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  • bjoshua 11w

    Only the healer knows where it hurts

  • bjoshua 31w

    Sometimes love isn't a feeling,
    Its a commitment.

  • bjoshua 32w

    Always be Kind,
    B'coz you never know
    whose life you'll touch.

  • bjoshua 36w

    Someday everything will make sense.
    Till then..
    Trust in the God with all your heart and
    Lean not on your own understanding.

  • bjoshua 48w

    Sometimes the words
    we leave unspoken
    are the most important ones
    that should have been said.

  • bjoshua 77w

    No one can touch words,
    But words do touch one's heart and soul...
    We are the masters of our unspoken words
    & Slave of our spoken words!

  • bjoshua 78w

    Smile is contagious!

  • bjoshua 78w

    My wings will too grow one day.

  • bjoshua 79w

    Path are made by walking, not waiting.

  • bjoshua 81w

    In God's waiting room.