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  • berries_54 6w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Agony

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    A life without your love

  • berries_54 6w

    Silent Cry

    Her eyes look like unheard stories
    Hidden behind weary blinds.
    Silence on the other side.

    Toiled and suffered
    The moon
    Only witness of her tears.
    She remains
    Tormented for years.

    Broken down
    No more tears left to cry
    She still holds on to those
    Stories she can't tell
    Locked behind her eyes

  • berries_54 9w

    Let's learn to respect each other despite our differences
    Let's learn to grow united, not apart.
    Reach out with a helping hand
    Not a weapon.
    Learn to love♥️ and we will go far

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    When the world fights a war
    you'd expect it to be against "The enemy",
    not our own.

    From within
    We tried this already
    It profited us nothing.

    Are you happy?
    So many empty promises made
    Brighter tomorrow
    Bloodshed today

    It doesn't make sense
    Instead of trying to understand
    we assume.
    Assume that our brethren
    Brew schemes driven by bad intentions,
    when truly that mentality makes us do that very thing we fear.

    Why must we see the other as "monster"
    Always some bad label
    to add to the flame that feeds your egotistical mind
    Take off those lenses,
    Pull up your blinds.
    Let's draw an end to this prejudice.

  • berries_54 9w


    You once told me
    that I could do anything
    once I put my mind to it.

    You used to cheer me on
    every time I came up with
    something great.

    Where are you?
    Why don't you cheer anymore?
    Don't worry
    I'm big enough to cheer for
    myself now.

  • berries_54 9w

    To You

    Dear Someone,

    I know it has been a while since we last spoke.
    I find myself thinking of our time together.
    It's a little fuzzy and hazed.

    Don't get me wrong.
    It's not that those moments were not precious...
    I guess this is the side effect of age.
    The years may have increased. My features may have changed, but the way I felt then...stays the same.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is
    Tu me manques

  • berries_54 9w


    I was never a speck of dust,
    unnoticeable among the clutter,
    camouflaged by an orthodoxed way of life.
    Did you think that I could have been pushed around, to and fro?
    Following orders...?
    Never questioning...?
    Never saying no...?

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm not that kind of girl.
    Unusual; but that makes all the difference.
    Better to be strange than to be plain.

    I may not want the spotlight
    but know that I shine.
    I say less
    but I have a lot on my mind

    I'm not another one of your puppets
    You don't have me tied.
    Don't waste your time
    Because you sure aren't wasting mine.
    Not sorry

  • berries_54 9w

    Upon You

    Beauty is upon you like diamonds in light

    Beauty is upon you like a cosmic display at night

    Beauty is upon you like the pictures painted at dawn

    Beauty is upon you and it deserves to be adored

  • berries_54 10w

    Weird Right?

    We shouldn't feel ashamed for being weird.
    Weird things stand out.
    They don't fade into the plain
    wallpaper of a room.

    They stand out like mysterious roses on a garden wall.
    You know...the ones you never even planted,
    but somehow needed in your life.
    The prettiest you'll ever find.
    Own it.

  • berries_54 10w

    Don't Fade

    Like rain on hot pitch
    Snow caught in golden rays
    Seasons come and go.
    Memories made.

    Every word
    Each moment
    For the bells tole the end of bliss.

    His voice
    His smile
    His touch
    Kept safe in this frozen heart, away from the hands of time.

  • berries_54 10w


    They never listen.
    Hear the words
    I say.
    We have to make
    a change.

    Fighting for a better place.
    How can it get better
    when you're hearts
    stay the same?

    Open arms,
    yet close-minded.
    Learn to bridle your tongue.
    Ears open.
    Eyes widened.

    Don't listen
    for what you want to hear.
    Everyone has their own

    How can you mend someone
    when you yourself is broken?
    Love; it heals all wounds.
    You don't go looking for love,
    you share it.

    You can't give what you don't have.
    You first have to learn to love yourself,
    then those around you.
    That is the first step toward
    for the better.