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  • bipoetic 4w

    O Universe
    I revel in your depth and beauty
    Sometimes even find solace
    In the passing sorrows that I endure
    When I look at the sky I see hope
    When I see the ground beneath my feet
    I feel roots of life
    Every moment a living poetry so vivid
    Impossible to capture the essence
    Yet I still write
    For in my words to you I express my experience
    My gratitude
    And I know that you are listening
    Will provide me with the answer I need
    At the right time for me to receive it
    Until then I will wander with open senses of wonder
    Take it all in
    Then exhale
    And let it all go
    A return to the calm stillness
    Deep within my heart

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 5w

    Hearts of Ink

    Is there an answer in those blank pages
    Yes there is
    You know this deep inside
    But for them to be revealed
    You must spill your heart out in ink
    Without a thought
    Write fervently from your very soul
    Let it fill those blank pages
    And when you are done
    You may feel electric
    As if you've lost a giant burden from your shoulders
    Or perhaps you will feel drained as if you've given every drop you can give of yourself...
    Either way you will find your answer in those once blank pages
    An insight into yourself perhaps you had never considered
    And if you are brave and willing you might even share it with a friend, a stranger, or even the world

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 6w

    I had a dream,
    You reached out and held my hand
    When I awoke
    I let out a visceral cry of pain
    These months of not speaking
    Have been a hell
    Much worse than I imagined
    And no matter how I try to avoid it
    To numb the pain
    Or distract myself from the truth
    The simple fact Is
    I miss you, my friend

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 11w

    Trigger Warning

    Dear Rapist,
    I hope you see me in your dreams
    I will shout in glee
    As I hear your screams
    And rip your bowels from their very seams
    I'll gladly give up my "humanity" to haunt your world
    You call it insanity, say I'll spiral down
    But I know you're afraid I'll take your crown
    Bash it in and kick you while you're down
    Plus I've been to hell before, let me drag you with me
    Then I'll spiral up and see if you have the strength to follow
    Or will you be left in a tide of blood you are forced to swallow
    I'm done standing on the sidelines
    If you cross me I'll just laugh at the burning in my chest
    Take another vape or cigarette
    I don't want to live here anymore with you sick fucks
    I hope when I die my heaven is all of you in a line like sitting ducks
    And I'll take my time, sweet and slow
    Sell the soul I "never had" just to show
    I'm sorry I can't forgive, I can't forget and for the damage you've done to the women I love you will deeply regret

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 11w

    ((Un/En) titled)Queen

    Some people love titles, but to me it was always the 'body' of the peice that matters.
    The way it moves or is moved.
    And even more important is why
    Why does it move the way it does?
    Does it tread carefully near the river bank?
    Does it dance freely in the middle of a thunderstorm?
    Yes it does both of these things,
    And too many more to count.
    Every piece of work has it's purpose.
    Sometimes unbeknownst to the writer,
    In fact probably most of the time.
    We are all just pawns,
    Hoping to get to the end of the board alive!
    ©Bipoetic(Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 12w

    I Dream of Ways

    When I am asleep
    I dream of ways
    Ways I could have treated you better
    Things I could have done differently
    How I could have shown more appreciation
    For all the things that you did for me
    When I wake
    I realize that all my chances are gone
    And I sit in misery
    Contemplating what I have lost

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 13w

    Touch Me

    Hearts may bleed red
    But souls are colourless
    That doesn't mean black and white
    It means
    Like the air between you
    and the next piece
    You are about to touch
    On this chess board
    That is life

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 14w

    Moon Prayers

    Your name
    Rests between my lips
    Like a prayer
    Whispered to the full moon
    While others howl and weep
    I simply stay silent
    Hoping you will find your way
    Back to me
    They say home
    Is where the heart is

    But I dropped mine
    Somewhere between the river and the sea
    So now I wander aimlessly
    In loops
    Hoping to find a trace of you
    Left behind

    But all I see are memories of a time
    When I had everything I wanted
    But didn't even see
    The beauty in front of my very eyes
    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)

  • bipoetic 14w

    I can't tell if your eyes are blue or green or gray, sort of like when I'm looking at my own in the mirror.

    Then again apparently I'm colour blind

    ( genes inherited from my grandfather on my mother's side )

    It's kind of a nuisance, and it gets worse when I'm stressed

    But staring into your eyes always did calm me down

    Unless you had that particular gleam in your eye, then I knew I was helpless

    A dutiful slave to your every whim

    Every second you look at me like that makes tingles shoot up from the base of my spine to the top of my head

    Sometimes I have to look away in fear I may make a mistake or cross a line I don't want to cross

    Of course when I do this I am flustered and blushing, which you find adorable

    Then I return my gaze back to your eyes and the cycle starts all over again.

  • bipoetic 14w

    Writers Creed Prompt: 238 A Hesitant I Love You

    I knew the three words she wanted to hear
    But I was too scared to say them
    I saw that fire in her eyes
    I'd seen it before in other peopes eyes
    That kind of fire brings whole planets to their knees
    Gasping for air
    The truth is
    Maybe the real reason I was afraid
    I had seen that same fire in the mirror
    Coming from my own eyes
    And I didn't want to ignite that flame
    I couldn't pay that price
    Not again
    Glaring at me with such intensity that my knees buckled
    She asked me
    'Do you love me?'
    I looked straight into the raging flames of those eyes
    I remained calm and stayed incredibly still for a few minutes
    Realizing I couldn't find the will to speak
    I simply turned around
    Walked away
    After several hours of walking
    In a dense forest amongst the trees
    I whispered a hesitant 'I'll always love you.'
    To the passing breeze

    ©Bipoetic (Hardy Kemp)