blessed_with_aches(Emmy) Just trying to jot down some emotions.! AyeEmm!��

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  • bhat_misbah 21h

    Lets say GOODBYE to MOON.

    I wish someone had said be careful ,what you wish for.
    I wish someone had said be careful ,when you are pushed away.
    I wish someone had said be careful ,when it stops to matter.
    I wish someone had said be careful ,when its time to leave, LEAVE .


  • bhat_misbah 5d

    There truly are no limits on your feelings , so don’t try to create any.


  • bhat_misbah 39w

    At some point in life you feel numb to pain ,you become emotionless and then your heart starts to heal itself from scratch.


  • bhat_misbah 57w

    You have been prepping for a while now, and today is a great day to push the “go” button.


  • bhat_misbah 66w

    One day YOU won't feel my presence,
    And One day I won't feel your absence.


  • bhat_misbah 67w

    The soul volunteers the ego for a cleansing and healing experience, which may turn the personality inside-out, but which brings out the gold hidden within the heart.


  • bhat_misbah 79w

     Letting go of hurt feelings can be the healing salve you need at some moment.


  • bhat_misbah 80w

    Mit gayi meri
    Mohabbat bhi
    Chand alfaazo mai,
    Jab usne kaha
    Mohabbat toh haii par tumse nhe.

  • bhat_misbah 90w

    The best way to make and keep a friend is to be one


  • bhat_misbah 93w