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  • better_44 3h

    Life is not a race, life is a
    beautiful phase of so
    many learnings from Our
    ups and downs.

  • better_44 5d

    It might be very difficult to
    learn to compromise for
    a certain things but it
    can make your life

  • better_44 1w

    You do have to be perfect, you
    do not have to be what others
    Want you to be, you have to
    stop seeking for the

    Perfection creates more and
    more complications in your
    life in all the way possible.


  • better_44 1w

    Don't ever breakup with yourself.
    Break up with your bad habits.
    Break up with your worst experiences.
    Break up with your negetive self talk.
    Brakup with whatever makes you
    feel hurt.
    Break up with old you and make up
    with new you.

  • better_44 2w

    If someone appreciate you
    if that makes you really happy
    you are giving that person the
    remote to control your feelings
    and emotions.
    If someone can appreciate you
    they can even hurt you like
    There is nothing wrong in feeling
    happy if someone appreciates you
    but don't ever let anyone
    control you.

  • better_44 2w

    You matter

    It is never too late to ask
    for help.
    It is never too early to ask
    for help.
    It is always better to ask for help.
    Help is available everywhere.
    your mental health matter.
    You matter.

  • better_44 3w

    Meeting with self.

    go on a coffee with yourself.
    go on a date with yourself.
    fall in love yourself.
    Have a one to one conversation with
    The most important and the most
    amazing meeting you must have
    is only and only with yourself.

  • better_44 3w

    Yesterday will never ever be
    in your control only today is
    in your control So don't let your
    today control your happiness,
    your positivity and yourself
    by focusing on yesterday
    or your past experiences
    about what is not in your

  • better_44 3w

    Never be afraid of
    experienceing a change
    always be afraid of not
    experiencing a change.

  • better_44 4w

    Take care.��

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    Happiness is in taking a
    very good care of yourself
    Physically as well as mentally.