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  • biha_soundarya 3w

    Daffodils appears in my eyes
    Everytime I think of happiness
    That bright yellow becomes the sun
    And that sun cracks my lips into smiles

    Barely 8 was I when I walked passed those Daffodils
    And how strong its image that captures my heart
    Along the Western Road was where I've onced lived
    And Bolehill Park becomes my playground port

    At 44 young I am now living
    While my mind travels still to that 8 year old me
    It was the daffodils that makes me thriving
    And that English Springtime that creates me

    How I wished I brought that spring with me
    Everyday along my months and years
    How I wished you are only for me
    Just like my most favourite Spring hours

    Heart: I still can remember the daffodils
    Conscience : That was so long ago while you're in England

    Heart : Yes that springtime. I just love it. Especially at
    Bolehill Park.
    Conscience : Ah yes I remembered you told me, you went
    to school there.

    Heart : Yes in Sheffield. The memory I have of those
    daffodils along Western Road always put a smile
    on my face.
    Conscience : That must be such a beautiful memory for you.
    Heart : Yes it is. Makes me think of Wordsworth poem
    about it. I always look forward to spring.

    **Simple things in life makes her happy. As simple as the bright yellow Daffodils in spring**

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    Yellow Daffodils in Spring


  • biha_soundarya 3w

    Heart : It wasn't a game. It took me so long to realise
    that it wasn't. It was a kniving morally twisted
    game, which a kid didn't understand.
    Conscience : I'm sorry.

    Heart: It makes me nauseas. The details of it..
    If I can't even explain it without anger, how do I
    bloody express it?!
    Conscience : I'm sorry it happened to you that no one
    protected you. They failed you.
    Heart : I'm angry and I do not want to bite your head
    over it. So what he have 20 granddaughters.
    So bloody what. Him stopping only now doesnt
    make it OK. This is why people get away with it ?
    Cause they "stop at some point?"after his kids
    have more kids and what he did is gone? This is why
    this will never go away. Theres always reasoning to
    justify isn't it for all these predators!
    Conscience : NO. IT IS NOT OK.

    **Sexual assault is real. It doesn't just go away because the predator Stops. What happens to the victim? It is embedded in their mind daily. It's a broken record being played over and over again. It's disgusting. A child! She was just a child!!! **

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    It wasn't a game


  • biha_soundarya 3w

    DEAR ME,
    Isn't it weird what we went through.
    We made it at some point!
    Look at us! I'm so proud of US.
    We Know that hurt, that abuse, that trauma, that spiralling emotions we go through daily was such a handful.
    WE KNOW many days we refuses to wake up!
    But guess what?! We did wake up!!
    We did it!
    We KNOW that endless time at night when we sleep,
    when our body jolts in pain, way too many times.
    Where our body keep reminding our subconscious pain
    over and over again.
    We KNOW many times we wanted to dissappear.
    We KNOW we wanted to just END it.
    Near the balcony, on the open road, at the sea,that sharp knife slashing our wrists...,
    We just wanted to let go. Because its just too tiring.
    We were angry, infact we still are!
    We were dissapointed!
    We just wanted to vanish in thin air!
    But DEAR ME,
    We will be OK
    We will continue to grow gracefully
    We will continue to be kind to US
    We will continue to face the world and fight
    We will change the world
    We will get better
    We will fight together
    We will end this year with a blast
    We will hold our hands together and walk into 2022
    We have US
    We WILL

    **She will be ok, She will and will walk out of 2021 with grace and walk in 2022 with high hopes and faith**

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  • biha_soundarya 3w

    Our love is surreal
    How did we even know or knew back then
    I loved you for you
    And you loved me for me
    Our path was so rough that it physically killed us both
    But not even once this love strayed away

    We wanted those butterflies, but it flew away
    We wanted those bright lights, but it dimmed someway,
    We had a choice to let go
    We met many along away
    But WHY didn't we let go of US
    Why didn't we?

    Love took us in many dimensions
    And yet the universe conspire
    The universe refuses to give up on US
    The universe is still hoping on US
    Why is it so difficult to let US go?

    Today, you still love me
    And I still love you
    How do we even define US now
    Despite us being connected
    Will this Love bring us together
    The ending that we hoped?

    As we mature through the distance and circumstances
    Deep in our hearts
    As deep in our love
    Our invisible strings hold US together
    Even if we finally make it
    Or if we never did

    Our love is treasured and buried in our hearts
    Covered with eternal love,rainbows and sunshine
    And my last rights to be still be done by you
    As how our final path is sealed

    Heart : My final rights is still in your hands no matter
    who gets me
    Conscience : I will do it and will you do mine?

    Heart: Yes I will, but looks like mine will be first.
    Conscience : We won't know, it could be the other way around.
    Heart : We won't know.

    **He was her first, she was his first. Time and space and circumstances took its own course. It led him to explore things and her to experience many things. They both regret it, with sadness and anger. The things that has happen to them both along the way, the nasty experience with other people made them both Seething in anger for not being able to protect one another. If only they knew, if only they reached out like to each other like how they did now. If only. Only time will tell if they finally be together or to just keep beating within each other's heart till end of time **

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    Our love is surreal


  • biha_soundarya 3w

    It was deafening
    It became unbearable the way that silence screamed
    It surrounded her entire brain, her entire being,
    her entire breath
    That silence which killed her slowly
    It took over her unconscious sleep
    Putting her body to a halt.
    That silence which played over and over again
    That silence which arrested her from being normal again.
    And yet she tried every single day to tame that wild silence.

    Heart : I did try everyday to be better, to be ok,
    I promise I did ��
    Conscience : I know, and I want you to keep trying.
    I know it is not easy.

    Heart : I wish this to go away, I didn't even think of it,
    But it keeps coming back in my dreams,
    reminding me.
    Conscience : I'm sorry, and I know it will one day just be a
    blur that you will not have to deal with it anymore
    or even remotely remember it. You will be ok.

    **She can't explain this to everyone, it's difficult, trauma is difficult, abuse is difficult. It is difficult to deal with. No one will be able to understand that emotion and mental torture.Just when you feel as if you SEIZED it, it keeps creeping back, spiralling. They say that you body keeps that trauma and abuse count? Well it's true. You body keep that count and absorb every bit of that traumatic and abusive accounts. It's physically tiring when it keeps spiralling. It will take many minutes, months, maybe even years. Despite all this, she is silently trying and trying every single day. Her silence screams a million word**

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    Her silence screams a million word


  • biha_soundarya 3w

    A blessing and a curse
    Is when I see you everywhere
    A blessing and a curse
    Is when I need you everywhere

    A blessing and a curse
    In my dreams you are everywhere
    A blessing and a curse
    In my life I need you everywhere

    And everywhere I'll be
    I needed you there
    And everywhere I walk
    I need you to be there

    Heart : Everywhere with me?
    Conscience : Yes everywhere

    Heart : Forever
    Conscience : Forever

    **And she knows everywhere they shall be together. Everywhere**

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    Everywhere with me?


  • biha_soundarya 3w

    Why do love me still, I wonder?
    Why do you tolerate me still, I wonder?
    I wonder if this will lasts after 2 decades?
    I wonder if you still feel the same?

    Why do constantly worry about me?
    Why do check on me?
    I wonder if your worry stays?
    I wonder if you keep making sure I ok?

    Why does it difficult for us to part?
    Why do we need each other in our lives?
    I wonder if this will be a happy end?
    I wonder if we keep having faith?

    Why do you teach me things?
    Why do you open up my eyes?
    I wonder if both are heart has a string?
    I wonder if it's as strong as our will?

    Heart : I wonder why?
    Conscience : I wonder too.

    Heart : It's the heart isn't it?
    Conscience : The heart knows what the heart wants.

    **She wonders still**

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    Why, I wonder?


  • biha_soundarya 4w

    Heart : My recent trip made me realised something.
    Conscience : What is that?

    Heart : I realised that I can be OK alone BUT the other side
    of me craves you, craves that intimacy.
    Conscience : Sigh...

    Heart : I know that we speak everyday or if not,
    everytime we get a chance to when it doesn't
    clashes with work. I know this and I can't be selfish.
    Conscience : I'm sorry

    Heart : Me too.. But I do appreciate every response, every
    effort, every smile and laugh you gave me, infact
    I even appreciate the fights that we have because
    it just goes to show that you are my person that
    understands every laugh, every tears, everything.
    Conscience : I wish I could physically be there.

    Heart : Maybe one day we will, when things are different.
    Until then, I am here. I am always here. We are so
    near but yet so far ��

    **Maybe one day, this will unfold into a real life fairytale. If not maybe it will unfold to be a real LIFE that she craves with someone.. Maybe one day**

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    Maybe one day


  • biha_soundarya 4w

    I stand against the wind
    Which I thought I could not do
    I stand against the wind
    To continue to love you

    I stand against the wind
    I painted the sky so blue
    I stand against the wind
    To show my love is true

    I stand against the wind
    To watch you create magic
    I stand against the wind
    To see you create life esthetic

    Heart: Your work, I want you to continue it.
    Conscience : I will. It takes many years and sacrifices

    Heart : And that what makes it magical, you are
    helping people.
    Conscience : I have to sacrifice everything but it will
    be for the 100 years.

    Heart : And when that happens and it will happen.
    I am here, standing against the wind for you,
    and waiting.

    **She did and she will, stand against the wind**

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    I stand against the wind


  • biha_soundarya 4w

    I have been growing hope in your backyard
    Growing those roses which you sang for me
    Growing those lillies you sent to me
    La Vie En Rosé
    This eternal love is YOU and ME

    Heart : I still have hope and faith
    Conscience : Me too

    Heart : I hope you won't leave me, be with me even when
    I am ridiculously unbearable. Be there to always
    encourage me. Be there to be my peace and sanity.
    Conscience : I won't leave you. I won't

    **love is love ❤️**

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    La Vie En Rosé