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  • bharnij_borah 20w

    M i A m o r

    If you were a leaf,
    I would have never wished for Autumn.
    If you were the ocean,
    I would have been a marine creature,
    solely enjoying the serenity of your beauty.

    You are the story, I wish to write.
    You are the poem, I wish to recite.
    You are the book, I wish to read.
    You are the painting I wish to understand.

    Unveil thy skin,
    Unveil thy darkest secrets,
    I shall kiss your scars,
    I shall make you feel loved.
    Fear no more evil,
    Fear a broken heart no more,
    I promise to help you pass the storm,
    With a lamp waiting for you by the shore.


  • bharnij_borah 20w

    L O V E - II

    Love, it's the sunshine that blinds your hazel eyes every morning.
    Love, it's your smile, which shine brighter than the countless dazzling stars in the dusk, welcoming the moon.
    Love, it's the setting of the sun, just to have the moon shine.
    Love, it's your voice which calms my lost soul searching for peace.
    Love, it's your presence, giving my abandoned heart a place called home.
    Love, it's the sheded tears, on seeing you in pain.
    Love, it's sometimes the beauty of your silence, soothing the unheard voices of my heart.
    Love, it's sometimes the bag of wishes carried by the meteoroid disappearing in the horizon.
    Love, it's sometimes my stare in your photograph, giving me a feeling called "home".
    Love, it's sometimes just you.


  • bharnij_borah 21w

    This wasn't at all unexpected; the falling of the leaves in the autumn, falling of a meteor in the horizon leaving traces of beauty in our eyes for a while, the falling of cherry blossoms in spring, the Californian sunset, a nebula explosion.

    Beautiful things don't last forever, it endures only for a while leaving an ever lasting impact on the soul, and a feeling of everglow.

    God knows for how long I've loved you. But, your love, somehow shrunk in the gap between us, as if it was all meant to be. The gap grew wider and the darkness grew darker each day. Distance parted us, took you far away. Wished I could go back in time, to the fall we met; to fill out the gap with poetries and melodies of joy, with our love. The hole inside me is expanding each day.

    We held hands, promised to explore the dark side of the moon. Now I'm standing here, speaking to the sky of the promise you never kept.

    Since you are gone, the feeling of everglow is lost in the horizon. The nebula never exploded, neither did the cherry blossoms fall. The autumn never arrived. The meteor was never witnessed again. You are the story I shall never tell. You are the poem never written. You are the feeling I shall never feel again.

    The sky tell me of you, that you are fine wherever you are. The moon radiates the feeling of everglow every night, to hide your absence. My heart shall continue looking for you every night, every tomorrow. The stars will speak to me of you every night when the quietness grows darker, that you are happy in your promised land.

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    The stories we never tell.

    You are the story I shall never tell.
    You are the poem never written.
    You are the feeling, I shall never feel, again.

    - bharnij

  • bharnij_borah 23w

    "This lake reminds me of Veronica, her blue ocean eyes and the sparkle in them whenever she would sit by this lake. I feel her here more than anyone else."

    It's the third autumn without her, the season when we initially met. I hope she's doing okay, wherever she is. The cracking of the dried up leaves still reminds me of her sound of footsteps.
    Time's going by really fast. Nothing's ever going to be the same as it was before ; the lake, that bench, the park. Autumn's almost here, an autumn without you. The melody of your voice still echoes deep below my heart, an unheard voice. I never knew you would leave me so soon. We were a story which was meant to be for ever, but I see us now as an unwritten poem stucked frozen in time. I miss the very melody you played in your violin the first time we met by the lake. I miss your presence. I hope heaven's being kind to you. I can't wait to have you by my side, again, in our next life. I love you, you left footprints on my heart for ever.


    #storytime #wod #pod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    V E R O N I C A

    Veronica, you left footprints, deep inside my heart.

  • bharnij_borah 24w

    Ça ira (It will be okay)

    The cuts on the wrists,
    The hearts are the ones that bleeds.
    The mind's a Satan's trench
    Doomed by catastrophe's sovereignty.
    It's the tranquility of the mind
    A true self, happiness, love ; that's lost,
    A chained up soul
    Trapped inside a mortal host


  • bharnij_borah 24w

    W I T H E R E D

    Roses are red , violets are blue
    The universe is beautiful,
    So are you.
    But the roses dried up, the violets faded,
    The stars dimmed out of sight,
    Your wrists stained red.
    The sun ain't shining, the sky ain't clear
    The beauty of the universe's gone ,
    Since you're no longer here.
    The rain ain't stopping, feelings bottled up,
    You lay there frozen, drenched in blood.

  • bharnij_borah 30w

    When the tenderness of the dark haunts you every night , you just look at the clock , count the hours to pass to survive. It's the horrific feeling you've got, when every night feels like the last. Everything around you gets unpredictable. Watching everyone depart from your life, makes it even worse knowing that you ain't got anybody for help. You cry every night begging for help but you won't let anyone know about your trauma. 

    You pull up a knife. A rip. A cut through your skin. You bleed. That's something which eases your pain. For a long time you haven't felt alive, but you do now. Seeing the blood oozing through your veins makes you feel happy, that you're still alive. 

    Every night feels like a catastrophe. You cry. You hurt yourself. You bleed. You are in pain. Everything is getting dizzy and blurry. But you are still holding on for dear life, hoping for everything to get better someday. 

    The sun will rise again. 

    Just hold on a little more.

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee

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    P A I N - II

  • bharnij_borah 33w

    D E A T H

    I was chosen today
    I'm learning to fly,
    My miseries, sadness will fly me far away
    O' Love,
    But, please don't you cry! 

    The days will burn from dawn till dusk
    The dandelions will dance in the autumn breeze,
    The leaves will fall from trees, that was once a sprout 
    Carry on, O' Love! 
    If someday the candle of my life burns out. 

    Life means all that it was ever meant 
    The world is the same as it ever was, 
    Your life will always be the same, as it was before 
    What is death ? But a negligible event ? 

    Nothing is hurt, nothing is lost
    Nothing will change even if my candle burn out,
    One brief event, and all will be as it was before.
    So, carry on, O' Love! 
    If someday the candle of my life even burns out. 


  • bharnij_borah 41w

    P A I N

    I'm in the middle of a lonely, grey road
    I fear light, I never wanna be found. 
    I'm on the verge of a dark, deep cliff,
    Let me dive, I'll be gone for the eternal sleep.
    I might be the blood on the victor's sword,
    I love pain, death is my worth. 

    Let me hide away from the mortal's eyes,
    I fear to be found, please let me go. 

    Lend me an ear, and a shoulder to stay,
    I'll cry out an ocean out of my pain. 

    Be by my side, help me get through this, 
    I don't want to travel alone the lonely road. 
    Hold my hand, pull me away from the cliff, 
    I don't want to go for the eternal sleep. 
    Calm the war, don't let death be my worth, 
    I don't wanna be the blood on the victor's sword. 

    Please don't let me walk away,
    Please don't let me dive in, 
    I might not be somewhere, 
    Where I've always been. 


  • bharnij_borah 48w

    It always has been you!

    And in the end,
    It was you, just you.
    Who held me up,
    When I was drowning in my deepest sea
    The sea full of sorrows and aches.

    It was you, who waited for me by the shore ,
    Amidst the never ending storm.
    When everyone did leave
    afraid of getting lost in the dark,
    You did stay, with a torchlight filled with love.