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  • bhav_k 4w


    Some places bring us peace, and some chaos, and some peace in the chaos

    A place away from all the unpleasant, unsettling life, which I always return to; appears as if I've befriended chaos..
    The chaos, that I escape from, now-and-again,
    to seek some solace and peace

    Bring me to this place, and I'll find my answers or maybe some more questions,
    at the very least, I'll find peace admist chaos

    While I take a walk here, I wonder if it's this place or the people around, or the part of me in this place here, that welcomes peace and bids adieu to the chaos.

    Bhavana Kondur - ©bhav_k

  • bhav_k 162w

    We're all caged, until we find a sky to fly!


  • bhav_k 165w

    Broken into tiny bits just like a pretty little sculpture that shattered into a thousand pieces..
    She rained tears until there was enough water, to nurture the little pieces, patiently waited for it to soften into its delicate form..
    Now, carefully she builds her sculpture, all by herself, shaping it gloriously with her bare hands and a naked soul.
    Strengthening its ground, for it was to grow high above the skies, through the stars and beyond..
    Protecting every inch of its impurities, for they didn't weaken this beauty she was building, they blended perfectly to form the finest art..
    This one was meant to stay, to nurture, to grow, to believe, to inspire.. But, never meant to be broken, for she was much more than a pretty little sculpture!

    - Bhavana Kondur ©bhav_k

  • bhav_k 187w

    Don't let go

    Why do I only see you when I'm ashore,
    when the storm has settled,
    when there's silence around.
    Why is it that you start to fade away when I'm sinking, drowning into the sea of chaos;
    and disappear into nothing,
    as I say, "don't let go"

    -Bhavana Kondur

  • bhav_k 193w

    cold, yet a warm morning

    I can feel the cold breeze brush my face,
    and the wind play with my hair
    the numb fingers, also numbing the thoughts of yesterday's nightmares
    the chilled air builds hope as I breathe;
    today isn't just about breathing, but living.

    -Bhavana Kondur

  • bhav_k 205w

    Thousands around, but none close enough
    Too many talking, but none touch her heart
    Millions of smiles everywhere, but did anyone ever see her cry?
    Only her two little pillows knew her story, her laughter, her mischief, her tears, her pain; they knew all of her.

    -Bhavana Kondur