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    Selfless, in the most Selfish Manner

    I knew you from the beginning
    But I trusted who connected us
    I still do
    But how could you?
    How could you?
    You destroyed what meant a lot to us
    Right from the beginning
    You took to the street of aggression
    You lodged at the house of pride
    You got soaked in pettiness
    I cannot just imagine

    You have painted a picture all in mirage
    People see the beauty of what does not exist
    How could you be so perfectly fake?
    How have you mastered your hypocrisy?
    That you are this good at your pretense
    How is it that you are this unstable in you dealings
    But to you it's perfect
    The level of your self defense in wrong doing
    I cannot just imagine

    As long as it has personal gains to you
    Then you're in for it
    If it doesn't produce immidiate gratification
    Then it is useless
    If it is not credited to you for success
    Then it has to be trashed
    Everything seemed to be competition
    Why would others have it
    Just because you can't have it
    Your level of self entitlement is what
    I cannot just imagine

    You're not all bad
    But everyone is bad by your definition
    And if they don't support your ideology
    You wish they fail
    If they don't, you are bothered
    If they fail
    You show forth sense of fulfillment
    Forgetting that anyone can fail at any attempt
    It's so ridiculous that
    I cannot just imagine

    To you
    You're as perfect as refined gold
    But to many, you're just in your own world
    I hope you realize this sooner
    Before I move too far away
    Because if I do
    What happens next is what
    I cannot just imagine


  • bi_nspired 5w

    I appreciate all the kind comments, likes and reposts

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    Your thoughts; As Fresh As Daisy! I mean it!!!

    Now it's still and quiet
    I hear your deep voice
    It is soothing to my ears
    You're so close to me
    And at the same time
    You're million miles away
    Because I can not reach you
    You are a gift to my world
    You're just the best friend
    I cannot and never have

    I hear never say never
    But in this case
    You and I know
    That our paths have crossed
    For something meant to be beautiful
    And It will never be more than that
    Because you're just the best friend
    I cannot and never have

    Remember how we met,
    You wanted what I already bought
    And it was sold to you
    Because the seller lacks every bit of integrity
    You returned what was mine
    Who could have done that?
    You did anyways
    Little did you know
    That you will be the best friend
    I cannot and never have

    You remember the beautiful intention
    That led to a lifetime relationship
    It is now lacking in its beauty
    Because of negligence of the tender
    Who's in charge of that beautiful thing
    That connected us together
    It's just bad he is negligent
    Because he's been trashing his gold
    By this very action
    He needs help to mend what is broken
    But he's too busy trashing his gold
    That he could not seek help for himself
    And whenever he does that, it hurts
    But you spoke to my soul to be calm
    You're just the best friend
    I cannot and never have

    Why is history repeating itself?
    You just add to the list of good friends
    That I have had in the past
    Plus the ones in the present
    You've all been there
    But time and events create the barrier
    Limiting all we can share together
    Even in the limit of how much we can together
    Even if I can never have you
    You all will always be the best friends
    I have ever met


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    If you didn't have a past‌ you could be proud of,‌ not to worry, the past‌ is gone.
    Today is a good‌ day to start the journey‌ of the future you‌ desire

    If you could change the event in the past
    You could have erased those errors
    Everybody has something they don't want to remember
    It's just a phase, it will pass

    If you don't have the strength to move on
    Don't settle for stagnation
    Remember, each second count is important in a minute
    Take a little step, you will cover the distance

    If you have good people around
    You're blessed
    Those who support you regardless
    Letting you know when you err
    With no intention of killing your soul
    You're really blessed

    If you're reading this piece
    I want you to know that
    Time may be a definition for great things
    But great things still happen regardless of the time
    It's not too late


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    I appreciate the likes, and reposts, they mean a lot

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    Not just your design

    Early in the morning
    When it became so quiet
    The random thoughts of a wishful thinker
    Wishing to have started last year
    Oh, okay, it's just another day
    To start what he wished for
    And that's how he forgot

    Another random day was the day to start
    Oh time! Please wait for me
    He screamed like he always does
    I have to do make my precious design
    World-class design
    But I can't do it now
    I'll wait till I become the voice
    So he said to himself

    Was he forgetting something?
    There's no better time to start
    Starting makes the voice
    To reach the very child
    Who needs a mentor
    Who needs a definition
    About good choices in life
    Who will tell him?
    That it's not just his design
    But his dedication
    And his story

    Someone counts on you
    Not just your design


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    I appreciate all the likes��

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    Something Timed to Fade

    Be quiet and stay still
    Oh noisy mind
    Be quiet and stay calm
    Oh restless soul
    Be at ease
    Oh heart pacing
    And tummy rumbling
    For something timed to fade

    But why do you fear so much?
    Oh heart made so strong
    Why do feel the scream in quiet ambience?
    Oh ears perfectly designed
    Why the sudden rush of wind?
    Why are wishes always pointing?
    To something timed to fade

    Yearning becomes a companion
    Confusion visited the land
    Hatred housed the soul
    Selfishness got the job
    Of destroying relationships
    For wanting so badly
    Something timed to fade

    The first made the last
    Or even out of the list
    The first would have paved way
    Eased the soul
    Calmed the heart
    Kept the ambience peaceful
    Healed the whole
    And made wholly
    The first would have given
    Something that will never fade


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    A thankful Heart

    A thankful heart
    Despite the feeling of loneliness
    Feels grateful for the empty heart
    Because an empty heart
    Avails to be filled with positivity

    It may be long to find fulfilment
    In the world of uncertainty
    But a thankful heart
    Appreciate everything added
    In the journey to the dream place

    Be it lesson
    Be it pain
    Be it joy
    Be it the need to always do more
    A thankful heart finds the zeal
    To be better than ever

    If restless
    And yoked with fear of unknown
    A thankful heart finds the strength
    To reach out for the Light
    The key to free freedom

    In the years to come
    A thankful heart
    Finds the many pieces of reasons
    To be grateful for the life of Becoming
    Through the Light
    Who kept it going


  • bi_nspired 11w


    Thank you for the likes and reposts ��

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    It's okay to push yourself
    But not beyond your limits
    In all you're doing, do not hurt your health
    Remember, you have a future

    It's okay to prove them wrong
    But not by any means
    In all you're doing, do not put integrity at stake
    Remember, you have a name

    It's okay to not forget
    But not to allow unforgiveness
    In all you're doing, do not get caged in bitterness
    Remember, the jailed and the jailer are both in prison

    It's okay to be angry
    But not to respond impulsively
    In all your responses, do not loose caution
    Remember, you are in charge of your emotions

    It's okay to retreat
    But not to give up
    In all your breaks, do not forget to reflect on lessons
    Remember, it's painful to make same mistakes twice

    It's okay to wish for many things
    But not to loose focus on specifics
    In all your wishes, do not misplace prorities
    Remember, there's a chance, and there's 'the' time

    In all of these things
    Never compare 'you' with 'them'
    So you don't miss what's yours
    While searching for others'
    The pot cannot be bed
    Both are unique for their uses
    Finding the best in you at that level
    Is what you focus on
    And strive to become better you
    Because at the end of the day
    I can't go to a grocery store to get me a house
    Aspiring for relevance
    Is the real deal


  • bi_nspired 12w

    So I'm inspired to complete the #alliteration I posted days ago.

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    Imagine having good tiding
    With no trace of burden
    In which is laden
    A package for the chosen maiden

    Who lived a life with many colors
    With so much flavor
    Lifted far above horrors
    Into a place full of honor

    Having gone through a journey
    To produce eternal honey
    With mercy every morning
    To them who're always calling

    The good tiding brought forth with glory
    Filled with power and Holy
    Having arrived at a place so lowly
    He spoke with authority so boldly

    What a grace to possess His name
    And favour no one can maim
    With Gifts to be fanned into flame
    For everyone to claim


  • bi_nspired 13w

    I appreciate all your kind comments, likes and reposts ��

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    Sometimes the only thing one needs
    Is the quietness from within
    When the roar of life turbulence
    Rages with so much noise
    That the scream of one's voice
    Cannot be heard by anyone
    Even that person who sleeps on one's blossom

    Sometimes the fire that burns around
    Can only be quenched
    By the water from within
    From within the fountain
    That never dries nor diminishes

    Sometimes the fear that surrounds
    Can only be put away
    By the light sourcing from within
    That lights even the darkness
    Thick enough to be felt

    The quietness that comes from within
    Is given by the Prince of Peace
    The water that comes from within
    Is the Fountain of Life Himself
    And the Light from within
    Is the Light of the World

    It's never a mirage
    It's never an illusion
    His words are true
    They are life
    And not sometimes
    But always
    He needs to be within
    To be experienced from within


  • bi_nspired 13w

    Happy teachers day

    The one called teacher
    Who follows all around
    Nudges if there's an error
    Takes peace for something really bad
    With very good intentions

    How could anyone
    think of murdering
    Such a good fellow?
    Well, it's true
    That teacher had been killed
    On accounts of tailgating,
    Eves dropping, theft of peace for correction,
    He's been killed by many
    That teacher named CONSCIENCE

    Is yours still alive?

    Happy Teachers day
    To all who instill Knowledge
    To all who emphasize Morals
    To all who ensure Education
    To all who share Wisdom
    To all who promote Discipline
    To all who value Contentment
    To all who never Indulge
    You gave a form of teaching
    They are a part of the whole
    Thank you