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  • black_pearl_ 4d

    @rusha_c was trying some love things is it good


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    ""Finally He Got Her No.""

    He was Online
    She was Online.

    He started Changing His Dp's.

    After 10 Min.

    She Messaged
    ""You Look Cute And Handsome In Your All 20 Photos, Now Can We Talk""

    He Blushed and Murmured
    "" Uff, She had Eyes On me""

    ""A Cute Conversation Went On""

  • black_pearl_ 5w

    Thats the point. ��❤️

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    Losing me might Sound Good When You Mad At Me
    But When You Calm Down You Gotta Miss Me.

  • black_pearl_ 6w

    Why Unnecessary Convo and Drama Just Ask Or Go For it Thats All. ❤️

    @rusha_c where u lost siso?

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    I Love Direct things
    Tell Me What You Want.

  • black_pearl_ 6w

    Simple :)

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    Someone Said,

    "" Be Careful With How Much You
    Tolerate, You Are Teaching Them
    How to Treat You.""

    I felt That :)

  • black_pearl_ 6w

    This i always remind myself to be focus and positive ❤️

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    The Key To Happiness Is Letting
    Each Situation be What It Is,instead
    Of what you think it should be :)

  • black_pearl_ 6w

    Did You Ever Thought that :)

    @rusha_c siso good night

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    Ever Wonder?. ❤️

    At Least You Know You
    Are Single. Some People Don't
    Even Know they are Alone In
    Their Relationship....

  • black_pearl_ 7w

    Understand this :)

    @rusha_c have a look siso :)

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    If You Cant Be Corrected Without
    Being Offended You Will Never

  • black_pearl_ 7w

    Simply :)

    @rusha_c good morning siso

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    You Are Gonna Miss That Person
    That Didn't Want Anything From
    You but Time And Affection.....❤️

  • black_pearl_ 7w

    Take Care Of Yourself
    Because Your Body Heart And Mind Works For You 24*7.
    Its Need Your ""Care"" and ""Love"" :)

    Good Night....❤️

    @rusha_c good night sis :)

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    If u Are Looking For Advice Right Now,
    The Answer Is

    ""Self Care""...❤️

  • black_pearl_ 8w

    I Can Make Out Everything Fine By Myself :)
    Thats how i was Made :)

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    The Best Thing I ever did
    Was Vibing By Myself :)