everybody has a chapter..they dont read out loud! Karma works❤

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  • black_leo 110w

    People are getting secret Santa gifts this Christmas and all I'm getting is a headache

  • black_leo 113w

    Hey mirakeens!! I need a quote related to art and nature!! Any suggestions??? Need to get it tattooed

  • black_leo 119w

    Can you relate to that someone has put there hand right into your chest nd ripped your heart right off!! Yep! That kinda pain..

  • black_leo 122w

    You are my definition of love

  • black_leo 149w

    Soo many people around..but i still crave for your presence

  • black_leo 154w

    Its just that before i die,
    I just want to know how does it feel standing next to you..and not just stand but to realize that you are right there! and i just wanted to be there for you...and just stare at you...give you a hug.. whenever you or i needed it..i just wanted to know how does it feel like being with the person you are daily talking ,laughing and crying with... just to be with the person you have been loving..❤️❤️

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    valentine's Day special!

  • black_leo 155w

    Hey you! Yes you!��
    I wanted to tell you something.♥
    From so long. Yes. I don't know how and when it happened but I like you. Get that through your head!��
    I adore you!✨
    I have finally decided to tell you everything i feel. Our bond is stronger than the distance between us! You are kinda, basically, pretty much always on my mind. I like you so much because of the way you are.♥
    I swear, everything is going to stay same. Nothing is going to change. Neither me. Neither you have to change. I just need you to be on my side, to listen me, to handle me, to cheer me whenever needed.��♥
    I assure you to be the reason you'll change your perception about all girls being same��✨
    Although you already know I am not.��
    I just want you beside me.�� Oh yes, i forgot to mention...1 thing is gonna change... from today till the last..ill always remind you how much I love you..! From today till the sun fades its color or stops rising!��
    I will try my best to be the reason of your smile��, turning your bad day into a good evening!��
    I love you charm!♥@black_leo

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • black_leo 155w

    Just be with me and i will carve you into my poetries!❤️

  • black_leo 156w

    Even if you know failure is inevitable just take a chance who knows you might even succeed!

  • black_leo 159w

    If i can turn a blank canvas into a beautiful painting... imagine how colourful i can make your life!