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  • black_pearl_ 1w

    Any corrections Plz let me Know ��
    Idk Does it Make Dense or No.

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    I Promise,

    I Will Be The Last Person Who is Suffering
    Due to This Stupid Family Mistakes.
    I Will Never Let My Future Generation
    Suffer From this Disgusting Matters.


  • black_pearl_ 3w

    It's Just once Trust Me Then The Behavior will Change.
    Good night ����

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    I Ain't Forcing Shit No More,
    Imma Tell You One Time how I feel,
    Fix it Or Get Away from Me Simple
    As That.....

  • black_pearl_ 4w

    I Won't Settle For Any Less....❤️

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    Standards So High,
    I'll Stay Alone If I Had To

  • black_pearl_ 6w

    @akku04 Here It Is Buddy
    Thanks for Motivation ✨����

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    I Would Rather See A Person
    Happy Without Me than
    Unhappy Dealing With Me...✨
    And That's For Anybody.....

  • black_pearl_ 8w

    Isolation :)

    Sorry If My Isolation
    Feels Like a Rejection
    If I Don't Keep Myself First

    "" I Will Break ""

  • black_pearl_ 8w

    Wish it was a dream and woke up again and See u Patting My Head O:)

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    I Truly Never Learned
    What The Words

    ""I Miss You""

    Were until I Reached
    For My Mom's Hand
    And It Wasn't There.

  • black_pearl_ 12w

    If You are For Everyone, You Are Not For Me. ��❤️

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    I Dont Like Getting Attention,
    From People Who Give The Same Attention To Everyone.

    Feel Me?

  • black_pearl_ 12w

    You Can Do It.❤️

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    Dude....You are Not The Same As Before

    Yeah The Old One Was Easy to Conquer.


  • black_pearl_ 12w

    For me,

    I Trust You Is More than I Love You.��

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    You Talk About Trust?

    I still Count My Money
    After I Withdraw from ATM. XD

  • black_pearl_ 12w

    I Am Not Competing Anyone,
    Hope We All Make Out.

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    Until it's My Turn I Will keep Clapping For Others,
    It's really That Simple.