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  • bipolarmind 165w

    Mirakee this will be my last post
    so let me start by saying
    i use to visit you quite frequently
    for a chance to vent
    and to share a few thoughts
    from my crowed mental
    i really was in love with the platform
    you provided
    it became my healing process
    with out restrictions
    i enjoyed it a lot
    Mirakee you were my second home
    and i fail inlove with you
    but you changed
    pulling your little bs
    by trying to censore my pen
    i can't believe you tried to place
    my mental process in a box
    but i refuse to submit to your
    way of conformity
    you messed up by telling me
    how to write stripping away
    what makes me an artist
    everyone doesn't write the same
    so to take away the expression of a writer
    is the biggest sin
    you could have ever committed
    mirakee you really lost me
    when you tried to silence my emotions
    so f-u mirakee
    for stepping on my freedom of speech
    with your all of a sudden self righteous bs
    to put an end to my word play
    again f-u mirakee
    I'm a free thinker
    I'll never let you place
    my thought process in a box