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  • beyond_the_clouds 1w

    कोई शोर मैं,
    तो कोई खामोशी मैं,
    कोई किसी के सथ
    तो को अपने....
    अकेले पैन मे,

    कोई चाय मैं,
    तो कोई कॉफ़ी मैं,
    कोई किसी की बातों मैं,
    तो कोई किसी की
    आँखों मे,

    ढूंढ तो बस सब
    सुकून ही रहे हैं।।

  • beyond_the_clouds 2w

    Home is nothing but two arms
    Holding you tight when you are at your worst.

  • beyond_the_clouds 3w

    Just as a insect sucks honey
    From flower, I too want to
    Suck that essence of you
    From your lips..

  • beyond_the_clouds 4w

    Best feeling,
    When you cut a long call
    And there is this big happy smile
    On your face that someone really cares.

  • beyond_the_clouds 4w

    Someone asked me once,
    Why do you love music so much!?

    Me: Because it is only thing that stays
    When everyone is gone...!!

  • beyond_the_clouds 5w

    उड़ने दो मिट्टी को..
    कब तक उड़ेगी!

    हवाओँ ने जब साथ छोड़ा
    तो "ज़मीन" पर ही गिरेगी!!

  • beyond_the_clouds 5w

    "I Love you is scam",
    The real deal is,
    'I won't give up on you. No matter
    What happen will be there and fix it.'

  • beyond_the_clouds 6w

    Belive me when i say
    I always think of you.

    No matter how busy i am
    No matter what I am doing

    My brain is constantly
    Thinking of you.

  • beyond_the_clouds 6w

    I will cancel all my plans, if you
    Tell me, you wanna meet me

  • beyond_the_clouds 7w

    Excuse me for being too forward, but your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like ...