, never will ..but why?
    While in all this corruption
    I've been shot down by it all
    When one night ,I witnessed children their eyes I seen...I saw ..
    A society rocked...a society fall...
    Where be there no soul born to reside within only leaving emptiness therein!
    There, vaguely is innocence known
    To abide them.
    Here, everything...knows nothing but of how to sin.
    Left to answer questions each to their own lives a time and again
    Til realized... the answer twas beckoning thought...this one suggestion left each a question..Should we run like hell or not!!


  • breestufflebean_ 23w

    Food for thought

    Sometimes we sit inside our heads
    We stew over things and ,in things, we sometimes tread thru other newer things.

    Yet, the most important part of that, is
    Knowing that there is that space
    In your head for doing just that!

    There you can just ..let be, in safety
    When you are done:-P you can go on with your life! Get other things done even,

  • breestufflebean_ 23w


    Hence I seek refuge in anynomnity,
    Afflections being a part,
    I don't think I blend so avengarde apart!


  • breestufflebean_ 23w

    There's been something streaming thru my brain,
    I don't believe it's thunder
    I see lightning tho instead
    Before I feel the rain
    Beneath my skin.


  • breestufflebean_ 23w

    Have I to meet me?

    Dig me a grave and dig it deep
    Marble stone from head to feet,
    And on my headstone, placed above
    For all to see.."I died for love".

    Of money, of power, of 2.00 thrills
    Just for a hunnies,in the midnight he
    Where deez nuts is..also there are those.

    I've died for love of family
    Whom I never chose to tell
    Can't blame all those who've abandoned me
    Cuz I left them first, to sell...

    My life for a boulder,my time..for a second high..
    My years to a vacant shoulder, tho now
    I no longer cry.

    I know that" Almost" only counted in horseshoes and hand

  • breestufflebean_ 23w

    You and me in love

    Meaningless smiles & tearless pride,
    Unexpressed feelings deep inside,

    Useless memories of yesterday, to high a price, our hearts to pay.

    An endless love, at least we thought
    A hopeless search for which we sought.

    Timeless days & endless nights,
    Took our dreams far from sight.

    And tho we pretend to be so strong

  • breestufflebean_ 23w


    For decades now, mankind has fought
    For heritages, and livestock & for the freedoms we got.
    They've fought for justice, peace, money and more,
    Because of this, we have so much of what they were once fighting for.
    Many have cried several have bled,
    Most were protected by the lies they have said.
    Today we still cry, and people still bleed
    And forever..we'll lie, tho
    There's really no need.
    Tomorrow, we'll wake,
    Carefree and secure!
    Knowing we'll have what we need.

    But w/ o the battles and tribulations,
    Our people'v once endured.
    Quite often, thankful ...
    We all should proudly be
    For the lives we now can freely share,
    That we fought forstill do, and have unity!