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  • branchjones 8w

    I got a dream... And I got a drink
    Everyday I sorta wonder
    Which one I wanna pour in the sink
    Momma made me... With daddy's help
    I think it's his genes that keep me fiending
    For the bottle I thought I'd shelved

    My stomachs weak... But what I'm having
    Is strong enough to help me fight
    Because it's lonely in Jersey
    It's lonely in Jersey tonight

    I made a toast... Then I caused a brawl
    My friends told me in the morning
    But the memory I can't recall
    Momma tells me... Georgia is warm
    This time of year I miss the thunder
    And the wonder of a midnight storm

    I could make my way down south
    I could gamble on figuring out
    If that hotel room in Savannah
    Is all booked up?

    My stomachs weak... But what I'm having
    Is strong enough to last the flight
    Oh it's cold in Jersey
    Yea it's cold in Jersey tonight

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    Cold in Jersey


  • branchjones 12w

    Tonight I had a thought
    For too long I entertained
    Of shedding light on the past
    And digging up your grave
    Your bones are in my closet
    Still your carcass is alive
    My best thoughts come from hell
    With the memories I despise

    Oh, soothsayer...
    Deliver me good news
    Deliver me from this bottle
    And the memories it blooms
    Oh, my creator...
    Who built the sun and the moon
    Can you construct me a good dream
    And a bridge from the gloom

    Part of me is waiting
    For the part where you leave
    Part me is hopeful
    I don't part with your memory...

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    Your memory


  • branchjones 12w

    Right now there's
    A shooting star
    Over Alaska
    And Antarctica
    They're both a desert
    But they pray for the heat

    Just like my heart
    Just light the spark
    And I'll wish for you....
    And me to fuse

    We built ourselves
    A graden
    Golden rings
    And diamond liars
    My secret lair
    Holds your memory

    Just like my faults
    You broke the fault
    Just like the sky
    You let the stars
    Fall on me...

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    Shooting Star


  • branchjones 14w

    I'm a blank check
    made out to you...
    white as snow

    You can slow me down
    just grab the reins
    You can have the crown
    go ahead and reign
    I gave up the bottle
    and the cheap cocaine...
    Now I'm white as snow

    You can keep me safe
    provide me bear
    You can wipe the slate
    until all is bare
    My secrets safe
    your forgiveness fair...
    white as snow

    But I ain't too sure
    of the after life
    And I don't want to be
    so afraid to die
    Can you cover my wounds
    in the after life
    Baby can you just try...
    To make me white as snow

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  • branchjones 16w

    It aint my fault
    Still I'll say Im sorry
    When you fall
    I'll take the folly
    When you call
    You know I'll crawl, to you...

    I get dependent and lonely
    Might love anybody
    I'll love everybody but me

    Get lost in the sauce
    And get tossed in a bottle
    I'll go full throttle and flee

    I can't live like this
    Still I can't resist
    Just one kiss and I'm free

    It aint my fault
    Still I'll say I'm sorry
    When you fall
    I'll take the folly
    When you call
    You know I'll crawl, to you...

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    My fall


  • branchjones 17w

    That hotel in Savannah
    It beckons my stay
    To remember our past life
    The hormones and haze

    You smoked up the flowers
    I drank up the waves
    To forget of our last nights
    An effigy left in flames

    If you're ever in Georgia
    Our hometown I still stay
    I still see your mother
    My sorry ass she still hates

    I cant let the rhymes go
    My lines you still paint
    Fuck your muse and that hotel
    I see almost everyday

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    The Drayton Hotel


  • branchjones 18w

    The sun she's in bloom
    The clouds should be ashamed
    To hide such a beauty
    I swear that she's there

    Yes, the sun she's in bloom
    I stopped praying rain
    The crops will be fine
    And the winter can wait

    Thank God for dawn light
    The sun got her rest
    I was smiling this morning
    Like her warmth never left
    Oh, but still I remember
    Nor could I forget
    How dark was the day
    That her light was suppressed

    Thank God for dawn light

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    Dawn Light


  • branchjones 18w

    She is a Pisces, I'm Leo
    Fire and water ain't the best match
    She gives signs that I can't see through
    She's really weird with a missing screw
    She is a Pisces, I'm Leo

    I really think you should know
    I could... burn us both down
    When you get that look in your eyes
    Reminds me of the south
    We could go right now
    Just lead me to the sea floor
    And I'll burn it when we get there

    She is a Pisces, I'm Leo
    Fire and water ain't ever mixed
    She brings a flood when she comes through
    She's really weird just like me too
    Well, she is a Pisces, I'm Leo

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    Fire and Water


  • branchjones 19w

    Throw all these memories
    With that muse that's in the wind
    I heard my God was dead
    And that the Devil,
    He doesn't wanna dance

    Lost love is a played out song
    A broken record played in my head
    I will put this six string down
    With the muse that,
    Only half of me wishes was dead

    Now I guess it's time to write again
    The only time I find semblance
    Is on the E flat fret
    With a muse that I,
    Only pretend I wanna forget

    I could write about my mom and dad
    Or maybe I could just write to them
    Tell them how I've gone crazy
    Over that muse that I,
    Say I wish was dead

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    Write Again


  • branchjones 20w

    Sometimes I play the voicemail back
    When you drunk dialed on Halloween
    Just to hear you say you love me still
    And you wish I never had left

    Hell, some days I do too
    Here comes August and a thought of you
    Can't say that I don't look back
    If I'm honest that's half the truth

    Cause the stone keeps rolling on down
    But I can keep it bottled up
    At least I can just long enough
    To keep both feet on the ground

    Sometimes I play the voicemail back
    To find the feeling is still in the bag
    But I unpacked that months ago
    Or atleast I thought I had...

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