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  • bluewritings 55w

    In some situations we shouldn't let our emotions overrule us ,we should act strong not letting the emotions over take us for controlling that situation. 

  • bluewritings 56w

    Mother bird woke up due to the sky,
    Who was changing its colour on its own, 
    Indicating a new day has dawned with a new hope .
    Mother bird slipped herself silently out of the leaf blanket which was covering her and her babies from the cold .
    Completing  her morning chores fastly ,
    Without disturbing her babies beauty sleep ,
    Covering her nest (ie., securing her nest safely)with branches ,
    Warning the tree who was giving them shelter from the past months, 
    Warning the tree to take care of her babies who were sleeping peacefully, 
    She flew away in hunt of food .
    She started travelling through small small lakes ,ponds and gardens in search of food .
    Grabbing little little amount of food from the lakes,ponds and gardens ,
    She returned back to her nest ,
    Before her little babies woke up from their sleep.

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  • bluewritings 56w

    Darkness thought to engulf me into it forever. 
    Like a warrior I fought with that darkness and won over it .

  • bluewritings 57w


    Sometimes loneliness breaks us down,making us feel alone ,
    But sometimes same loneliness helps us to explore ourselves.

  • bluewritings 57w


    I am equal to tortoise.
    Tortoise maybe slow ,but it reaches its destiny for sure .
    Same like tortoise I also reaches my destiny one day .

  • bluewritings 57w


    Closing  my  eyes  peacefully   I  allowed  my  dream  to  take  to  take  me  to  the  dream  world, 
    Where  there  is  no  difference   between  people  like  caste  , religion, region  etc.,, 
    Where  there  is  no  pollution  , which   is  only  filled  with  big  trees  having  flowers  and  fruits  like  decoration  giving  more  attraction  to  the  place, 
    Where   I  can  pendown  my   thoughts   into  words  peacefully  without  any  disturbance, 
    Where  I  can  watch  the  beautiful  rainbow  which  is  having  different  colours  indicating  that  our  life  is  also  filled  with  different  colours  making  it  beautiful, 
    Where   I  can  enjoy  myself without any  restrictions, 
    Where  I  can  live  the  life  I dreamt  of, which  is  impossible  in reality. 

  • bluewritings 58w


    Revenge is not so important than the love we have for our lovely people .

  • bluewritings 58w

    Shouldn't matter!

    We shouldn't think about the price when its related to your passion.
    You shouldn't think about price when you are getting your passion coming true infront of your eyes .
    When it is the matter of your passion you shouldn't think about money.
    If you pays 100rs today to prove yourself to the world ,
    Next in future you will earn than double by using your same passion.

  • bluewritings 58w


    Don't lose the chance ,
    When it is near your footsteps,
    Eagerly waiting for you to grab it.

  • bluewritings 58w

    New day new hope

    New day new hope :
    Start your day with a smile on your face and take steps towards your passion ,to achieve it .