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  • bodh_isattva11 1w

    For some,
    Education is a chore,
    something to be accomplished
    in order to purchase a Ford.

    For others,
    Education is a passion
    to satisfy an appetite
    of an intellectual inclination.

    possess knowledge that is wise.
    possess knowledge full of lies.

    It is funny,
    to realise the fact
    that a majority of us
    lack the necessary tact.

    To tell the difference
    for our own sakes
    between senseless indoctrination,
    and sensible education.

  • bodh_isattva11 7w

    32 AD:

    Jesus: *”Take this bread..”*
    Audience: “Amen.”

    2021 AD:

    Jesus: *”Take this bread..”*
    Mary: “Is it Carb-free?”
    Andrew: “What’s this? Where’s the wine?”
    John: “Why are we all sitting on the same side of the table”?
    James: “WTF!?”
    Peter: *gazing fondly at the Lord* “Lord, you are my dinner.”

  • bodh_isattva11 7w

    Politics is like a game of Jenga.

    The last guy gets to take all the blame for the faults of his predecessors.

    - Somebody

  • bodh_isattva11 7w

    The Bible, Book of Matthew, Chapter 33, Verses 33-35.

    And when they came to a place called Golgotha, they offered him wine to drink, mixed with gall; but when he tasted it, he would not drink it.

    They they had our Savior crucified.

    As he raised his head, he cried out, “I’m the King of the World!”

  • bodh_isattva11 7w

    The Bible, The Book of Moses, Chapter 3, Verse 3-6.

    One day, Zipporah lay herself out on the sand under the sun.

    At the sight of this, Moses exclaimed, “My God!”.

    And the LORD, in the midst of bursting forth a nut, spake unto Moses, saying


  • bodh_isattva11 7w

    The Bible,
    The Book of Genesis, Chapter 1, Verses 1.28-1.29

    And God blessed them, and God said unto them, “Get married, and have a bunch of kids.”

    “Now, get off my lawn.”

  • bodh_isattva11 7w

    The Bible,
    The Book of Genesis, Chapter 4, Verse 1-3:

    And Adam sought to know his wife, by placing himself naked in front of her own eyes.

    She exclaimed, “Oh No!”

    And the LORD, along with his angels, sang out, “Oh Yeah!”

  • bodh_isattva11 8w

    Roses are red
    The sky is blue
    behold, money is God
    that much is true.

    In this age, everything has a price
    to be rich is a privilege so wise.

    The world is their footstool
    to plunder and ravage
    they know not their limits
    they are vile and savage.

    We never knew luxury
    for we spent our lives in penury

    A meal decorated with delicacies
    brought about joyful ecstasies

    Poverty is a sin….

  • bodh_isattva11 9w

    I hate my boss.

    She’s a bully, walking around wearing a uniform. I find myself the object of her physical, mental and emotional abuse.

    Being humiliated isn’t a good thing, and she forces me to suffer. I hate it.
    But in a way, she cared about me, because she wished to see myself being relieved of my own insecurities.

    Regardless, It’s a haunting experience.

    But, to be fair, i was asking for it. I have a thing for BDSM, you see.

  • bodh_isattva11 9w

    My marriage was a feast, and a night to remember.

    Now, after several years, I am blessed with 2 kids.

    One never fails to make a mess at the diningroom, while the other never fails to make a mess at the bedroom.

    The former is my son.
    The latter is my husband.