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  • bhavyaaa 3w


    May i be like the moon,
    In times lonesome,
    Shining on my own,
    Not waiting for some joy to come.
    May i shrink with peace,
    And again expand with grace,
    And meanwhile always be there,
    For every upward looking face.
    May i never stop reappearing,
    After every new moon,
    May i keep hope in the darkness,
    And know i'll shine again soon.


  • bhavyaaa 6w

    Maybe i can't promise you the world,
    But maybe,
    I promise you myself.
    It is easy to lure,
    In abundance.
    But to remain generous in scarcity,
    Is what i promise.
    My eyes are not seraphic,
    Nor my skin spotless,
    But in my ordinariness,
    I promise to keep my eyes dewy at the sound of your name.
    I have no dreamy claims to make,
    No luxuries to surround you with,
    But i offer my embrace,
    And reassuring smiles,
    When your days are tough.
    I can't promise you the world,
    But maybe,
    My promise is to offer you everything within me, of me, around me.
    I promise to be rich,
    For you,
    Towards you.

  • bhavyaaa 7w

    When YOU are not in a position to love

    Don't keep affections that don't feel effortless. Make your inability to return affection clear. Don't keep what you can't return in the same measure.

  • bhavyaaa 8w

    I'm okay

    Nobody cares,
    If i am okay.
    But that's okay too.
    Because i'm not vulnerable.
    I have my heart together,
    Maybe not completely intact,
    But i've collected it.
    So now it doesn't beat,
    And that's okay too.
    For beating has left me beaten,
    I don't lose my shit,
    When people leave,
    And i don't pump up when they come.
    Because one needs to feel to even be hurt.
    It is fine, you know,
    It is all okay.
    I understand.
    I promise,
    I am okay.
    That's what i say when i need you,
    To tell me you're joking about leaving.
    That's when you laugh in the prank you're playing with me.
    Please laugh and break the truth to me.
    Don't tell me that the little hope i have,
    Of this being a prank,
    Is only too much to ask for.
    And what you're saying is perfectly serious.
    What have i even done,
    To be chosen and discarded
    and chosen and discarded?
    Do i have the looks of a doormat?
    Or does the sweetness of my voice make you sick?
    Or is it my pestering 'how are you?'
    That pops up when you so want to ask someone else about their day?
    Hey, i'm no fool.
    I've done this before.
    And i'll do it again.
    Just let me know when you start finding the keys of the exit door,
    To shov me out.
    I'll go. No hard feelings.
    It is all okay.
    I understand.
    I promise.
    I am okay.

  • bhavyaaa 16w

    The over thinker

    While thinking of everything that isn't,
    The over-thinker,
    created what wasn't.
    He bruised himself with things that never occured,
    And mostly because they never occured.
    He lived in his head and the rest was insignificant,
    The worst was how he never spoke but remained expectant.
    He lied and lied and lied to himself,
    Because he wished to keep hope and lies were the reachable shelf.
    The over-thinker,
    Was a perfectionist.
    A fragile heart and bit of a dramatist.
    He made up illusions and cried about things least in his hand,
    But he never climbed down from his beloved castle of sand.
    Before he saw what really was,
    He was at a great loss.
    He did not know what to do of simpler things,
    And how to live by without attaching strings.
    He was far too deeply entangled in what wasn't.
    He did not realise everything had moved on and only he still hadn't.

  • bhavyaaa 19w

    While you try to accommodate someone else, don't put yourself at the edge of the chair. Take the space you need. Take the comfort you deserve. Don't disappear to make someone else visible.

  • bhavyaaa 19w

    Promises should feel like walking hand in hand with someone. They should not feel like handcuffs arresting two souls.

  • bhavyaaa 20w

    Your body is a facilitator. It is a vehicle for your soul to experience life. Don't bother too much about how it looks, just keep it functioning well.


  • bhavyaaa 20w

    The only replacement you need after a breakup is you. Never replace the position of some past figure with a new one immediately. It stunts the emotional growth that has to happen after a breakup. It fills up a void which is NOT supposed to be there at the first place. It transfers your dependence and obsession from one person to another and that only makes you increasingly insecure with the passage of time. The other person too will feel suffocated and confused because your love for them will be nothing more but an imitation of what you had for the past figure.



  • bhavyaaa 20w

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    While you highlight something you have when someone around you clearly doesn't,
    you actually display your small mind more than anything else. Self love is NOT ostentation.
    Self love acts more like, 'i can do without highlighting this fact about myself because it can possibly elicit a sense of inferiority in the other person. I'll skip this for their comfort and equality around me'.