Simple gal writing poetry! I mostly write about love, but might branch out into other topics, who knows?

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  • bluestarss 11w



    I love them for who they are
    And they love me for what I am
    We place each other on a high pedestal
    When we're near each other, our troubles melt away and are forgotten
    As water bubbles away on the stove
    So we can make tea and read romance novels in our cozy little book corner

  • bluestarss 11w



    Twirling, spinning around inside of my head nonstop
    Radiant, shimmering thoughts
    Cloudy, dull thoughts
    Dusty and muddy thoughts that never see the light of day
    Many thoughts bottled up inside of my head
    If you picked my brain for them, they'd spill out in a whirlwind
    Radical ideas, happy thoughts, sad soliloquies
    All miraculously together in one small space

  • bluestarss 51w



    Songs playing on the radio
    will bring forth my creative flow
    From tunes of bitterness and hate
    or ones that talk of love and fate
    It doesn't matter either way
    They all let me live another day
    A bad day can make me cry
    so I turn the volume up until they run dry
    All songs make me smile
    and forget about reality for a while

  • bluestarss 52w



    I saw them sitting on a cliff by the water, salty tears mingling with the ocean, parts of themselves lost in the waves forever

    I didn't yell, didn't try to stop them, I just quietly sat down and lost myself for a while too, our delicate lashes shedding tiny droplets

    We wipe at our eyes with the sleeves of our jackets and look at each other, we mutually understand that even though we both feel alone and broken

    In this world, two halves make a whole

  • bluestarss 53w



    Even in these sad times
    When I can't trust many others
    They are right there for me
    Patiently listening to my every word
    Comforting me, saving me from the cold
    They are radiant as the sun
    Giving off lots of warmth
    And I love that

  • bluestarss 54w

    My life


    The world, once familiar, warm and forgiving
    has turned foreign, harsh and cold to me
    I've tried my hardest, but sometimes? It's just never enough
    Sharp, judgemental words stabbing my heart like knives
    And it hurts, God, it hurts so bad
    But I have to endure it, and live another day

  • bluestarss 54w

    Beached 2, a collection of haiku


    Quietly looking
    for a life beyond this shore
    I'm the only one...

    Or that's what I thought
    They had also been searching
    For someone special

    We are now embraced
    Not letting each other go
    Warmth surrounding us

    Looking at the sky
    or down at the sandy ground,
    We spent our days in bliss

    We knew that we were
    afraid to wake from the dream
    But it had to happen

    On that fateful day
    We bid each other adieu
    Going, going, gone

  • bluestarss 54w

    Beached, a collection of haiku


    This gentle ocean
    and its salty, rolling waves
    take me somewhere else

    To a better place
    where there is no harm or hate,
    just the lightest breeze

    I love to sit here
    on the softest hill of sand,
    And watch the birds

    But of course, as much
    as I want to, I cannot
    stay here forever

    So I stand up,
    go to the water again
    and travel back home