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  • blackdust 194w

    Sometimes you need to drown yourself into immense darkness to see your real self.

  • blackdust 221w


    Let all your voids be filled by Hope.

    A Hope to be whole again.

  • blackdust 238w

    Never sell your own allies!!

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    Way of living

    Sometimes there are precious things that fictitious characters can teach you, what the real people can’t.

  • blackdust 244w

    How afraid are you?

    Change is the only constant that can fulfil your different desires but are you afraid of it?
    You get so comfortable with how things are that you envy change and the various possibilities of different uncertainties that it might bring. Sometimes those possibilities are the ones you need to grab and take that leap of faith else those stagnant walls will grow taller and thicker giving no room for the change you are so afraid of now.

  • blackdust 250w

    Question what you believe, don't be manipulated.

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    Two face

    There are always 2 sides to a coin. Just because there is light on one doesn't mean the other isn't there.

  • blackdust 253w

    Everytime i try to face the reality my heart sinks and dreams shatters. #ripchester

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    There are lights that are so bright that they blind people and then there are lights that brighten their path. Hope is what you have been to a million of souls by being their idol. Little did they know, that the one helping people fight their demons would one day be consumed by his own.

  • blackdust 253w

    The principles that we grow up with are distorted and reshaped with time by our experiences.

    Thanks to that night, mine were destroyed and formed from scratch by the devil itself and that's what makes me stand tall against all evil.

    - Batman

  • blackdust 254w

    Some nights when Alfred wants Bruce to just be Bruce. #alfredsays

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    Dear Master Bruce,

    All this time i have stood on the sidelines watching you grow to be the man you are today. I sometimes wonder if master Thomas had left behind someone else to take care of you. Everything might have been different. Maybe.

    Maybe the pain from the incident was an ocean in itself, which my love could never have contained. Only if i was better. Only if master Thomas and madam Martha were here. Maybe.

    Maybe if you were your own Batman. Maybe.


  • blackdust 255w


    Don't be an empty shell,
    Be something heavy instead,
    so that even if you fall you don't remain unnoticed.

  • blackdust 257w

    Believe in yourself to the point where even when asked a question while holding the lasso of truth about your identity, you claim yourself to be the Batman.