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  • bornfire 60w

    Blind we are

    The wheel spins,
    All along life's coast,
    Night sky sparkles,
    Moonlight calls,
    Excited to be the host.

    We wander,
    In our dilemma of uncertainty,
    Lost and found,
    Up and down,
    Doesn't black seem to be plenty?

    Black we see,
    It's all that's there in the dark,
    White waits,
    White reflects,
    Moonlight in the lake park.

    The lake says,
    Dear holy moon,
    Give him sense,
    Give him wisdom,
    Give me back my human soon.

    Blind we are,
    To the treasures of nature,
    High or low,
    Who are we to figure,
    Love and depth in the end, is all that's in God's measure.


    ©BornFire - Akshat Joshi

  • bornfire 60w


    Stones wither away,
    Oceans span the bay.
    Hard like the stone, you'll win battles.
    Fluid like the ocean, you'll win yourself with every sway.

    Choose wisely. :)

    ©BornFire - writerforchange

  • bornfire 85w

    Just Think #1

    Some dreams are old, some dreams young...The oldies trigger sorrow, newbies borrow hope... But then comes the realization, aren't those old, unachieved, left behind dreams, the reason for new, fresh and enchanting ones? Or rather should one say, a good worthy reason for leading life ahead? A lesson learnt over time: Introspect but never wander in the past.


  • bornfire 87w


    The extent to which our tiny human brains can run away from a 'change' is striking. You see, everyday we strive to make a living. Be it going to an office or college, working, using our brains to achieve deadlines and goals, everything's finally meant for what? To make a living right? And then we say life is rudimentary and it's too difficult to 'change' things. Just ask your own self, how much have I 'actually' tried 'changing things'? Will just chanting a prayer or attempting to change life with closed eyes, work?

    And then comes an interesting term 'personality'. It's simply laughable when someone says 'You can't ask me to change this. Everyone has their own personality. This is how my personality is and I just can't change it.' Well let me surprise you by rather 'informing' you that YOU CAN. If a human brain can destroy itself, then it very well can change itself for the better. We have this preconceived notion of a 'personality' built into us since our childhood. Maybe because we have heard it so much everywhere. 'Attend our personality development sessions and transform your personality in seconds'. Nonsense. Nobody needs their sessions to do that. Transforming oneself is a personal journey everyone takes at their own pace. It's the will to change that counts. And what do they even mean by a personality anyway?

    We need to understand that 'personality' is a variable, NOT A CONSTANT. In fact if your brain allows you to be a little mature, you'll know that 'life' itself is a variable. We are the ones to create these so called 'constants' in it and then regret all along the way. Neither you nor your personality nor your life is a constant. It's just your own limitation of not seeing the bigger picture that makes life boring. Work, earn a living, everyone does that. But when possible, create things, play music, live healthy, be fit, meditate from the soul, and live a life without 'costants'. Not everyone does that. That will make you unique. And you never know, what might just 'change' along the way.

    ©bornfire - writerforchange

  • bornfire 121w


    Black and white in his head,
    Red in his heart.
    Negligence in his temperament,
    Empathy in his every start.
    Routine in his days,
    Dreams in his nights.
    Juxtapose this contrast,
    He'll fly through, above all of life's cast.

    ©BornFire - writerforchange

  • bornfire 121w


    One Clock. One to Twelve. One Circle.
    One Life. One to Ninety. One Circle.
    Yet A Thousand Complaints.
    Keep Ticking. Keep Watching.
    Today. Day One.

    ©BornFire - writerforchange

  • bornfire 122w


    I dreamt of dollars all along the turbulence,
    Never realizing that the pennies were the ones lending me balance.

    ©BornFire - writerforchange

  • bornfire 123w

    Round == Conclusion?

    Conclusion: Life is round,
    I say this at the start, 'cause I never know when my brain might lose its ground,
    I've understood it now it seems, that uncertainty never fails to cast its spell,
    It keeps pushing you on some days, some days it just makes you dwell.

    On days like these I can't help but think, maybe things I've failed at are the things I've actually achieved,
    And maybe the past that rekindles those few good memories, comes back to simply keep me relieved.

    Well some days these are, gloomy and quite like a jar,
    Capped with the cushion of questions, conflict and with answers fetched far,
    But so are these days fruitful,
    They pack a sense of wisdom, cognition and a motivation to be merciful. One may ask, 'merciful'?
    Well, merciful to these times of uncertainty, for they keep you curious. Merciful to those skeptics, because they make you want to improve. Merciful to all the good days, for they keep coming back. In circles. Round and round.

    Hence, we conclude.

    ©BornFire - writerforchange

  • bornfire 126w

    All Are Here, My Friend.

    All are here, my friend.

    Black, White, Brown, all are here.
    Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, all are here.
    Ganesh, Allah, Guru, Christ, all are here.
    Rajasthani, Tamilian, Keralite, Punjabi, all are here.
    Urdu, Sanskrit, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, all are here.
    Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Dalits, Sudras, all are here.
    Dal Baati, Vada Pav, Dhokla, Biryani, Dosa, all are here.
    So many languages, religions, castes, cultures, traditions, delicacies, faiths, differences and yet,
    Love, Brotherhood, Unity, all are here.

    All are here in this magical lap of a mother, who sees no differences in her children but only gives them whatever she can. She does not abandon her children even when they act stupid. It's time we give her back. Because she could not have given more. Leave all differences aside and appreciate whomsoever is good to you. Give back to nature. Spread peace. Be a good child. Be a proud Indian.


    ©BornFire - writerforchange

  • bornfire 126w

    Never Too Late

    Motivation is a necessity. It's not uncommon for us people to be pulled down by petty downfalls. Happens with everyone. And the good news is that you are not devoid of help. There are people out there who dedicate their lives, their careers to make others happy and lift them out of their agony. People who are your true friends. People who are optimistic. People who are able to feel others' troubles and contemplate them. People who truly desire to do something for all those who linger in the dark. People who know how to simply appreciate everyone around them, spread happiness and always remind others, "it is never too late to change things".

    But what happens when these people are themselves, dragged into those same pits of fear, uncertainty and commotion? Who stands up to help them when they are in need? Who asks them to be optimistic in such times? Who comes to the rescue of the rescuer? Who comes with a smile and tells them that everything will be ok? Do you? Have you ever? Ask this to yourself once. Have you ever helped someone back who has helped you in your difficult times? Have you kept track of how they are dealing with life right now? If they are happy or do they need your help now? Go on and give it a thought.

    Congratulations to you if you have been that harbinger of goodwill and love for someone who has once done the same for you. And if not, it's just the right time. PS. In a world full of complications, don't be surprised to find a lot of those happy faces, now turned miserable. They might as well be genius actors. Never would have given a glimpse of what lies beneath. But if you are a true friend (as they were to you), you would know how to handle their conflicts. In case you haven't tried understanding them, there's still time to talk. As someone might have told you someday, it is NEVER TOO LATE.

    Love. Peace.

    ©BornFire - writerforchange