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  • black_p_m 5w

    Thoughts of a blind one

    I can hear the birds sing their morning anthem
    I also hear the hoes of the farmers, my dad's included

    I can smell breakfast cooking,
    I think the milk is burning, but the potatoes smell heavenly

    I can literally taste the heat form the stove on my tongue
    As I chew on some roasted maize mamma gave me

    I can feel sisters hands as she guides me towards my little stool beside the window where I can feel the lake.
    I feel the irregularities of the stool while I feel for where to sit.

    Once I am settled, I begin to imagine.....
    I imagine being able to see the lake in its full glory
    I imagine how the morning sun would spread itself across the lake like a child reuniting with their bed before leaving for school.
    I imagine the colors....bright and perfect
    I imagine mamma's little garden with an array of various plants and flowers
    I imagine some of these flowers receiving their sight
    From the sun's magic touch after a long dark night.

    This is my world, full of vibrancy and color
    Even though I can't physically see,
    My minds eye will show me everything.

  • black_p_m 8w


    Maybe it was in the way the boat swayed from side to side
    Or maybe it was the bright colors of his life jacket that sought my attention and had me bulging my eyes.

    It could have been the way he sliced through the water with enough vigor to exaggerate his presence.
    It was a spectacle, a show for us beneath his boat.

    As much as I would like to touch and feel....
    He's above and I am beneath.
    He's human and I am fish.

  • black_p_m 8w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Triumph

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    Something wider than a's triumph

  • black_p_m 9w

    Extremely late...but whatever.
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #wod #breakup #start

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    Cloudy ☁

    Flowers wither, wither and fall
    Dropping like the remnants, the remnants of my soul
    1000 days 1000 calls
    It's a pity, a pity that after all this time you couldn't break my fall

    I've been falling falling falling for forever
    And it has suddenly dawned on me that we were never meant to be together
    My heart has died, has died 12 times over
    And I can't figure out why I an so darn sober

    Its said to be that when the world fades,
    The color grey begins to have different shades.
    These lines I draw have turned into vines
    Creeping up and over my cloudy skies


  • black_p_m 9w

    @ray_avence_ and @black_p_m
    This collaboration was very fun, hoped you liked it too ray and don't stop writing. Writing does soothe ones wrinkles.

    #anger #collaboration #thoughts
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Heavy and raw could define this....
    A feeling I would describe as timeless.

    There was a man cold in the rain
    His eyes were pretty lifeless.

    He lived a life so colorless
    He was a force but this anger made him so powerless
    Yet he believed that someday he'd be strong enough, strong enough to hold his anger within himself.

    Everyday this man tries his best to blend in,
    But he is so damn tired.
    ©black_p_m & @ray_avence

  • black_p_m 10w

    Hey readers/@writersnetwork this is @black_p_m I have just dropped another.... It's not a poem, I feel like its leaning more towards prose, anyway it's new and I hope it appeals to all your taste buds.
    There is though one out of character thing I did here; using curse words which I don't even use in my speech, but as a writer I respect them as words, words that are used in expression especially due to strong emotions and the persona in this piece was experiencing a barrage of emotions thus the cursing. So please bear with me till the end. Hope you enjoy it.
    I really really appreciate comments.

    #life #death #thoughts #love #grief #depression #parenthood #partnership

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    It's 4AM and my eyes instantly drift open
    It wasn't a bad dream.
    It was more of me being awake and aware of my surroundings and struggling to stay asleep but realising how pointless it was to continue I woke up.

    Now I am in that sort of panic state;
    Not remembering the last thing that happened before I blacked out
    And praying to God that I am not sleeping in the corridor again.
    With my mattress on the floor (I can't bear sleeping in a you-less bed and I can't embrace comfort without you) of course the feeling of concrete is not new to me, but it's the sounds and the memories in the corridor that will forever be new to me.

    It's a quarter passed 4 now and I know where I am.
    I am in the corridor....
    I am in the fucking corridor.

    I start to panic. Being here, now, means that yesterday I was thinking. Now, I am not saying that thinking gets me crazy, but instead it's the drinking that does. When I drink I am led to over think and then over thinking leads me to drink more with the intent of drowning the thoughts. In other words, yes, thinking does get me crazy.

    It's a half passed 4 and I begin to think again, but this time,
    I have nothing to drink with my thoughts and I am already in the corridor, so I don't need drunkenness to lead me there.

    I regret every single time I spent away
    I regret every single thing I put before you
    I regret every single lie I said
    I regret every single minute I was away
    It hurts me to know that I could have been more
    It hurts me to remember.....
    It hurts me to keep on living
    It seems like I hate me more than the actual killers
    Because if I couldn't save you, then why did we collide?
    Why were we grafted into this life full of pain, hatred and regret?
    Why does my heart still beat when you were it's rhythm?
    Why do I still see you in my sleep?
    Why do I still smell iron where I sit?
    Why is my head so heavy?
    Why am I so angry?

    I am grafted to you darling
    But now that you've left me alone in this garden
    Should I not wither and die
    I cannot bear to stand alone
    The fruits I bear will be sour without your sweet
    The kids you left..... Shit..... The kids....

    It's a quarter to 9AM, the thoughts have exhausted me.
    I hear a faint knock, but I am too tired to answer....
    It must be the kids....back from another night at omma's place.
    I think I am....drifting....pass out and do this whole thing again

  • black_p_m 10w

    Dead thoughts

    The bitter taste of war
    Leaves the scene as peace approaches.
    100 are blessed with Knighthood
    While the chivalrous are stuck in the trenches.

    Ghosted. What would it mean now
    If I lost it and destroyed everything white?

  • black_p_m 10w


    Stay now, stay here
    Because I am alone and I fear
    I am scared of the water
    And anything that's darker

    I am scared of the sound,
    Underneath my bed I hear.
    I am scared that once I die
    No one would want to come after

    So, I'd like to stay here
    Because I fear the unknown
    More than I fear alone.


  • black_p_m 11w


    Hand in hand we walked down that beautiful street
    Watching the birds take their leave
    Listening to the soft, sweet sound of the water
    Feeling the stars watching us from above
    Hearing the song of love
    As we walked down that beautiful street.

    This was comfortable
    Now was comfortable
    Forever seemed achievable
    We seemed so invincible

    But let me tell you something about fiction
    Something fiction would never tell you:
    Time is fleeting
    There's sad in happy
    Pain in Beauty
    Sorrow in joy...
    If fiction only told us....

    NOW we're comfortable in this bliss.
    20 years LATER we find ourselves trapped in the beautiful candy coated cottage that lured our Young Minds 20 years ago.
    A sweet tooth that led you to the bitterness that coats the passing of time.
    Now everything you taste is sour
    Your mind is losing its cool
    And you're growing uncomfortable

    Who knew that time would tear us apart
    Who knew how fast blue skies turned to grey
    Who knew how ugly the interior of this candy cottage was...
    If not fiction.


  • black_p_m 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Positive

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    Figure out why birds define positive