Painted On My Soul , It Was Indeliable .

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  • blurryface 190w

    I See You Treat Me Differently .
    'Cause You Don't Need Therapy On A Friday Night .
    And You Said You'd Be There For Me , I Cant Believe .
    I Should Have Known You Wouldn't At The Time .
    Promise Me You'll Never Change .
    But Can't Explain Why You Never Come Around No More .
    So This Is How It's Gonna Be ?
    You're Texting Me Daily That You Don't Even Try .
    Remember , You Told Me You'd Never Forget Where You Came From .
    Remember , You'd Told Me We'd Stay Homies From Day One .
    And Now You're Not Who You Used To Be .
    I Don't Know What You Dying To Prove .
    So Hit Me Up When You Over Be COOOL .
    You Brain Will Roll Up Anything .
    But If You Wanna Know The Truth .
    Hit Me Up When You Over Be COOOL .
    You Used To Ask Me For My Help .
    When No One Else Gave A Fuck About A Single Word You Said .
    In A Minute I'll Be There , No Matter Where .

  • blurryface 190w

    But All That Peace Was Only a Calm Before The Storm .
    Things Were Getting So Fucked Up .
    And If You Ask Me Why ?
    I'll Say Because Of A Simple Love Story .
    And In The End .
    LOVE is A Good Reason For Everything To Fall Apart .

  • blurryface 193w

    Cross My Heart , Hope To Die .
    To My Lover , I'd Never Lie .
    She Said "Be True" , I Swear I'll Try .
    In The End , Its Her & I .
    She's Out Her Head , I'm Out My Mind .
    We Got That Love , The Crazy Kind .
    I'm Her's And She Is Mine .
    In The End , Its Her & I .

  • blurryface 203w

    I'm Sorry If I Seem Uninterested Or I'm Not Listening Or I'm Indifferent .
    Truly I Ain't Got No Business Here .
    But Since My Friends Are Here , I Just Came To Kick It .
    But Really I Would Rather Be At Home All Myself .
    Not In This Room With People Who Don't Even Care About My Well-Being .
    I Don't Dance , Don't Ask , I Don't Need A Girlfriend .
    So You Can Go Back , Please Enjoy Your Party .
    I'll Be Here , Somewhere In The Corner .
    Uner Clouds Of Marijuana .
    With This Girl Hollering .
    I Can Hardly Hear , Over This Music I Don't Listen To .
    And I Don't Wanna Get With You .

  • blurryface 203w

    When I Was Young ,
    Whatever Happened It Would Do Me No Wrong .
    As Long As I Could Sing My Favorite Song .
    And The Holidays Went On & On .
    We Were So High .
    Let Us Freeway Take Us Into The Night .
    And In The Dark You Sang My Favorite Song .
    Now The Sky Is Gray , But Honestly It Doesn't Hurt Me .
    I Learned To Find My Way , On The Path Of No Returnin' .
    Everything I've Left Behind .
    I'm Reminded Everytime I Meet Your Eyes .
    We Were So Bold & Brave .
    Baby , Can You Imagine ?

  • blurryface 204w

    I Know You Gave Me Hell But You Got Me So Addicted .
    I Can't Help But Stay Missing You .
    I'm Anxious By Myself .
    Running Through All My Prescriptions .
    I Need Something Else To Abuse .
    You Were My Drug , My Only Plug .
    Doing 80 In My Veins Can't Get Enough .
    You Were My Drug , Got So Caught Up .
    Now I'm Trying To Use The Last Of All Your Love .
    I'm Taking All The Pictures Of You Off My Walls .
    I'm Rolling Up & Burning All The Evidence .
    No One Warned Me , No One Told Me How Hard I'd Fall .
    Now Nothing Gets Me Higher Then The Low I Been .

  • blurryface 204w

    Everybody Knows That You Love Me Baby .
    Everybody Knows That You Really Do .
    Everybody Knows That You've Been Faithful .
    Oh , Give Or Take A Night Or Two .
    Everybody Knows You've Been Discreet .
    But There Were So Many People You Just Had To Meet .
    " Without Your Clothes , Everybody Knows " .

  • blurryface 206w

    I Tell Myself I'd Grow Up After You ,
    But Baby , It's Impossible To Do .
    Cause When You Left , I Found Myself .
    And Round , I Go Now .
    I'm Running Of Out Room Inside My Brain .
    I'm Celebrating Nothing With Cigarettes .
    Fill My Cup With Zero Fucks .
    Nother Round , I Go Now .
    I Was Blue , But Now I'm Cool .
    Every Afternoon , I'm Stoned As Shit .
    Higher Than The Moon , Not Wearing Pants .
    Laughing At Cartoons , It's Super Fun .
    Every Single Night ,
    I'm Making Plans With My Stupid Friends .
    I Drink 'til I'm Sick , Throw Up In The Club .
    Its Super Fun ,

  • blurryface 206w

    I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me .
    That Someday , These Will Be The Good Old Days .
    All The Love You Won't Forget .
    All These Reckless Nights You won't Regret .
    'Cause Someday Soon , Your Whole Life's Gonna Change .
    You'll Miss The Magic Of These Good Old Days .

  • blurryface 210w

    Friday Night , My Phone Is Off ,
    & None Of My Friends Even Know You're Gone .
    All These Broken Picture Frames .
    I'm Sick Of Your Face , But Can't Look Away .
    Can't Go Out , Can't Stay Home .
    I Don't Know How , How To Be Alone .
    I Keep Waiting For You , Waiting For You To Come Back .
    With All Of My Love .
    How Can I Sleep When You're Out There .
    I Can't Believe That You Left Here With All My Love .
    Toss & Turn Back To Me , Where You Used To Be!