Poems are my love.

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  • blending_honey 22w

    Lost relations aren't hard,close relations are .

  • blending_honey 24w

    Strike the bluntness , write it with shine.

  • blending_honey 24w

    Smile is what we see, not all are same sometimes sharp .

  • blending_honey 26w

    Hiding face exists, behind curtains of incidence as lock ,never unlocked to all.

  • blending_honey 27w

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    Crystalic shine perfect,job it does.

  • blending_honey 27w

    Year down

    This year was special,
    As was its name,
    With long bridges to be crossed,
    To reach island of dreams,
    Was the plans,we stacked for,
    Unique as it name
    Was its actions,
    First we were drops,
    Never minded it,
    Started with glory,
    Unwelcome guests came,
    In our lives,
    Our stacked plans remained in place,
    Half of journey was not same,
    As other years we have passed through,
    Experiences were renamed,
    And the place it was,
    Small was its size,
    Shook the whole of the year,
    Was the places were,
    Past was not as we wished for,
    Future will be,
    May be a change.

  • blending_honey 28w

    Unexpected surprises aren't special,added in treasure to be guarded.

  • blending_honey 29w


    Humans are of emotions,
    Each one are unique,
    In showing them,
    Some express,
    Some hide,
    To be found by other,
    Some never knew ,
    To express at places they should,
    Cries isn't a pain,
    But so expressed in joy,
    Anger rages of fire,
    To crumble into pieces,
    Silence not at all scenes,
    Sometimes must,
    Emotions aren't to assorted,
    Smiles are clicked for photographs,
    As told,
    Smile a weapon,
    To shut enemy's words,
    Emotions vary from their names.

  • blending_honey 30w

    Every action of others towards you, shows your image in them soon

  • blending_honey 30w

    You may not be favourite to everyone,but a worthy one to someone who deserves to have you.