You never know when this story ends!

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  • bharnij_borah 7w


    I'm in the middle of a lonely, grey road
    I fear light, I never wanna be found. 
    I'm on the verge of a dark, deep cliff,
    Let me dive, I'll be gone for the eternal sleep.
    I might be the blood on the victor's sword,
    I love pain, death is my worth. 

    Let me hide away from the mortal's eyes,
    I fear to be found, please let me go. 

    Lend me an ear, and a shoulder to stay,
    I'll cry out an ocean out of my pain. 

    Be by my side, help me get through this, 
    I don't want to travel alone the lonely road. 
    Hold my hand, pull me away from the cliff, 
    I don't want to go for the eternal sleep. 
    Calm the war, don't let death be my worth, 
    I don't wanna be the blood on the victor's sword. 

    Please don't let me walk away,
    Please don't let me dive in, 
    I might not be somewhere, 
    Where I've always been. 


  • bharnij_borah 14w

    It always has been you!

    And in the end,
    It was you, just you.
    Who held me up,
    When I was drowning in my deepest sea
    The sea full of sorrows and aches.

    It was you, who waited for me by the shore ,
    Amidst the never ending storm.
    When everyone did leave
    afraid of getting lost in the dark,
    You did stay, with a torchlight filled with love.

    It always has been you,
    Just YOU.


  • bharnij_borah 23w

    Love , it happens , it really does.

    Sometimes , it's just the sharing of beautiful moments together, and sometimes it's just that simple , helpless , long stare at your picture.

    Many a times it's just that one unexpected person who popped out into your life all of a sudden , and you still don't know why you fell for her so damn much. And sometimes , it's really that unexpected one , whom your soul was longing to meet all these entire life.

    Sometimes, it's just those words you've gathered for a year and a half , and you still become dumb when you really want to tell how you feel; sometimes it's only just those unspoken words.

    Love; it's maybe all those hidden letters inside your diary , that you wrote for her but didn't have the courage to have them flown away. Love; It's that story you wrote but yet it's left unfinished , because you need* that unexpected her to complete it. Wherever is she ? Sometimes, it's just that long wait for her outside in the evening , only just to witness her smile. Sometimes, it's also that long wide smile you have on your face while speaking to her.

    And sometimes? It's her, just her.


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    @mousam_kashyap @antara_ragini
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    Love , it happens , it really does!


  • bharnij_borah 25w


  • bharnij_borah 25w

    Are We ?

  • bharnij_borah 31w

    Don't worry for the bad days, they shall pass,
    The catastrophe ain't meant to forever last.
    Don't worry for your smile, again will shine;
    Uplifting your saddest hues, and your life divine.

    Don't worry! for you won't feel for anyone anymore,
    You'll be letting go, of every feeling,
    sweetest to sour.

    ~ Bharnij

  • bharnij_borah 34w

    A Little more ?

    Sorry, for I couldn't withstand my heart no more
    It was heavy with your emotions, sweet and sour ;
    Never ever I wanted a good-bye from thou
    All I wished, was just to hold onto our moment ,
    a little more ?

    Rewinding the clock is all I dreamt ,
    To the second , the day , the moment we met ;
    Wished to have felt that moment a little longer ,
    a little more ?

    Wished I could have witnessed your smile
    a little longer , a little more ;
    Wished you could have felt the same , I did for you
    Sorry for I couldn't withstand my heart anymore ~


  • bharnij_borah 40w

    To the one close to my heart,
    To the one with whom my trust seemed no bound,
    To the one who stayed with me every day,
    To the one whom I loved more than I could,
    To the one who meant more to me more,
    To the one with whom I share my joys no more.

    Where are you now ,
    for are you lost for someone else ?
    Where are you now ,
    for you got a golden heart to treasure for ?
    Where are you now ,
    for I no longer belong to your heart anymore ?


  • bharnij_borah 42w

    A gentleman

    It was never known ,
    How his happy face depicted emptiness.
    What his forlorn smile actually meant.
    Taught himself a temptation to fake his smile.
    Neither kept a desire to shed tears before others.
    Because ,
    that's what Men's been taught to be ,
    Strong , Merciless yet kind.


  • bharnij_borah 47w

    "Everybody wants a happy ending right ? But it doesn't always roll out that way.
    Everything is going to work out exactly the way it's supposed to. "
    - Tony Stark {Iron Man}
    @mousam_kashyap @parthi_chakraborty @antara_ragini @violinaborah @bhanupriya_chetryy
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    Not every dusk dooms a sinister night,
    Neither every dawn turns out the day bright.
    Not every 'calm after the storm' marks peace,
    Neither every coo of the pegion determines bliss.
    Not every hooting of the owl dreads mourning,
    Neither every heart turns out to be adorning.

    Thus, not every ending turns out to be happy,
    Concurrently, not all sunsets are beautiful.