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  • book_lover 4w

    "The art and poetry turns the loneliest person into strongest"

  • book_lover 5w

    Me and that Girl

    I love that girl and she loves me,
    We both relish different ideas of love,
    She is disappointed in me
    I'm lost in her,
    We both are suffering,
    We both are hating each other
    at this moment,
    She likes to throw her shoe or anything
    She finds in her angry hand,
    I dodge and say something like " *uck you"
    We both are trying to kill each other everyday
    We live in a house together
    And now stopped discussing about marriage,
    Yet when she or I tease with the phrase 'I'm moving out'
    The other says 'Yes please Go!"
    But then eyes plead to tell that it is a lie.
    I say it often
    Because I like to see her eyes saying don't go.

  • book_lover 7w

    By Nasir Kazmi

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    नीयत-ए-शौक़ भर न जाये कहीं
    तू भी दिल से उतर न जाये कहीं

    आज देखा है तुझको देर के बाद
    आज का दिन गुज़र न जाये कहीं

    ना मिला कर उदास लोगों से
    हुस्न तेरा बिखर न जाये कहीं

    आरज़ू है के तू यहाँ आये
    और फिर उम्र भर न जाये कहीं

    आओ कुछ देर रो ही लें 'नासिर्'
    फिर ये दरिया उतर न जाये कहीं

  • book_lover 7w

    "I miss sometimes human interaction"

  • book_lover 7w

    "My morning starts now, when others have lived for hours"

  • book_lover 7w


    "I'm the night's moth encircling the flame"

  • book_lover 7w

    Tomorrow is another day
    Tomorrow I will be free

  • book_lover 7w

    Baffling beauty of brave boy,
    Failing fluttering like a fowl.

  • book_lover 7w

    "Alone amid everyone"

  • book_lover 7w

    "Loneliness can be a substitute of opium,
    You know it is harming you but you are incapacitated by the wretched feeling it provides"