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  • bhavish_k_dahri 54w

    Moon's Agony

    The Moon Refused to Came up that Night,
    Havoc Spreads about that Plight.

    They were Wondering the Reasons of such Audacity,
    But Forgot about their own deeds, that false Generosity.

    I Remember the times when they Questioned Her Verity and kept on Befouling that Heavenly Bliss,
    And now them Mercenaries Blaming each other asking whose Fault was this ?
    Mind of her, Overwhelming with Sorrow and Rebel,
    All efforts of those Ruthless Souls were going in vain to Compel.

    Still it was too late for them to Regret,
    Who will Flourish those Tragic Skies with Rays of Hope , who will Admire the Sparkle of those Fireflies and sprinkle the Charm along the Riverbed.

    All those Boons Became things of Past,
    No one felt her Agony when they Undermined her Spirit and entitled her shine a mere " Solar Outcast "
    Was stunned to see that Ocean of Serenity turning into a dull Lake of Misery and Pain,
    Yet Stood Bold like a Sane Hurricane.

    The Moon Refused to came up that Night,
    Cause of them Worldly beings, who were busy Remarking her Scars even in the brightest of her Light .


  • bhavish_k_dahri 57w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Forget

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    I Forget my Flaws when I am with You

  • bhavish_k_dahri 57w

    Everyone can relate this on their different levels and I think that's the beauty of the words .✨ #nature #pod #love #life #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary @writersnetwork

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    The Song Of The Nightingale

    The Song Of The Nightingale was Magical as it Seems ,
    Symphony of Her voice Prevailing over the mountains and the seas.
    Some says it was a Mere Imagination ,
    But many had Their Utmost Beliefs.
    Her Melody like the Ocean ,
    Who have Thousands of words to Speak .
    How come they all listening to Unalike Phrases ,
    Else I should say Filling Those deepest Cervises Across their Hearts, and Healing Their oldest of Abrases.
    That scenic was something to truly Glare ,
    Hymn making them free from Within and Witnessing the uprising of Phoenix to set helself up like Flare.
    I Still recall That Night of Awakening, who itself was there to take out all the Dark and it's Stashes ,
    They say she was gone a long before....But I Believe only to Reborn from Her Ashes .

  • bhavish_k_dahri 58w

    Tab Ki Baat Kuch Aur The Aur ab Baat Kuch Aur ha ,
    Ek Haseen si Chehchahat The Is Dil Me , Per Ab Lgta Ha Jese Chl Rha Khushiyon Ke Zmaane Me Bhi Gmon Ka Ek Daur Ha .
    Anjaan Si Rahon Per Vo Zindagi The , Rait Si Fisal Gyi Jo In Hatheliyon se ,
    Kuch Na Hokar Bhi Pas Mere Bs Ek Muskurahat The , Ab Sab Kuch Hokr Bhi Tanhai Ka aalam Har Aur Ha.
    Kehne ko Toh Ab Bhi Saath Ha Kyin Apne ,
    Per Tab Shyd Gairon Ko Bhi Apna Bna Ne Per Zor Tha .
    Samet K Znhaan Ye Apna , Ho Jayenge Shaamil Kaafile-e-Duniya Me ,
    Kyuki Sath Mere Tab Tum The ,
    Jab Na Koi Aur Tha .

  • bhavish_k_dahri 123w

    Devil's Deal

    Water was not enough to wash his sin
    Needed something to drown himself from within
    Where would he find that silver soul
    Which he always emphasized and often craved for
    Will it be that friend or his kin
    To share his traumas , to make him win
    I wonder it's just my imagination or my believe
    Is that the pain or the relief
    Which I am trying my best to steal
    Away from this gloomy world
    But Glorious like the Devil's Deal.
    Waiting calmly like the Ocean
    What Colours would this pale Universe Reveals .

  • bhavish_k_dahri 145w

    Yaad rkhna agr
    Uth gyi ek nazar
    Jitne Khali ha Sab jaam bhr jayenge

  • bhavish_k_dahri 172w

    Past n Pride

    When The Ghosts Of Past Frightens Me,
    Vision Of My Future Enlightens Me.
    All The Voices I Hear,
    Won't Let Me Live With Those Fears.
    To Love , To Live , To Laugh , To Dream,
    To Cherish All That Life Reveals.
    To Conquer The Hearts With Just A Smile,
    Its Something You Can Take As Pride.

  • bhavish_k_dahri 178w

    It was too late till he buried his flaws,
    Neither could he stop those Howls,
    Hustling inside him every night,
    Eager for nothing but only her sight.
    How he smiling everyone felt,
    Cause he wonders when that stone soul will melt :')