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  • bornfire_queen7 37w

    Dedicated❤️❤️❤️ #love

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    तुम्हें बारिश पसंद है,
    मुझे बारिश में तुम ,

    तुम्हें हस्ना पसंद है,
    मुझे हस्ते हुए तुम ,

    तुम्हें बोलना पसंद है,
    मुझे बोलते हुए तुम ,

    तुम्हें सब कुछ पसंद है,
    पर मुझे बस तुम |||

  • bornfire_queen7 42w

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  • bornfire_queen7 44w

    Yes I am afraid:

    Yes I am afraid of talking my heart out.
    Yes I am afraid of confessing where to stop.
    Yes I am afraid to be blamed every effing time.
    Yes I am afraid of being left alone.
    You can either make me or break me,
    My reply will remain constant- "I am Okay!"

  • bornfire_queen7 54w

    #justiceformanisha What is the mistake? You're a girl! Oh I see.

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    मैं क्या पहनूं,
    जो तेरी नज़र मेरे आँचल पर ना पड़े?
    मैं किस समय घर से निकलूं,
    जो तेरी नौका मेरे बांध से ना सटे?
    मैं किस तरह चलूँ,
    कि मेरी चाल तुझे न्योता ना लगे?
    मैं कैसे बोलूं
    जो तेरा खून का दौर सही दिशा में ही बहे?
    मैं जन्म लूँ भी कि नहीं,
    मैंने तुझे बहला दिया,
    कभी तू बाद में कहे।
    मैं ये सवाल पूछने बचूंगी ही नहीं
    जो शोषण के बाद,
    तेरे हाथ तेल और माचिस आ लगे।

  • bornfire_queen7 58w

    At times I feel low,
    I crave for an outstretching hand holding me while dealing along my mood swings,
    To understand what I look for,
    To stay and to know me.
    Not to put words in my head and leave me.
    I am weak and I know it,
    I cry when I am hopeless,
    I might sound bad, mean, rude and not worthy enough but that is me.


  • bornfire_queen7 78w


    And her life was fading like
    a quick meteor in the sky.
    She was trying hard to catch
    every sight of it but that life bitch,
    no longer loved her like before.

    ~ Anushka

  • bornfire_queen7 94w


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    From winter bells to
    holding hands,
    They both stepped into
    the new year together.


  • bornfire_queen7 94w

    beautiful mistake—

    In the world full of
    fake promises,
    She found her next mistake
    which at the end sparkled up
    meaning to her dull life.


  • bornfire_queen7 97w

    Silsila Zindagi Ka :

  • bornfire_queen7 103w

    Usne kaha:

    Titliyaan pasand hain mujhe
    kyunki harr asaani se milne
    waali khushi aksar chodh
    jaya karti hai.

    ~Tujhe der se hi sahi parr.....
    haasil karna mera junoon hai.
    Tu chahe na chahe,
    Tujhe chahna mera sukoon hai.