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  • bhavna_sasane 6w


    Life is short,
    but time is fast.
    Enjoy every moment,
    till the last.

    There is no replay,
    neither any rewind.
    In every point of life,
    there is something to find.

    Life is not a destination,
    it is a journey.
    Always remember a thing,
    it has an expiry.


  • bhavna_sasane 6w


    A star is that,
    which is so bright.
    So be like a star,
    It shines at night.

    But this doesn't mean,
    to be arrogant.
    Just be what you are,
    And stay elegant.
    A star gives light,
    in a dark night.
    It shows us the way,
    we should choose to be right.
    The star inspires us,
    to not depend on others.
    It tells us to be strong,
    for now and forever.