Let's breathe because heaven is already preoccupied.

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  • boy_who_surrendered 20w

    anyone remember me?

  • boy_who_surrendered 26w

    The seats ready
    to be filled by 4
    beautiful passengers ,
    Nobody know who's
    gonna seat,
    It was a beautiful mystery
    as I was always curious to know,
    quite luckily,
    a girl sat next beside me,
    I was clueless in start,
    but as the moment passed by,
    my eye caught the glance,
    Autumn already started,
    but she blessed
    making it more special
    Damn, she was beautiful
    my body already started
    to feel goosebumps
    If she was a singer,
    I would love to pay
    so to visit her shows
    just to see her beautiful glimpse
    even I had to travel in thousands of kilometre
    Because I read
    when you're good at something,
    never do it for free
    I applied this principle in my chemistry
    The rickshaw started moving,
    Everyone was determined to reach destinations
    Everytime the tyre moved
    onto the dangerous road,
    Our bodies felt a touch
    like a love at first sight
    like an attraction between
    south and the North Pole
    Like a gulf of Alaska
    where two oceans meet but never collide
    My eyes played hide and seek
    when I saw her in that mirror
    which the rickshaw had at its corners
    It was the 30th minute journey
    which I would always cherish in my life.

    and here we go @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod

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    The most beautiful glimpse of my life.

  • boy_who_surrendered 27w

    Okay, I saw you
    in that beautiful street
    I ain't gonna lie
    my desperate eyes
    saw your face
    as if you were calling me
    like you still can't get
    over me
    even when you're dead
    you want me
    as if you wanted a slice,
    a slice of my beautiful lip
    where you faded leaving
    your blood,
    let me tell you,
    it's still there,
    the agony of your
    hauntless love
    with your beautiful smirking face

    Talk me about that day,
    the day where you
    suddenly lifted a gun
    aimed at your cervix
    and pulled that triger,
    yelling "good bye love"
    I saw your eyes right there
    looking at god,
    your final words were
    "Have a mercy on this soul"
    your curling fingers were
    too keen,
    too keen on ,
    to make you die,
    Even the birds flying around
    were in demeanor
    thus, gathering around
    giving your precisely
    the guard of honour
    Lips were in your pain,
    because they couldn't handle
    your loss,
    so I cut the portion
    and dedicated it to our name.

    I Keep Banging my head,
    so I can forget
    your painful glimpse
    Depression has cut my soul
    into your never ending fairytale
    When Depth of wind touches
    my skin,
    I feel it's you calling me
    out everytime,
    please leave me alone,
    because I'm dying and
    would close my eye any time
    Let me live,
    for a minute atleast,
    so, I could officially say my final

    if you saw this write up on i_by_ me that's my account.
    because I forgot my password. ��

    thank you again so much for the like @writersnetwork


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    A beautiful paradise

    Love which was never meant to be loved.

  • boy_who_surrendered 28w

    I'm walking down
    the streets
    With alcohol on my hands
    Each drink I take is to
    celebrate your
    unimaginable lies
    that you told while making eye contact
    damn, I was fooled by
    your innocence
    always used to think about you,
    how to make you happy?
    how to erase your pain?
    which you always used to come
    crying, hoping that
    I would be able to solve
    I close my eye,
    your face pops up everytime,
    those beautiful eyes,
    those beautiful whispers,
    those presence
    The way you used to see me
    all that was just a lie
    you carried with beautiful elegance.

    You intoxicated fake love
    in my veins,
    knowing one day,
    the time will come,
    where once a guy, who was
    so loyal, so honest
    would hate himself by choosing you
    kudos to you, you got
    what you desired,
    my loyal heart couldn't
    hold me as of now,
    as he is trapped
    with my name written over
    all the disgusting sins.
    Therefore, in the season of summer
    the dark mysterious clouds
    hover around and
    shed tears in form of pain.

    (possibly knowing my story)

    My mind is still in
    yours thoughts,
    tho, I'm officially drunk
    I'm still walking,
    Trembling, unconscious
    couldn't see what's coming around
    Phone rings, it's my mom
    she is waiting for me
    with lots of love stored inside
    but she didn't knew
    her son was about to die
    because the world was too
    harsh for his innocent soul
    so at 10:45pm, nearly
    He took his own breathe away
    by writing in his own words,
    "sorry mom , it's time for me to go".

    How's it? your advice might be valuable.


    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Love Intoxicated Me Into Her Betrayal.

  • boy_who_surrendered 28w

    I whisper my love
    in my form of words
    as my hands takes the center stage
    with proud and with dignity
    to write about
    the beautiful journey
    which we had together over the years
    where we shared love, kiss, pain
    Each synonym that every relationship
    girl's named "Olivia",
    where I first lost my sense to breathe
    fanatically, the girl of my life arrived
    drenching my body
    to feel the possibility of love
    Thus, captivating my soul
    I didn't realise it was love
    so, mysterious me
    just kept it as a thought
    To see her beautiful glimpse,
    Even the naughty moon
    waited before it could shine.

    When we first communicated,
    I was nervous, bit of shy
    I never had virtue of patience
    But ironically enough,
    I thought a lot before saying
    because I didn't wanted to lose her
    I knew this indirectly
    in the back of my mind
    but I always used to refuse it
    I wasn't the same guy anymore
    was it good or was it bad?
    I was not sure
    but we kept talking, laughing together
    There was something special
    that was gonna come
    somehow, I was afraid to accept it
    but I had too,
    As someone truly said,
    everything happens for a reason.

    I start to feel bit more confident,
    bit more courageous,
    which helped me to look in her eyes
    I kept looking, I didn't blinked
    for a second
    Damn, that was the best thing
    that ever happened in my life
    I remember, when
    she smiled looking at me
    I kept thinking like a child,
    the whole day, the whole night
    I got immersed in my
    own imaginative world,
    where I finally realised,
    I am ready to start the next chapter of my life.

    When was the moment you fell in love?

    I'm not a good writer:) so ignore this write up, I might even delete it.

    @writersnetwork. #wod #combination

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    A letter describing me to feel love.
    (Part 1).

  • boy_who_surrendered 28w

    12:03, 12:04, 12:05,
    tick tock, tick tock, tick tock tick
    the sound of my favourite clock
    which dad gave me once
    to endure the meaning of
    responsibility into my life
    At that very moment, I didn't
    rather, I was more keen
    to sat on people's lap
    so, I can receive some kisses
    on my tiny heads
    because my brain was
    gonna fall in love with stress
    that would come as
    Iconic burden in coming years.

    Though I was 6 years old,
    possibly naughty, cute, irritating ,
    child and to name a few,
    Mom always used to be behind me,
    stare at me,
    so I don't do the
    annoying things
    but with smile and
    with a little courage, I always
    used to do it, somehow.
    When my mom heard complaints,
    she would wait,
    patiently, expecting me
    to say her the truth,
    but when I didn't,
    I used to receive some
    Lullabies in form of
    rebuked words, making me sad
    so, I used to cry,
    thinking she don't love me,
    thinking she hates me,
    but after some time,
    She would bring me my
    Favorite chocolate
    Thus, knowing, how to make
    me happy.

    Along with the journey of life,
    I watched some beautiful glimpse,
    glimpse of beautiful nights,
    where moon used to shine
    like a king,
    like a lonely guy, who was happy
    irrespective of the circumstances,
    never ever lost his glowing touch
    I remember how I used to wait
    like the demanding child,
    whenever a shooting star appeared
    I used to pray, making my eyes closed
    feeling my wish would be granted
    that right there used to make me
    so happy.

    the time travels,
    thinking, as I'm grown up man
    how sufficiently I evolved
    throughout these years
    from funny child to a responsible man
    It was like a time traveller
    where I myself walked in past
    and enrich those lovely moments
    which I will always be grateful for.
    (talking to himself, while getting awake from beautiful dream).

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    #writersnetwork #mirakee. #wod #combination

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    From Kid To Becoming A Man.