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  • bharnij_borah 63w

    Love , it happens , it really does.

    Sometimes , it's just the sharing of beautiful moments together, and sometimes it's just that simple , helpless , long stare at her picture.

    Many a times it's just that one unexpected person who popped out into your life all of a sudden , and you still don't know why you fell for her so damn much. And sometimes , it's really that unexpected one , whom your soul was longing to meet all these entire life.

    Sometimes, it's just those words you've gathered for a year and a half , and you still become dumb when you really want to tell how you feel; sometimes it's only just those unspoken words.

    Love; it's maybe all those hidden letters inside your diary , that you wrote for her but didn't have the courage to have them flown away. Love; It's that story you wrote but yet it's left unfinished , because you need* that unexpected her to complete it. Wherever is she ? Sometimes, it's just that long wait for her outside in the evening , only just to witness her smile. Sometimes, it's also that long wide smile you have on your face while speaking to her.

    And sometimes? It's her, just her.


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    Love , it happens , it really does!


  • bharnij_borah 65w


  • bharnij_borah 65w

    Are We ?

  • bharnij_borah 71w

    Don't worry for the bad days, they shall pass,
    The catastrophe ain't meant to forever last.
    Don't worry for your smile, again will shine;
    Uplifting your saddest hues, and your life divine.

    Don't worry! for you won't feel for anyone anymore,
    You'll be letting go, of every feeling,
    sweetest to sour.

    ~ Bharnij

  • bharnij_borah 74w

    A Little more ?

    Sorry, for I couldn't withstand my heart no more
    It was heavy with your emotions, sweet and sour ;
    Never ever I wanted a good-bye from thou
    All I wished, was just to hold onto our moment ,
    a little more ?

    Rewinding the clock is all I dreamt ,
    To the second , the day , the moment we met ;
    Wished to have felt that moment a little longer ,
    a little more ?

    Wished I could have witnessed your smile
    a little longer , a little more ;
    Wished you could have felt the same , I did for you
    Sorry for I couldn't withstand my heart anymore ~


  • bharnij_borah 80w

    To the one close to my heart,
    To the one with whom my trust seemed no bound,
    To the one who stayed with me every day,
    To the one whom I loved more than I could,
    To the one who meant more to me more,
    To the one with whom I share my joys no more.

    Where are you now ,
    for are you lost for someone else ?
    Where are you now ,
    for you got a golden heart to treasure for ?
    Where are you now ,
    for I no longer belong to your heart anymore ?


  • bharnij_borah 87w

    "Everybody wants a happy ending right ? But it doesn't always roll out that way.
    Everything is going to work out exactly the way it's supposed to. "
    - Tony Stark {Iron Man}
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    Not every dusk dooms a sinister night,
    Neither every dawn turns out the day bright.
    Not every 'calm after the storm' marks peace,
    Neither every coo of the pegion determines bliss.
    Not every hooting of the owl dreads mourning,
    Neither every heart turns out to be adorning.

    Thus, not every ending turns out to be happy,
    Concurrently, not all sunsets are beautiful.


  • bharnij_borah 90w


    And , the sky do tell me of the beautiful you ;
    The stars, the moon and the beauties of the view.
    Behold the emptiness of the yon rich sky ,
    Soar your dreams and the destiny up high.


  • bharnij_borah 90w

    To my loved ones ,

    Here's something what I feel , a Little piece of my feelings penned down.

    Maybe my departure won't make any difference. No change , or some changes for a day or two , idk really if people will really remember me.
    "Everybody do wants a happy ending , but , it doesn't always work always" Tony Stark did say. Yes, not every ending is peaceful , not every ending is happy.
    The world will pace off. Everything's gonna be normal. Mornings will continue welcoming a new day. Dawns will be the prettiest , as always. The flowers will bloom , the birds will fly.
    Some will miss me for a few days , but , will it be for forever ? For eternity ? Nah right ! Everyone's life will be back to normal. Everyone will be pacing off in their respective fields. Everyone will find someone who shall take my place. Everyone will be find their happiness. Everybody will be happy. And , yes , I hope for that.
    "Everything is going to work out exactly the way it's supposed to be" , Tony Stark said.
    Life's really not that easy , also not that hard.
    There's not a single person out in the entire world , who have the guts to express his knowledge on life.
    I really don't want some people to progress out. I know that's somewhat much possessive but , It's me who I Am ! I can't change , and I hope , I will never. I really want a few people to never change , to never grow , to never progress out. I really love them the way they are now.
    Change is what scares me the most.
    But , I know , everyone's changing , growing older , happier , brighter. I really want the clock to stop , to move backwards in time. There's some phases , some moments , I really want to experience it again , at least once. They were beautiful, extraordinary, memorable.
    Life's beautiful. Life is not what we thought, cruel and merciless. It's really beautiful ! Unique.
    The Earth's beautiful. You're beautiful. Everybody's beautiful. Although Life hurts us sometimes , but , the hurt is good. It's for good.
    Everyone's good , caring , humble , kind. There's nobody cruel or heartless. Everyone's good !❤
    Whoever's reading ; Keep the pace on , enjoy life , love everybody , spread positivity , keep enjoying every moment 'cause Life's too short , you know ! Everyone will succeed , everyone will achieve their dreams.

    ~ Bharnij

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    #ceereposts #pod

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    A letter to self

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  • bharnij_borah 92w

    For someone , for somebody !
    It's not you as you think , nor you either ; but for someone , for somebody

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    And something did lie beneath
    her eyes , so divine ~
    Those eyes which once perceived exquisite forthcomings ,
    Now dreads melancholic pasts !
    But still , like those countless dazzling stars ,
    Her spirits , still , they do shine.

    Her smile , does makes the garden bloom
    the butterflies do gets wild ,
    Her golden heart shines like the sunflowers bright
    Yet , love was what , that once made her blind.