Sometimes, only paper will listen to you.

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  • blue_lemon_writes 10w

    Rant. Skip.

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    I don't know why I always end up disappointing people. Maybe it's because they expect too much from me or maybe I don't deserve them at all. I have read somewhere that every life has a purpose on this planet. I desperately wanna know the purpose of my life. No matter how hard I push people away in the beginning they keep coming closer to me. And when they become the unforgettable part of my life they disappear within a blink of an eye. No matter how many times I have told them about my phobias and insecurities, they keep judging me. I don't know why the rainbow which I placed in their sky turned black. I don't know when the roses which I placed on their paths got dried. I don't know when my symphonies became cacophonous to their ears. I don't know when they pulled their hand back which they stretched to hold me. I don't know why my one lie overshadowed the truths which I had ever confessed. I don't know why I need to prove my innocence to them every single time.  Maa says that the god takes tests of his favourite children at every step of their lives. Maybe I'm one of them or maybe god is punishing me for my past sins. Sometimes I wanna run far away from this entire world and want to get lost in a universe where nobody finds me. My ears crave for the silence where I hear nothing but my own breathing. My eyes crave for the darkness where I see nothing but my own soul. My heart craves for the affection where I feel nothing but only divine love of the universe. My mind craves for the peace where it thinks nothing and calms down. Just for a moment I wanna forget everyone and everything. Just for a moment I wanna feel my presence, my breaths, my heart, my mind and my soul. Just for a moment I don't wanna think about my past and future. Just for a moment I wanna live in the present moment. Just for a moment I wanna live only for myself.

  • blue_lemon_writes 14w

    Take me to the place where there is no one, just you me and our divine love. Where there are no worries of tomorrow  and no pains of the past. Where time stands still and we redeem each other's sins. You adorn my braid with stars and around my neck put a garland of flowers. I see the moon through your eyes and kiss you in the dim moonlight. We forget all our previous fights and everything seems alright. You hold my hand and take the vows not to quit no matter how many bows our fate throws. You read me poems and I caress your hair. I sing you lullabies and you stroke my nape. You kiss my cheeks and I feel your cottony lips. You cover me wholly just like the solar eclipse. Together we sing songs of love and dance on Perfect by Ed Sheeran. The butterflies blush when we make love and the fireflies glow to adorn our cosmic souls. We arrest each other in our alluring charm and make our hearts beat fast. You pull me closer and make my heart rhyme. I embrace you tightly and make your eyes shine. At night I serve you comets for dine.  You make me yours and I make you mine. Everything will be fine, just trust the divine time.

  • blue_lemon_writes 26w

    It's all the game of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins.

  • blue_lemon_writes 27w

    या देवी सर्व भूतेषु,
    शकि्तरूपेण संसि्थता,
    नमस्तस्यै, नमस्तस्यै
    नमस्तस्यै नमौ नमः

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  • blue_lemon_writes 27w

    Everytime you cry it rains because God wants you to know that you're not alone. He cries too.
    Everytime you sing a song the time stops so that the air surrounds you can enjoy it a bit more.

    Your talks are so engrossing and astounding that one can never get bored.
    Your eyes are deeper than any ocean that one could lose forever and never reaches to its shore.

    Your heart is more precious than any jewel in this world so please take care of it.
    You are enough and deserve everything in this universe. Make sure of it.

    Your sufferings are proof that you are the survivor who doesn't know what quitting is.
    You hide your fragility underneath your sleeves and shows others what strength is.

    From our meetings near my coaching centre to your home I lost my parts in you.
    From buying me chocolates and roses to dropping me safely at the bus stop I'm grateful to you.

    From saying I love you to I am all yours you became my sunset hue.
    From I wanna hear your voice to please send me your selfie right now you became my grass and I became your morning dew.

    From eating panipuri and sipping coffee to walking hand in hand together you earned my trust.
    When I saw your innocence and listened to your breaths over call, my heart fluttered.

    From that kiss in an auto to that hug in public you made me blush.
    From holding me through my waist to crying while looking into my eyes you made my adrenaline rush.

    I chanted your name in my sleep. I did daydreaming of us being together holding hands in the moonlight and kissing each other's scars.
    I imagined you caressing my lips with rose petals and adorn my braid with stars.
    I needed you like a wanderer needs water in the desert but you were just a mirage.

    My only dream was to make your life heaven and to bring all the galaxies down to your knees.
    You are a beautiful human inside and out. Take care of yourself. Please.

    I worshipped you and offered you my everything like pilgrims offer at an altar.
    I was so head over heels for you that I was able to identify you from afar.

    I know I was immature, dumb and psycho but I loved you truly. I really did.
    I neither cursed you nor prayed bad for you and I never will.

    You are a beautiful mystery; one can swoon her life to solve it and never get tired.
    You sowed seeds of love in my poor heart and set it on fire. Instead of moving on I was wallowing in the mire.

    You were mine and I was your ore.
    If patience has a face it would be yours.


  • blue_lemon_writes 29w


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  • blue_lemon_writes 29w

    Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.

  • blue_lemon_writes 30w

    Temporary like your feelings.

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    Photoelectric effect in daily life.

    When your stabbing words with suitable bitterness fall on my soul, there is ejection of pieces of my heart

  • blue_lemon_writes 30w

    My anger is nothing but the fear of losing you.

  • blue_lemon_writes 30w

    Let me bath in your verses and wear your metaphors.
    Let me feel your skin and breath your cologne.
    Let me swallow your kisses and slurp your hugs.
    Let me see your vulnerabilities and reflect my liberties.
    Let me sing you lullabies and hear your symphonies.
    Let me sleep in your memories and dance in your fantasies.
    Let me dive into your eyes and absorb your tears.
    Let me hold your hand and remove all your fears.
    Let me write you on my heart and paint you in my soul.
    Let me be your night sky and you be my moon.
    Let me be your ecstasy and you be my boon.
    Let me be your morning coffee and you be my bedtime milk.
    Let me be your parchment and you be my ink.
    Let me be your earth and you be my gravity.
    Let me be your power and you be my ability.
    Let me be your integration and you be my constant.
    Let me be your permanent and you be my habitat.
    Let me be your candle and you be my flame.
    Let me be your photograph and you be my frame.
    Let me be your butterfly and you be my rose.
    Let me be your poetry and you be my prose.
    Let me be your bumblebee and you be my flower.
    Let me be your idol and you be my follower.
    Let me be your mirror and you be my reflection.
    Let me be your force and you be my action.
    Let me be your competition and you be my winner.
    Let me be your ocean and you be my swimmer.
    Let me be your antitode and you be my cure.
    Let me be your rainbow and you be my VIBGYOR.
    Let me be your love and you be my lover.
    Let me be your infinity and you be my forever.
    Let me be your poetry and you be my muse.
    Let me be your filament and you be my fuse.
    Let me be your painting and you be my Van Gogh.
    Let me be your valley and you be my hogh.
    Let me be your platinum and you be my gold.
    Let me be your handkerchief and you be my fold.
    Let me be your molar mass and you be my mole.
    Let me be your heart and you be my soul.
    Let me be your sarcasm and you be my joke.
    Let me be your key and you be my lock.
    Let me be your Newton's laws and you be my physics.
    Let me be your favorite song and you be my lyrics.
    Let me be your derivation and you be my formula.
    Let me be your isthmus and you be my peninsula.
    Let me be your base and you be my perpendicular.
    Let me be your star and you be my binocular.
    Let me be your atom and you be my nucleus.
    Let me be your circle and you be my radius.
    Let me be your geometry and you be my Euclidean.
    Let me be your Curie and you be my radium.
    Let me be your butterfly and you be my nectar.
    Let me be your cross product and you be my vector.
    Let me be your scholar and you be my mentor.
    Let me be your discovery and you be my inventor.
    Let me be your rosary and you be my chant.
    Let me be your vertical and you be by slant.
    Let me be your organic reaction and you be my mechanism.
    Let you be my hero and I be your heroism.
    Let me be your petrichor and you be my rain.
    Let me be your profit and you be my gain.
    Let me be your rising sun and you be my rays.
    Let me be your week and you be my days.
    Let me be your lead and you be my graphite.
    Let you be my Hephaestus and I be your Aphrodite.
    Let me be your name and you be my meaning.
    Let me be your emotion and you be my feeling.
    Let me be your diamond and you be my brilliance.
    Let me be your success and you be my excellence.
    Let me be your impact and you be my influence.
    Let you be my god and I be your goddess.
    Let me be your entropy and you be my inverse.
    Let me be your galaxy and you be my universe.

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    Let me be your entropy and you be my inverse.
    Let me be your galaxy and you be my universe.