I m happy for who i m today.But i still want to travel!

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  • bluejay__ 8w

    #prayers for Afghanistan!

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    Vagrant white hues
    Turns turbulent.
    Sounds the city.

    Women's dignity,
    Child's right,
    Men's pride!
    Seems buried.

    Pessimism becomes
    Freedom becomes

    Aren't they human.?
    Or is it our fault to be a human.?


  • bluejay__ 11w

    The star that shines the most,
    carries the darkest tales!

    ~| Megha |

  • bluejay__ 12w

    I asked the Zephyr's
    To bring some autumn leaves,
    But it brought letters
    Of unloved poetries.


  • bluejay__ 13w

    Dear moon,
    Let me hide under your scars
    Because my scars
    Are not as beautiful as yours.

  • bluejay__ 17w

    Happiest 16 to my most beautiful doreami @neha_020

    I know tere paas hazar naam h butt Tu mere liye humesha meri N.E.H.A hi rahegi !!!!!!!

    P.s I don't adore you ha, I breath you❤️

    -Your missing booth��

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    At a first glance,
    You were a black rose for me.
    But when you started blooming
    Spring showed it's glimpse
    That you are the only RED rose.

    That RED rose who is,
    Always loved by people.
    Your scent has the power
    to fill the tranquility in one's heart!

    You are
    Grown in between the thorns
    But your ethics has the adorability
    to make everyone happy!

    dance in the daylight
    Shines in the moonlight
    To have some fun!

    I know you will wither
    But I know that
    You will again bloom
    And you will keep on blooming!


  • bluejay__ 18w

    //The spring we never had//

    In order to fit
    In that befitting world
    We just change ourselves
    So that we don't loose people.

    But the sad truth is
    We just loose our own self.


  • bluejay__ 21w

    6'45" a.m
    She waits for the rays
    But she can only see the
    white cottons in blue hue
    Till then she feels the soft zephyr
    With a meloncholic heart.

    7'45" a.m
    She waits for the tiara
    Woven with the art of jewellery
    Twigged by her mother's Swarovski crystal
    Till then she feels the essence
    By imagining.

    9'45" a.m
    Atlast she can see the vibgyor
    In Newton's disc
    They are rounded like 180° angle
    While the remaining ones are faded in the daylight.

    11'45" a.m
    She nibbles
    so that the body doesn't drains
    Now she has to work
    To get the bread and butter
    Where life shows a reality check.

    The trauma starts
    When she has to take
    the unwanted saying
    And so her tympanic membrane
    is now ruptured.

    5'45" p.m
    Aha! She sees the drowning sun
    Whose rays are scattered
    The evening twilight
    Which she gulps to sink in.

    8'45" p.m
    By her fits and starts
    She still only had a ramen to eat
    And so she asks the universe
    About her capitalism that never existed.

    11'11" p.m
    She sits near a window
    Like how moon drews the water
    She charge herself with the moonlight
    And let her pen charge by starlight.

    11'45" p.m
    She has a void in her heart
    She has a void in her soul
    And so she scribbles
    The untold stories of her heart.

    12 a.m
    She closes her eyes
    Her dreams become a nightmare
    Soon when the lonesome darkness arrives
    Moonlight too fades.


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  • bluejay__ 25w

    #lessons #wod @writersnetwork
    Thank uhh so much #writersnetwork for ❤️
    Love ya~

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    • A negative experience is itself a positive experience.
    • Let people judge the colour of your sky, you are here to carve yourself.
    • Parents are the only constellations of our life, whom you can follow blindly
    •All people have different level of perceptions so it's our duty to respect them.
    • Uncertainties and self-doubts are sometimes good because when you repeat the flaws these are the only keys which shows where you are lacking.
    • Universe is the only positive energy that can fulfill your desires which you always wished for.
    • Patience and calmness leads you to the sweetest fruit.
    • No matter how much you love a person but don't be the litmus paper.Let them accept you with your flaws.
    • Self- respect and Self-worth should stand first.
    • Dreaming is not enough, if you want something trust the process and start working.
    • There is no religion bigger than humanity.


  • bluejay__ 26w

    This is my first collaboration with @vanshikasavla
    Love ya~

    Tick-tock goes the clock.
    Pitter-patter falls the rain.
    Ding-dong rang the bell.
    "Sweetheart! Are you ready?"
    "Yes darling! Let's go"
    Zig-zag goes the road.
    Chop-chop goes the walk.
    Blah-blah goes the talk.
    Eensy-weensy we mimic the joke.
    Rock-'n'-roll goes the rolling stone.
    Hip-'n'-hop goes the dance.
    But the difficulties knock-'n'-knock.
    And so the hustle-bustles makes it heavy.
    But, sweetheart" life is as sweet as honey!"
    "Dearo!", Let's jump up high on boogie-woogie.
    And make ourselves looney!


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    //Lovey-dovey was the weather
    So the lip-lock grew more passionate//

    ©megha_14 ✨@vanshikasavla

  • bluejay__ 28w

    Thank uhhhh @writersnetwork for ❤️
    Love ya~

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    //My life is a season of autumn where spring will soon give the glimpse of zephyr.//