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  • bitchh 30w

    the only difference between us is that i can see that you are i are not so different and you can't

  • bitchh 30w

    living example of being dead???

  • bitchh 31w

    are you afraid
    to look yourself in the mirror
    for you might see
    what you've been hiding
    for so long

  • bitchh 31w

    it hurts so much that it gets harder to breathe

  • bitchh 33w

    so restless and tired

  • bitchh 34w

    death is a reward when you've been in pain for so long

  • bitchh 34w

    haven't i caused you enough pain already?
    why are you still here?
    standing right in front of me
    looking right into my eyes
    smiling so softly

  • bitchh 35w

    it's so fucking annoying when every little thing fucks with your head so bad

  • bitchh 36w

    i can't get up

  • bitchh 36w

    i'm so tired
    all i want to do is sleep
    i'm not able to sleep
    that's making me cry