Shadows don'ts walk in the dark

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  • benkim 2w

    Just before dawn
    In my haste walking down
    The roads filled with mist
    Or my daily bread I miss

    In the sun I work
    If not life will give me a whack
    And then my life will be miserable
    And I will not live honorable

    In the dusk
    I hurries up the dusty
    Roads with more of hope
    Tieing the hope
    with a rope
    or else they will escape
    And make my life lose a shape

  • benkim 2w

    my thoughts on her are like falling leaves on windy day
    not bearable yet brings a soothing mood

  • benkim 3w

    I don't want to say you stole my heart
    for what good is a thief to me?
    You owns it
    Isn't that what makes life real?

  • benkim 3w

    Do you think of me when you walk in those lonely and deserted
    Or is it me who thinks you care enough to do
    what do you think of lastly before you sleep ?
    That gives you satisfied dreams and sleep?
    Is it me or it's my ego playing it's part of assumption

    Which name do you play with in mind when your bored?
    That makes you happy again and takes away your blues?
    Is it mine or it's my passion out competing logic?

  • benkim 5w

    Our heart cried in cold
    In the meeting we had called
    And a final song we sang
    slowly before our feelings sprang
    Then our ways parted
    Even though warm hearted

  • benkim 7w

    Listen to me you little cloud
    Before you grow of emotions
    And cry out in anger
    The wind will drive you
    To the swamp

    And to the river
    You will get hurt by rocks
    The soil will choke you
    Before you are driven
    To ocean where
    You will drown forever

  • benkim 7w

    I want to set my feet on poetry
    To rescue my emotions
    Which are behind my broken heart
    And let them fly away like kite

    For there is a river flowing inside me
    Filled to it's bank with words
    Threatening to burst up
    I don't want to regret
    Being left empty without life
    I want poetry to be my last hope

    If my poem doesn't rhyme
    To my wishes even in dream
    I will throw away
    My broken crayons in my bag
    And dust away my emotions

  • benkim 8w

    with her touch
    Every nerve is awaken
    And her brilliant eyes
    That on setting on me
    My frozen heart is started
    With the best laughter
    Which is the best rhythm
    To have ever listened to

  • benkim 9w

    In the dark room
    Probably at the furthest corner
    Repeatedly adding up like fog
    Feelings shrinks and folds up
    So hurting and so cold

  • benkim 10w

    What is more beautiful than nature?
    With crying streams at creeps
    With smiling grass in morning
    With tears of happiness
    And whistling tress to bring day livelihood
    With this beautiful birds
    who speaks in various tongues
    And the smiling sky with glowing face