I know things! "i ain't no textbook"

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  • black_ 35w

    Hush feeling

    When I saw you standing there..
    It reminded me of still waters and calming presence

    When I walked closer to you
    It made me feel like I am winning

    When I came closer and hugged you tighter
    I felt the feeling of blooming flower on a grave

    And when I kissed you
    I realised even if the world ended in that very moment, I wouldn't care enough.


  • black_ 86w


    I've made up my mind,
    Don't make me think otherwise,
    Sunshine makes me momentarily blind,
    But i can't stop staring at those ocean eyes.❤

  • black_ 114w


    When i thought I'd fade
    I found you, sunshade

    Calling you with shit names
    Oooh that's me on ease
    I can't even ignore the fact that
    You're my peace

    Sometimes i feel like telling you everything i have unrrevealed,
    But what's the fun in that, poopface.
    So i think i'll keep myself concealed,
    Untill we just run away to crappylands without any trace.

    From the scale of 1-10 of being awesome,
    You're minus.
    And if i am rain,
    You are dryness
    P.S in parallel universe

    Never forget that,
    You're shit
    And never ever forget that
    I am lit,
    This is the truth you gotta admit.

    Sometimes i imagine how am i even gonna face you if we ever met
    I wanna do so many crazy things with you even if it makes me regret

    I am literally lacking vocabs right now about how much you mean to me
    If it's meant to be we will be, we will be...we will if it's meant to be


  • black_ 118w

    Impossible thought

    In the morning in my bed,
    When i turned around to make sure you are still with me,
    You were making sure to see me waking up,
    Your lips read good morning,
    And you held my chin,
    And read my lips saying i love you,
    By Feeling yours,
    Against mine.

    After that amazing morning breakfast,
    You pulled me off the bed,
    Played nice music,
    Pulled me closer,
    And tryna make me swing slowly side by side,
    And after turning around,
    You pushed me in bathroom saying,
    Get fresh n up,
    And i came out again,
    Pulled you in,
    With me.

  • black_ 129w

    My forever

    Remember we fell together,
    Remember we cried together,
    But we stood together.

    We promised to leave each other never,
    We won't loose each other for whomsoever,

    We loved each other when we surrendered eachother,
    We loved even more in last December,

    However all this is nothing for you now or whatever,
    Was leaving me so easy for you!??

    My shadow stands without you for the first time,
    It's gonna be difficult.

    That's not gonna bother you anyway,

    This is still like an unlucky view of fiction endeavor,
    As you gave me my always in a year.

    But you finally left me end-near,
    Forget never,

    You were my forever

  • black_ 152w

    Handle me

    When thoughts inside me would storm up...
    When fears insde me would open up my wounds...
    When hateness in my soul would ramble and pinch out my love...
    Would you handle me?

    When questions in my eyes would turns into deep sea...
    When doubts in my head would turns into fight maliciously...
    When words in me would loose its sound..
    Would you handle me?

    When i slip out like a sand in arguements...
    When i stand like a rock in wrong sturband needs...
    Where all i want is to just melt like an ice in your arms vividly..
    Would you handle me?

  • black_ 166w


    Your peace
    Your ease

    Your toy
    Your eyes...oh boy!

    Your ace
    Your grace

    Your mind spin
    Your love...i wanna breathe in

    Your cure
    Your petrichor


  • black_ 169w

    Was that a goodbye?

    Even if i deny..
    He always came to drop by...

    I shout at him "go die"...
    "i love you" he replies...

    His kisses has powers to make me high...
    His support and arms gives me wings to fly...

    He wished killing everyone who saw me with black sigh...
    After all i am loved by a wise guy...

    It takes me hours for me to contact his eye...
    Shouting on him for no reason makes me regret,
    Maybe that's why...

    He frequently made me angry but i love him too,
    All that stupid anger of mine makes us nothing but cry

    I created a moster out of my shy guy
    I hope it won't be a reason to say goodbye

  • black_ 170w

    Fault in the stars

    Trying to heal prude scars
    Trying to wipe rude tears
    Trying to appreciate who bears

    ....all under the stars

    Trying to overcome lame fears
    Trying to kiss wounded sores
    Trying to introve my outdoors

    ....all under the stars

    Trying to be okay for hours
    Trying to love the taste of my sours
    Trying to make them stay who cares

    ....all under the stars

    Inspite of being better then the rest
    Why do people make us feel less with stare
    Trying to talk and to be the one who shares

    .....all under the stars


  • black_ 170w

    Blessed with curse

    How often do we see from the eyes of a blind, the vision of kindness

    How often do we hear from the ears of a deaf, the song of calmness

    How often do we speak from the mouth of a dumb, the lyrics of happiness


    How often do we feel from the heart of a dead, the need of peace