one is too many, a thousand is never enough

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  • branchjones 1d

    Sweet girl
    It has been a while
    Almost 4 years now
    And a thousand miles
    They separate
    Our past life
    Our golden age
    Our credence days

    So come on and tell me,
    aren't the days getting faster?
    Did it ever come,
    Your happy ever after?
    Our conclusion was collision
    Our finale a disaster
    You know I still... feel your heart beat

    How could goodbye become, so true?
    How could this life be mine, without you?
    This time I'll write
    The things I could never say
    These feelings will last my love
    When everything else breaks
    These feelings will last my love
    After we have both decayed

    Sweet friend
    Can you come on back
    From the void
    That turned your heart to black
    There ain't much time now
    And there never was
    We're just a story now
    I still tell because...

    I can't explain it,
    But the years are going faster
    I never got to catch,
    What I was chasing after
    I still seem to burn,
    Everything that matters
    But you know I still... crave your heart beat

    How could the end become, so true?
    How can I write the next page, without you?
    This time I'll write
    The things I never did say
    These words will last my love
    When all else falls to waste
    These feelings will last my love
    After we have both decayed

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    After We Decay


  • branchjones 2d

    #memories turned to #stories

    Every blackout takes a toll
    When my subconscious
    And my common sense
    They get buried down below

    There's a feeling I release
    Through a person I don't know
    He's a bull without the reins
    And his reign has no control

    He's a shadow of my shadow
    A figment of the madness
    In a war that's called excess
    Between tolerance and habits

    My family and my friends
    Every blackout holds them captive
    Everytime I blackout
    Our love it falls to fragments

    Exactly like my memories
    It's ironic, more like tragic
    Hello my name's Ross
    I'm an alcoholic, addict

    Everytime I blackout
    I must pay the toll
    All my memories are stories
    That other people told

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    Captive Memories


  • branchjones 3d

    Thoughts of you come back
    But they only
    Fill the space left between
    All these road signs
    Thoughts of you play tricks
    When I'm lonely
    Make it seem like I can't see
    Past the road side

    Yellow lights flash
    It was an accident
    We passed what that meant
    Miles ago

    Yellow lines blurry
    Wheels in a hurry
    Thoughts of you flurry
    Black ice on the road now
    Car rides and journeys
    Through miles no worries
    Thoughts of you are worthy
    Of one last road trip now

    Thoughts of you in my rear view
    I don't see clearly
    Gotta do what I have to
    Follow the road signs
    Thoughts of you come through
    Vivid and dearly
    Memories don't adhere to
    Signs on the road side

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  • branchjones 4d

    I got your email
    What a formal way to talk to you
    It don't seem right
    I'll play it nice this time my friend
    I'll try that side of my heart
    But these formal talks are foreign to me

    Parts of me aren't quite that grown yet
    An if you take away what grew with you
    I wonder if I could ever be?
    With the subtraction of three

    Was the clinic that cold
    Stole the soul from our third to be
    Try and forget the names
    Chalk up mistakes on a board of black
    I emailed you back
    Formal words from the former me
    The guy that once lived
    With dreams of the three we ought to be

    Well I took quite a great few steps back
    Had to retreat from what grew with you
    Will those steps I ever see?
    After the subtraction of three

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    Subtraction of Three


  • branchjones 5d

    My faults are insidious
    My actions are indicative
    Of the hurt that's become my word

    My apologies are like candles
    Re-kindled until they're diminished
    Once again to be burned

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry again
    This burden is that my word is
    A candle that's singed to the end

    The wax is gone for the last time
    Cannot re-write my past life
    My word is likely to just be pretend

    But I am sorry, I'm sorry my friend
    I know that our trust is now bent
    Extinguished with all my amends

    Let me show you I mean it
    This promise I promise I'll keep it
    Even though my promise never breaks even

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    Amends like a Candle


  • branchjones 1w

    Go ahead and call me crazy
    Last time we spoke I was faded
    Left my head in the gutter
    And my heart in the basement
    Go ahead and please talk now

    Talk to me about about it all
    I've said enough for two life times
    I made amends for my raging nights
    But sorry ain't what I wanna talk bout
    No, I need you to please talk now

    Your words will be much more clear
    Now that I've seen it from both sides
    Please go ahead and bend my ear
    Send all the words thoughts can bare
    Go ahead and please talk now

    Go ahead and call me crazy
    But you've bore a weight on my mind
    I've lost the words that could describe
    What I would say if given a try
    So won't you please talk now?

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  • branchjones 1w

    The Turn

    You won't ever know me
    Until you feel how it felt
    To gamble on your life with
    The cards I was dealt
    No, you cannot bluff me
    If your cries aren't for help
    I've seen your tears dear
    They always melt in the morning

    If you want to know me
    Just wait for the turn
    Put all your chips in
    Then feel how the river burns
    Show me what you've got now
    So I can see how it hurts
    After you put it all on the table
    See what you learn in the morning

    If you want to go
    You can start running
    There's no one coming for you
    If you want to stay
    I can find a way
    To start over in the morning

  • branchjones 1w

    Well the liquid noose
    Hangs low and tight
    Its a fairweathered rope
    On a weatherd mind
    I havent found it in my heart
    To forgive me yet
    So I practice my knots
    Nearly every night

    The lyncher told me
    To get prepared
    He told me make a meeting
    'Cause the noose dont spare
    You see men bath in sin
    And I'm of that kind
    So I know where I will be
    When the moon dont shine

    Well the liquid noose
    Hangs low and tight
    In my genes lays a curse
    Where my heart resides
    The weights been paid
    For an eighth of the shine
    So I drank a fifth
    Now I owe me mines

    We is 'gonna hang us
    A Jones boy now
    Friends and Kin
    Please gather round
    I've been drinking again
    And the lynchers back
    So I sold my soul
    For 30 in a sack

    Well in my blood
    Is a liquid noose
    Killed my uncle
    Broke a solom truce
    Through my viens
    There's 80 proof
    There 'aint no moon
    And the rope 'aint loose

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    Liquid Noose


  • branchjones 1w

    Flesh and Blood

    When your road meets rubble
    When your heart falls on trouble
    When it seems to mean nothing
    Through the pain and your struggle
    When there's only one love
    And you think you'll never have another
    Our family's grown apart
    Still I'll always love you my brother

    In every sense I mean that!
    From death to birth, and then back
    You are my flesh, you are my blood
    It's a love that war could not crack

    My heart loves you at its bottom
    That part of me will not wander
    When everything's pain, love remains
    And when pain remains, love conquers

  • branchjones 1w

    Irene's Elegy

    Extinguished your vigil
    Lingered 'til kindle
    Burnt you in effigy
    Great consecration
    By the lake we laid naked
    Bared your entity
    Bet you're amused
    Past death still my muse
    Abuse all empathy
    Spare me condolence
    Oak casket full focus
    This is your elegy