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  • boddobodes 2d

    When they say you can't do it
    Do it twice and take pictures
    Don't forget to wink

  • boddobodes 2d

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod

    Hey you...get up from that fall and go be the best version of yourself and let them watch! that is the best revenge.

    P.s :Before you I was doing fine and after you I will do best and let you watch.

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    I don't burn bridges anymore.
    I move briskly with strong determination to be the best version of me.
    I let the bridge be so you can eat your word someday!


  • boddobodes 4w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

    There are many times when life can hit you so hard and makes you fall, but that doesn’t mean that you should fall and continue to stay there. You can always get back up again when life knocks you down.
    There is no a success story without failure.
    Always remember this, life can knock you down seven times, but you can decide and get back up again for the eighth times.
    You must learn how to manage your failures. And select your comeback.You must learn how to rise up when life knocks you down.
    Dust yourself up and try again!!!

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    It's okay to fall.
    It's not okay to remain down.
    Dust yourself up and try again.

  • boddobodes 5w

    I cried...
    I cried...
    I cried you out!

  • boddobodes 6w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #wod #selflove

    Yes I need to save the remains of me before you send me 6ft under the ground.
    If I'm strong enough to love you then I should be strong enough to gather the remains of my broken heart and move....I Say No! to abusive and toxic relationship and yes to self love and the right kind of love.


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    You said...

    So what if I said I will never leave you but I did to save the remains of me!
    You said you will never betray my trust but you did a thousand times.
    You said you will never lie to me but you're a bloody liar.
    You said you will never hurt me but you did with pleasure.
    You said I'm just your spec but you flirt with her and her and her.
    You said you will stand by me but you left me at my darkest.
    You said you will never make me jealous but that's your hobby.
    You said you will never watch me cry but you watched me burn.
    You said you will never abuse me but you tortured me mentally and physically.
    You said you are not like the rest of them but you are their Boss.
    You said we are for real but to you it was just a game.
    So what if I said I will never leave you but I did to save the remains of me.

  • boddobodes 11w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

    This is not a poem it's just a true life feeling, you don't have to read it but if you do I please need a shoulder I'm so emotional right now. It hurt so bad��

    P.s: I still love you so much but I promise I will get over you someday.

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    Somebody that I used to know!

    "You are so difficult" I cried.
    So difficult!
    I can't take it anymore.
    I could walk on a burning coal for you and you will only watch me burn down in flames.
    When I'm at my best, that's the day I must get depressed.
    What can I ever do to please you?
    Nothing perhaps!
    Is like you love to see me pained.
    You are toxic to my being.
    I won't die for you...can you hear me I won't die for you!
    For you won't even mourn me.
    So silently I walked away from you.
    Knowing you will never come for me.
    Knowing I have to love myself now.
    My presence meant nothing to you.
    So have my absence.
    Now you just somebody that I used to know!

  • boddobodes 19w

    Learn to accept!

    Maturity is understanding that it's not all about you.
    Learn to see beyond yourself.
    Accept that not everyone is for you no matter how much you need them.
    Accept that not everyone is against you no matter the silence.
    People are struggling with things they cannot voice.
    Just because they fail to turn out for you, dosent mean they are not happy for you.
    Things are really hard now remember!
    Some are going through depression,
    Some can't pay their bills,
    Some are sick,
    Some are getting divorce,
    Some are grieving.
    So just because a friend didn't share in your joy or sorrow has nothing to do with you.
    People grow.
    People change.
    Life changes people.
    Learn to accept that.
    Nothing is constant in life except death.

  • boddobodes 20w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

    This is for me and for you, let's keep striving....It's okay to fall many times but makesure you dust yourself up and try again and again...don't wait for people to lift you up, fact is everyone is also fighting a battle within, be your own greatest Fan and trust only in God. It's okay to take a break and rest but Never give up!

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    Never give up!

    You are almost there to reap,
    So why quit now?
    It's okay to rest
    I know you have been strong for so long,
    Allow yourself rest,
    Let the soul heal,
    But don't quit.
    Remember when the weather get so hot comes down the rain.
    I see you write about hope, while you don't belief in it anymore, please don't give up, I admire your strength.
    I see you masks up a smile so well, while your world is falling apart, trying so hard to hold all the emotions together, away from glaring eyes. It hurt, I know. Please hang in there.
    I see the twinkles in your eyes is not that of a star but that of a fire about to die, I really pray it rekindles and burn to ashes all that's hurt you.
    I see you blame fate, labelled yourself a failure and question God for all the thorns you have to sleep on, but darlyn, God only gives the hardest battle to His strongest soldiers, what is coming is better than what is gone.
    Keep striving, believing God is preparing you for something great.
    You might fall down many times and the brusies might open wounds you thought where healed but sometimes you need it so that the rage burning within you keeps you alive to appericiate tomorrow.
    So don't quit the good fight.
    You are almost there to reap.

  • boddobodes 21w


    My Continent...
    The Giant of all Nations.
    My country...
    The mother of Africa.
    Below her lay the valley of her home towns
    Embodies 36 states and the "FCT"
    My state,
    Number 2 state after "Abia"
    Slogan "Land of beauty"
    I'm proud to be Africa!
    There is grace in the way she blooms admist the stagnanting storm.
    There is a willpower that etch from her Pearlscent heart,
    Painting the world green ruling out the red.


  • boddobodes 22w

    Make me moan!

    Tell me ancient stories
    Write me a love letter
    Read me a good poem
    Paint me a red rose
    Brew me fine blends
    Touch my body
    Touch my soul
    Without using your hands
    Make me moan.