Passionate empath and writer. I hope we can learn together with our words, nice to meet you! Twitter: @bellemoon99

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  • bellemoon99 4d


    One song at a time, I find the melodies of my heart
    One stroke at a time, the painting of my soul comes to life
    One step at a time, I'll build the road home
    I know today feels like much, but hour by hour, I'll heal. I'll thrive. I'll free myself.

  • bellemoon99 5d


    First fall, and I landed in your eyes.
    Your best friend, and a girl who grew by your side
    A forbidden love never to blossom
    Many followed after, yet none were meant to be
    Always repeating the same cycle of abandonnent
    The same pattern of broken hearts
    One day the spell was shattered
    The pattern was missing a piece
    Someone who loves me fearlessly
    This is the end of the battle
    Surrender now, rise in love

  • bellemoon99 5d

    Fall in war

    The rain is falling, but my tears are held back
    My heart is breaking, yet I won't call for you
    Thunders drown the wailing of my soul
    The mist covers you as a cloak, and I know this is our last farewell
    Somewhere far away the shrieks of a town join the lament of ghosts
    Why must we fall apart in order to hold our nation together ?

  • bellemoon99 1w

    If only

    Her harshness was a confession of her fears
    His cold behaviour a reflection of his pain
    If only they had shared their heart as much as they did their bodies
    Maybe today they wouldn't be so lonely

  • bellemoon99 1w


    Broken crayons in my bag
    Empty eyes looking ahead
    Reckless nights left behind
    A dream blossoming inside my heart

  • bellemoon99 1w

    Sweet love

    Tender lips against my forehead
    Salty tears rolling down my cheeks
    Your coffee scented hair brushes my chin
    Please, remind me again
    Why is our last embrace is painted in red?
    The sharp pain, why I'm seeing white?
    I can listen to your sobbing, but everything else is black.
    Sweet love, don't let this be goodbye.

  • bellemoon99 1w


    The warmth fills your mouth, and soon you can feel the sweetness of the caramel sip inside.
    The crackling fire is a gentle lullaby in the background, and the blanket around your shoulders a comfortable haven.
    Careful, don't think too much, or the dream will break.

  • bellemoon99 2w

    Wildest dreams

    Never in my wildest dreams, or in my sweetest vigils
    Did I ever encounter such joy, and such freedom
    With you I feel more than whole, I feel alive.
    I feel I can be whoever I wish to be, and I feel I'm better than I used to be
    Dear, by your side I'm happier than ever
    Whether I dream or stay awake, my life with you is heavenly

  • bellemoon99 2w

    #sundayc #wod

    After a week of struggling, your arms welcome us in a sweet embrace.
    We feel our worries melting away,
    our hearts slowing down to remember our present.
    Tomorrow we'll go back to work, but today we let go of everything.

    You're fresh air, a serene sunset by a loved one.
    You're a lazy morning, and a noon filled with laughter.
    You're a tranquil night under hopeful stars.
    Thank you, Sunday, the day of our biggest star.

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    The day in which we smile, just before we continue.
    What could be more beautiful than the hope of today for a better tomorrow?

  • bellemoon99 2w


    Today is the day I try again
    Today will change our history
    Today I'll meet my destiny
    Today is the day you break
    and I'll never look back again.