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  • bird_of_ink 5w

    I say overthinking is nice. It is the only way by which it shows me a glimpse of the probable reactions which may or may not happen in actuality.
    I say overthinking is nice. Buried under books, I can just drift off to some forthcoming future,
    And maybe it also helps in experiencing different lives in a single lifetime.
    Going on a date with my crush, or facing rejection even before asking her out,
    all experienced.
    This is daydreaming isn't it ?



  • bird_of_ink 6w

    #culture # copied #historical # arms # romanticism

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    Hymn to Arms

    She [the bow] comes all the way up to your ear
    like a woman who wishes to say something, embracing her dear friend ;
    humming like a woman,
    the bowstring stretched tight on the bow carries you safely across in battle.
    Rig Veda Samhita 6.75

  • bird_of_ink 23w

    Escaping a Last Time

    Sitting in the room and droning out the laughter and screams around me, I inspected the bottle of pills and juggled with the thought of taking it. Already an established escapist, either in responsibilities or life, these pills were offering me the tantalizing escape to , (hopefully) another dimension. Giving in, I took a single pill and felt my life zoom past me.....
    Those childish glee and innocent escapedes , all flashing through. It felt as if I was floating in mid air in my room, and the illusions so soothing that I refused to come back and wake up to reality, for I decided to stay there, floating in the midst of daze, until a peaceful darkness engulfed me.
    The pills worked, I mused as the last vestige of consciousness slowly escaped from my eyes.


  • bird_of_ink 37w

    Took too long....

    Losing his smile
    Along the way
    No one bothered
    To show him the direction anyway.
    Come along she ,
    With her endless peals of laughter;
    The merriment shining
    Her doe shaped eyes mesmerizing
    The sparkle of childish humour still burning bright
    Lighting a spark in his stone cold heart.
    They met, where
    She laughed, he frowned
    She hopped, he slouched
    She swam, he sank
    So drowned in her failing to realise
    The constant ignorance creating
    A short, infinite rift
    Try hard as he might
    Couldn't be crossed
    Anytime soon....


  • bird_of_ink 38w

    Light ? It's You...

    You have always been
    the embodiment of
    the sun and life;
    Born in the hour of the sun
    Your presence shooes away the dark
    And from dawn till dusk you carry on
    Being the source of light for many,
    The pillar of strength for some
    But when it finally gets dark
    You return home all spent up,
    Looking for your source of comfort
    Which is of course the

  • bird_of_ink 38w

    My morning motivation is :-
    Dekh Bhai tera chehre se to koi set honi nhi hai, isiliye padhai wadhai karlo, IAS bano aur desh ki sewa me lag jao. Kya pata desh ka PM ban jau...

  • bird_of_ink 38w

    The smell of the earth after the first shower
    The roaring of thunder and striking of lightning
    Peaceful sonata of the wind and the rain
    Soothing touch of the cold wind after rain,
    Makes it difficult for me to differentiate it from a lover's touch .

  • bird_of_ink 39w

    Happy Women's Day To All Those Wonder Women

    More power to you all to not give 2 cents to all those misogynistic, male chauvinistic pollutants (ideas) polluting the atmosphere of equality .

  • bird_of_ink 39w

    A beautiful sight began to unfold,
    He was the son of light
    She was the daughter of rain
    And together they heralded;
    The birth of a Rainbow
    Spontaneous, mystic and
    Something magical.


  • bird_of_ink 40w

    Falling in love is not a race among your peer groups, neither with your ex if you had any. Most of us are so much attracted by the idea of being in a relationship ,that we just jump onto the next person who shows the slightest interest.
    The result ??
    Weakening of bonds, the purity of the relation and not believing in true, real, healthy relationships.
    Just give some time and concentrate on yourself.
    What you seek is seeking you......